Wednesday, December 31, 2008

08 Plate: Top Hip Hop Joints

1- Invizzibl Men - The Unveiling - The year's top choice offers the raw, unadulterated, East Coast Hip Hop that, if done to spec, will flourish in true Hip Hoppers’ ears. From the moment the metal clang backdrop of “Introcuterly (The Warm Up)” to the joint’s final politically charged opus, “Ten Years Later”, the entire album grabs ahold and demands a scowl face and head nod throughout. Members MarQ Spekt and Karniege flow with a keen regard for the bellowing boom bap beats on “T-Rex” with guest C Rayz Walz, and the dreary “Darkroom (Red WarFare Session)”. Other guests include Vordul Mega, Billy Woods and a stellar Vast Aire verse on “Mighty Broady.” HIGHLIGHT: “Jimmy Swagger” is the album’s dopest track, a slowed down but booming offering with a 60’s soul singer’s beat. No hook, just “Hold up, change the pattern/there’s liars on TV…Jimmy Swaggert…”

2- Dagha - The Divorce - Every once in a while a release comes out of the blue that is so refreshing and different that it requires notice, and this year it is Dagha’s The Divorce. The title of the album is exactly what the content is about; the Boston MC’s painful and strenuous divorce from his wife. The album works chronologically from his early meeting, the painful separation (including when she shuts him out of his home on “Changed Locks”) and the haggling over assets, including his young daughter. But don’t think this is some sing-songy light, painful cry, the album has flavor. Hot beats, a jazz-like undertone, tight samples and sharp lyrical metaphors. It’s still Hip Hop at its finest. HIGHLIGHT: Check out the wordplay on “Cliché”, a track in the same vein of GZA’s labels, in which he spits practically every tired and worn cliché you hear through everyday life.

3- Heltah Skeltah - D.I.R.T. -
In their first album together in more than a decade, Heltah Skeltah makes up for lost time with an impressive collection of protypical Boot Camp cuts. The intro bleeds into the slow, piano riff backed "Everything is Heltah Skeltah" with Rock claiming his "gun clear the lane, like Proactive clear Diddy face." Of course, Sean Price is a beast throughout, from "...mistletoe in my back pocket, kiss my ass" to "I'd be Lean Cuisine, you Mushu Pork, Napoleon complex, pa, you too short." The duo is focused and more violent than their previous release, with gun play and verbal jabs throughout. Production is handled by Khrysis, Black Milk, and Evidence and all offer familiar gritty BCC beats. HIGHLIGHT: While Sean Price gets most of the dap for his lyrics, Rock nearly steals the show with his verses. His baritone "Lurch" flow not only is great on hooks, but on point throughout.

4- Vast Aire - Dueces Wild -
The Cannibal Ox larger than life member checks in with another outstanding solo offering, leading off with the Le Parasite produced track “You Like It.” The synthesizer backdrop, piano riff and Vast bellowing that he “can break it down” sets the tone for the entire album. Vast is joined by an impressive array of vets and newcomers, including Camp Lo’s Geechi Suede on the unique, super hero themed “Dynamic Duo.” The posse cut “When Starz Fall” is an underground block rocker featuring Invizzibl Men’s Karniege, Thanos, and Swave Sevah ("bottom line, Swave will smack ya, I'm a man of few words, how the fuck did I become a rapper?") HIGHLIGHT: A track with Can O member Vordul Mega on “Mecca and the Ox”, which hopefully signals an upcoming album. Best yet, the track is produced by Pete Rock.

5- Giant Panda - Electric Laser - From the moment lasers and some electronic casino sound pierce through on Electric Laser’s opening you know you’re in for something different. LA’s Giant Panda doesn’t disappoint, as we have rapping in Japanese (“Precise Calculator”), an introspection on a father’s sexuality (“Pops”), waxing in love poetics about pay-TV (“Cinemax”), and those songs which make no sense (“Laser Ray”). The Japanese-American third of the group rapper Chikaramanga, shines, but it is also MCs Newman and Maanumental have their own moments including the high powered leadoff track “Justin Case” which harkens back to a early-90’s Freestyle Fellowship/Pharcyde vibe. HIGHLIGHT: The humor and fun track “Do the Robot in CyberSpace” reminds all of us that before Hip Hop got iced out, political, or criminal, it was about simple enjoyment and just kicking rhymes.

6- Pacewon & Mr. Green - The Only Color That Matters Is Green - Veteran MC Pacewon (The Outsidaz) hooks up with producer/DJ Mr Green to craft a hard hitting, ultimate boom bap gem of 08. The album's title (taken from 98’s He Got Game) doesn’t talk about money obsessed Hip Hop of the year, but the crafty beats created by Green. Those like “Hip Hop” which pimps the definitive MC Shan sample and gives the listener a bit of nostalgia, and “I Need Money” in which Pacewon brags about the need for the moolah, not what he has in riches. Pacewon does find time to direct a scathing diss track versus Eminem in “The Joker” where intimates Slim Shady forgot where he came from, Pacewon included. HIGHLIGHT: The melodic and string driven “Children Sing” takes a simple children’s chorus and flips it (not like the kid sand choruses that permeated rap few years back) into an ill head nodder.

7- Elzhi - The Preface - Detroit and Slum Village’s own comes out with his debut and is backed up with Black Milk production and guest MCs galore (Royce Da 5-9, Phat Kat) to make it a classic. His Royce track “Motown 25” blazed through the spring like an old back and forth cut (“I end careers, years, pierce ears fierce with spears/They say I'm gifted, get lifted like the beers in cheers.”) Black Milk’s work is about half the tracks, and the two have an undeniable meshing that produces such high powered tracks as “Hand’s Up.” Elzhi’s lyric’s are so concise and his concepts are ahead of what you get from most MCs (“Colors” is a prime example, with Elzhi mentioning various color in each bar.) HIGHLIGHT: “Guessing Game” is another wordplay joint, using half words, leaving the first half in the previous bar and starting the next with a completely different word.

8- Kidz in the Hall - The In Crowd - Kidz in the Hall join the classic collective of one MC and one DJ with their debut Duck Down release. Kids’ MC Naledge brings a precise flavor to the release, whether he’s spitting the conscious verse, some introspective ish (“Inner Me”), some metaphors and punchlines sure to get a smirk, or some love joint on “Love Hangover.” Right from jump, DJ Double-O packs a punch to get your attention with the leadoff “The Blackout.” Collabos frequent the album: Skyzoo, Camp Lo, Black Milk, Guilty Simpson, and the Duck Down posse cut with Buckshot and Sean Price on “The Pledge;” check Price’s flippin of “nickel back.” HIGHLIGHT: The album contains one remix of the hit “Driving Down the Block,” but dig deep to find the alternate remix with El-P and the ‘West Coast’ remix with Pacific Division and others over the Dre’s “G Thang” beat.

9- Jedi Mind Tricks - A History of Violence - Philly’s spiritual yet powerful duo bring most of the same formula to the table that have made them “indie” standouts for more than a decade: Vinne Paz’s monsterous articulation and Stoupe’s bellowing, loud, melodic beats. This installment finds JMT member Jus Allah back in the fold, and he further complements Paz’s angst. Of course we find tracks ranging from the media’s influence on “Trail of Lies,” to a Middle Eastern backdrop on “Monolith” to just some straight up hostility on “Deathbed Doctrine” where Vinnie warns “we the greatest fuckin clique in the game, if you know somebody better, pussy give me they name…” That’s Paz on this entire joint: mad angst. HIGHLIGHT: Scratches and samples are from all over the rap game, and fitting the initial cut is “let me tell you muthafuckas who ya fuckin with” from NWA.

10- Torae - Daily Conversation -
Brooklyn’s own “Young Veteran” Torae flexes his East Coast lyrical muscle on his debut album on tracks like “Callin Me” in which he professes his fiending for the mic akin to a junkie for a drug. One hot standout is “Switch,” produced by Black Milk, with Torae literally switching his style every few bars. Collabo tracks with Skyzoo are all over, with the highlight being the DJ Premier produced “Click.” Yet Primo isn’t the only man behind the board lining up to work with Torae, as Khrysis, 9th Wonder, and Marco Polo all jump on the bandwagon. The hard core “Think About It” features MOP affliate and warns MCs of a verbal beatdown as well as to guard their grill. Ya see, BK is still grimey. HIGHLIGHT: East – West projects are always interesting and “The N*gguz is Coming” with Tha Alkaholiks’ Tash is among the best in the category.

Others receving votes:

eMC- The Show - Journey with Masta Ace and crew as they go out on the road from a late pick up at the airport, wrecking the promoter's mother's car, doing promo work, some fan boy trying to get backstage, and a angry "merch guy" all in one album.

EPMD- We Mean Business - Erick and Parrish are joined by Method Man, Raekwon, Keith Murray, Redman, Havoc, and KRS-One (the standout "Run It.") And more than 20 years later, the Brothers from Brentwood are met once again by their foil, Jane, who now sports a Keisha Cole haircut.

Akrobatik– Absolute Value - The Boston MC is joined on the track "Kindred" by Hip Hop idol Chuck D, who narrates Ak's journey from slavery ("Life flashes, whether from the whip lashes, he's threatening to burn me in my own ashes") to Hurrican Katrina ("I'm on my rooftop, sick and thirsty, asking God for mercy")

The Grouch- Show You The World - The Living Legends' member's release has the classic track "Artsy" which indicts knit hats, vegans, side burns, trendy lesbians, non-TV viewers who read books, hybrid drivers, 1/16 Mexicans, dread locked thespians, who dig in the crates. In the end, he's artsy, not weird, just honest.

Large Professor- Main Source- Back from behind the boards and a long break, Large Pro gets his flow on wax with guests like AZ and Styles P on "The Hardest" and also Big Noyd and Lil Dap make memorable appearances. However, dare we say, club banger "Rockin Hip Hop" is the head nodder of the bunch.

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Sunday, December 28, 2008

08 Plate: Top CO Sports Moments

1-Coming Home Again- With the Nugs stuck at 1-3 and looking like another fight for the eight seed, the brass pulled the trigger on a monumental trade. Not only did they trade a future Hall of Famer in Allen Iverson, but they brought home arguably the state's most popular hoops' player ever: Chauncey Billups. Experts agreed that it was win-win for both teams, but the Nuggets went on a post-Smooth tear, residing atop the Northwest Division since the deal. Billups posted modest numbers, but it is his 'team first' mantra that has made the otherwise stagnant Nugs look poised to perhaps go deep in the postseason.

2-Blackout- The Colorado Buffaloes had circled their early season Thursday ESPN game with West Virginia as their "Blackout" Game since earlier in the year. With a national audience, a rabid crowd draped in Black, and a power running game, the Buffs got their best win of the year 17-14 over the Mountaineers. Kicker Aric Goodman provided the winning margin in OT. The 21st ranked WVU squad came into the game with playmakers in QB Pat White and RB Noel Devine, but it was diminutive Buff ball carrier Rodney Stewart who chewed up the big yards at Folsom. WVU coach Bill Stewart had some questionable clock management late in the game, but the Buffs' staunch defense kept his two stars in check for most of the contest.

3-Going Going Gold- Carmelo Anthony's three summer expedition with Team USA ended exactly where they wanted: atop the gold medal stand. Melo expanded his game throughout his three years, playing a team style defense and resigning himself to a complimentary role at times. Most impressive had to be his commitment to Coach K's defensive approach and absolute stingy guarding on some of the world's top small and even power forwards. One can see that Melo's game has grown since the Beijing experience, as he has surrendered PPG averages for the Nugs' winning approach.

4-Hockey Gone Wild- For a while it looked like the early decade all over again, as the Avs took on the Minnesota Wild in a 1st round NHL series. The Avs handled them with flashy play, some rugged play, OT heroics, and huge goalie play. That was Adam Foote out there, having a huge series, crushing the opposition, and even Joe Sakic and the late season addition of Peter Forsberg made us think it was the olden days. Alas, as the Avs took the Wild series, they met the top dog Detroit Red Wings in round two and were promptly dispatched.

5-Great Scott!- Dan Hawkins had come off a season in which he took Alabama to the wire in the Independence Bowl, but his greatest target was ahead of him in signing top schoolboy RB Darrell Scott. The Venture, CA product narrowed his choices to CU and Texas, and some fiece and ugly competition for his letter of intent intent. Ultimately, his uncle, Buff WR Josh Smith and the rugged work of chief recruiter Darian Hagan sealed the deal for Scott to move onto the Black and Gold. The banquet circuit and hype didn't do him any favors, as he reported overweight and batled injuries throughout his frosh year, although he did show some flashes.

6-.22 Caliber- In an other wise hugely disappointing season, the Rockies had a memorable 22 inning marathon in San Diego in the season's early going. The game lasted until past closing time in the Pacific time zone when Troy Tulowitzki's double gave the Purp the 2-1 win. The game featured an abundance of pitchers, 13 full scoreless innings, an impromptu sprinkler watering, and 37 combined strikeouts. It was the longest MLB game in 15 season's, but what excitement the win created the next morning eroded over the remainder of April and May as the Rox slipped from contention.

7-Hochuli Hanky Toss- Of the early NFL schedule, no game had more fireworks and contorversary than the Week Two Broncos-Chargers tilt. The Donks got off to a 21-3 lead on Jay Cutler's pinpoint passing and Mike Shannahan's play calling. However, the Chargers rebounded and made it a tight game, ultimately taking a TD lead late in the game. The Donks regrouped and mounted a drive before an apparent fumble by Cutler was overturned by a Hochuli whistle. Shanny's brass balls came out as he went for win with a 2pt conversion and was successful, further adding to the growing rivalry between the two teams.

8-Eight Seed is Enough- The NBA's Western Conference's #8 seed was up for grabs as the Nugs visited the Warriors in early April. The two teams went in tied, but the Nuggets had a series lead over the Baron Davis-lead squad. A hostile crowd awaited AI and crew in the Bay Area, and the home team raced to big first quarter lead. The Nugs showed poise and regrouped in the 2nd quarter and cruised in the 2nd Half to emerge with a key win. A 50% FG clip coupled with 40% from behind the arc helped propel the Powder Ble Patrol into the postseason, where they were soundly trounced by the Lakers.

9-Dirty Bird Bash- The Broncos went into a late season game in Atlanta versus with upstart Falcons as heavy underdogs. With all-Rookie stud Matt Ryan leading his charges versus a depleted and suspect Denver defensive backfield, the game looked like a mismatch. However, the Broncos came to the Georgia Dome with a solid gameplan, controlled the game on the ground with solid running and through the air with short to medium passes, including a laser game winner to TE Daniel Graham to give the Donks a 24-21 win.

Not so top moments: The Rockies trade Matt Holliday...Brandon Marshall getting suspended...the Buffs lose bowl eligibility on Nebraska's 57 yard FG...Travis Henry...the Colorado Crush cease operations...former Donks' WR canoodling with Hef's chick and getting roughed up in Vegas...the Broncos lose seven RBs over the course of the year...Joe Sakic loses a battle with a snowblower...Marcus Camby is traded...Broncos lose key home games to miserable Oakland and Jacksonville...the Buffs have a tough stretch in November...the Rockies blow a 9-1 lead at Wrigley Field...John Lynch and Rod Smith retire...CU tells the Goats that they can use the bubble on CU Campus...CU Hoops completes a dismal season, then loses to Montana State...Todd Helton is out most of the year...the Rapids miss the playoffs...the Denver PD takes care of Kenyon Martin...and finally, the complete, total, embarrassing, unexcusable choke job that were the Denver Broncos in the last three weeks of the season, going down in the history of the NFL as the biggest meltdown (NOTE: Hence, the nine spots in this countdown, as one was reserved for the Donks' playoff appearance that wasn't)

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Friday, December 26, 2008

08 Plate: Top Hip Hop Joints that are ineligible

In a few days you all will be subjected to the SG Year End Lists: Top Hip Hop Albums, Top CO Sports Moments, and Top Beer Spots. The Hip Hop list is the perfect anecdote for insomnia, as it seems to go on forever. Years back I made a rule for myself that I wouldn't include EPs, mixtapes, or compilation albums on the Hip Hop list. So here's some joints that were hot as hell this year, but because of my idiot rules, won't be on the master list:

The Cool Kids- The Bake Sale: The Cool Kids may have been my favorite group all year, popping up on Kidz in the Hall "Driving Down the Block" remix, on NBA 2K9 commercials (the just ill track "Pennies"), and had their track "Delivery Man" featured on Mountain Dew commercials. The weird thing, none of those tracks were on their own EP release The Bake Sale. The EP is a throwback populated with simple sparse beats and subects from "Gold and a Pager" to "Black Mags." Partners Mikey Rocks and Chuck Inglish seem to be the next thang, an should get major dap in 09.

Zilla Rocca- Bring Me the Head of Zilla Rocca: Zilla makes an appearance here on the SG from time to time, so haters will be yelling "fix", but this album has it all for a discriminating Hip Hopper. Classic beat selection, crazy pop culture references and calls to the fakeness in the game, a seamless flow, and solid guest appearances throughout. The shortest track, "Sick Fuck" twists the Joe Pesci quote and "sprinkles wisdom like cheese on pasta proper." Even us nerdy "Curb Your Enthusiasm" fans will get a chuckle from the Krazy Eyez Killer and Larry David sample on "Cup Runneth." Best yet, it's free, check it.

Tone Tank- The Black Six Sessions; Baje One- The Weightless EP; Iller Than Theirs- Wash, Rinse, Repeat: The Nuk Fam came through in 08 with the quick EP drops. Tone Tank's joint may be the most creative, taking old punk rock beats and crafting his own stylings. "Fight Song" is a up tempo song that literally makes you want to punch someone in the grill. Baje One of Junk Science released his solo EP on Def Jux and it sees a more serious MC than what you might be used to from Junk Science. Finally, Iller Than Theirs takes the closing track from last year's album and reworks it four times over. The standout of the collective is undoubtedly "Doc, Rinse, RE: Pete" which features Cool Calm Pete and what may be the verse of the year; "They say misery is a slippery slope/so grab your skis, let the mysteries go." And again, all are free.

Jake One- White Van Music: The Rhymesayers' producer/DJ features everyone from all realms of Hip Hop on his debut. Tracks with prodcuers spitting in Alchemist and Black Milk, mainstream MCs in Busta Rhymes and Young Buck, underground heroes in Elzhi, Slug, and Brother Ali (who's paired with Freeway on "The Truth") and even an appearance from Casual, who seemingly disappeared after his early 90s success. The highlight of the album has got to be the two MF Doom tracks, "Trap Door" and "Get Er Done", which Doom regains his swagger from the Operation: Doomsday era, talking about beer, Worchester sauce, sauteed onions, flying turds, and warns "true MCs flow so lose it or move it..."

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Tuesday, December 23, 2008

SG Festivus

Today the SG celebrates Festivus, so join us around the aluminum pole:

The Airing of Grievances

-Dan O’Dowd, you have disappointed me in the following ways: you and your organization’s smug “we won the NL we’re baseball geniuses” attitude that lead to a fourth place finish. And then trading the team’s best player and trying to bury it in the press. I have a lot of problems with you people!

-Dan Hawkins, you have disappointed me in the following ways: by legitimately running an offense in which it looked like you and your staff had no clue about a solid gameplan.

-Jay Cutler, you have disappointed me with your reluctance to enter a barber and get a normal person’s haircut!

-That freaking Nebraska kicker, you have disappointed me by pulling that kick out of your backside, denying the Buffs a trip back to Shreveport to face the might Northern Illinois Huskies Wolf Pack Whatevers.

The Feats of Strength

-Joe Sakic, you will attempt to outpin this snowblower!

-Brandon Marshall, the Big Mac wrapper is awaiting you!

-Carmelo Anthony, those corn rows? Hah! They scoff at you!

-Allen Iverson? Detroit. Yes, the entire city versus you.

-Ed Hochilu, you and Mike Shannahan at the 50 yard line!

Those receiving Human Fund cards:

-Phillip Rivers: Oh, I bet you'll be taunting Jay Cutler with some witty choke sign.

-Travis Henry: Money for People. Like your kids...or lawyer.

-Troy Tulowitzki: Alright, it was a bad sophomore season, maybe try to look interested next year?

-Matt Prater: Cheer up, every other kicker in the league is money from 40-49 yards.

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Monday, December 22, 2008

Choke Artists

Relax your mind, and folks unwind
And be kind to a rhythm that you hardly find
And off we go, let the trumpets blow
Well hold on, because the driver of the mission is a pro

PROP and DROP from the Donks' colossal gag job versus the Bills:

DROPS: We can analyze this game from start to end: letting up after dominating the 1st quarter; the complete lack of a running game; the fact half the damn team was at the Nugs' game on Friday; more horrid turnovers; the complete momentum shift after Prater's 54 yard short FG; the atrocious kick return teams; the red zone woes; the frigid conditions. But the fact of the matter is that this team wasn't ready mentally and physicaly to put away a bad Buffalo team to clinch the division at home. Again: a bad Buffalo team, at Invesco, division title on the line.

PROPS: You stay classy, San Diego. A December night in San Diego and your buddy Phillip Rivers with the AFC West on the line. Ed Hochilu will not be selected to ref this one.

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Friday, December 19, 2008

Freeze Test

Cause I'm cooler than a polar bear's toenails...

The Donks' and their fans have the ultimate test ahead of them this weekend. Obviously the team faces a must win situation to clinch the AFC West and a date with Peyton Manning and the Colts in the playoffs.

The fans also face a stiff test as the temps will be cold enough that reindeer and Eskimoes might be patrolling the backfield along with Champ Bailey. Back in the day, a game like this wouldn't deter Bronco fans, who'd arrive en masse to the old Mile High. Orange snowmobile jumpsuits, bouda bags with your favorite warming drink, moon boots, and long johns would be in full effect.

In 2008 though, will the 21st Century Donk fan and his North Face jacket, $6 cup of coffee, and Uggs boots show up to support the team in a crucial game? Of course there'll be the diehards, the people who've been shoved from the prime seats to the far reaches of the Invesco over the years. But will a day in the snow and cold trump a day in the warmth of the couch for Bowlens' corporate crowd? Pack your mittens, Sally-boy, this is the NFL, not a polo match with brie and spitzers. Besides, Eddie Royal will be playing on a dog sled.

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Thursday, December 18, 2008

Buffs Bubble Burst

I trained wack MC's, in camps like ex-marines
Why the f*ck you think you went home and had bad dreams...

The Division 1 football team up north in Fort Collins was offered the use of Colorado’s circus tent practice bubble this week if they needed it. Colorado is in the midst of a deep freeze and obviously the Buff leadership wouldn’t want the Goats to get the sniffles if they practiced outside.

Why they are at it, why not call Nebraska and see if they need to use our tutors in prep for their finals? Perhaps Kansas State can use the CU blocking sleds for a few months. Call up the Iraqi Republican Guard and see if they would be interested in using our video equipment to break down what went wrong.

We’re all for good sportsmanship, but really? Lest we forget that the Lambs’ defacto fight song tells a tale of man who’d rather see his son in hell before he sees him Boulder. The man their field is named after had bitter, scathing, profane feeling towards CU. The majority of their fan base loathes and detests everything that the University of Colorado, their students, and the fine city of Boulder stand for.

But heck, sure, come on down!

Can we paint the end zones green and gold for you too? Can Cody Hawkins make you some hot cocoa? Hell, just take Darrell Scott and use him in your bowl game too. Like the bubble, this decision to make this offer is just a bunch of hot air.

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Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Bowlathon 08

Come closer, while I lock it down like I'm supposed ta
You battle me, you won? You might of, but then you woke up...

We're back with another lame Yahoo games Pick Em, this time with the college bowl season. Keep your 57 yard field goal and test your prowess versus the SG's finest. Winner gets absolutely nothing except the title of SG Champ, which in some quarters will make the scorn of society...

Yahoo College Pick Em

ID = 16562

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Monday, December 15, 2008

Oh Carolina

I pull rabbits out the hat, tricks up my sleeves
I air out the showroom, the shit can breathe…

PROPS and DROPS from the Broncos’ throttling at the hands of the Carolina Panthers:

DROPS: Shanny’s play calling was atrocious at best. Short 3rd and ones were greeted by suspect screen passes to Eddie Royal and 3rd and longs yielded draw plays and pitches. Short yardage plays might be a bit tough with the RB situation, but you still have a 230 pound QB behind center who can get you a yard or two.

DROPS: Come April 2009 the Broncos draft list should read: 1-Safety, 2-see #1. The middle of the defensive backfield has become so scrambled that yesterday a linebacker was starting there in Wesley Woodyard. Granted his insertion was for run support, but it had Steve Smith licking his chops as the Panthers quickly adjusted and threw on eight of their 10 initial plays. Smith ran roughshod over the Donks’ defense, and when they finally recovered QB Jake Delhomme looked for the veteran Mushin Muhammad.

DROPS: Hey Randy Cross, the 80’s called and it wants its mustache back.

DROPS: Kansas City Chiefs found a new way to lose a game with a late TD, stopping a 2 point conversion, letting an onside kick bounce off their chest, giving up another TD, then missing a long FG. Check Phillip Rivers act as if he had just won the Super Bowl. Not like anyone at Arrowhead saw it, as the stands were full of Chiefs fans’ disguised as empty seats.

PROPS: The Donks have a shot to clinch this thing at home, in front of the home fans, against a sliding team. Last time that happened (season ending game versus San Fran in 06) they completely crapped the bed. The coaches should be hyping this game all week unlike any of the previous games this year. Get into these guys heads and drill that anything other than a win is unacceptable in the eyes of the organization, the fans, and this lame blog.

DROPS: Game over effectively when Shanny ran with Selvin Young to close out the 2nd half. His fumble opened a 10 point Panther lead that everyone knew the Donks wouldn’t come back from, not with the Panthers’ ground game. Yes, the Broncos had three timeouts, but taking a knee after the pass on first may have been the best option. Or, throw the ball way downfield where if anything outside of a completion will result in Carolina being too far for a 10 point lead.


Friday, December 12, 2008

Friday Funk: Time's Up

-Lack of vitamin C can lead to a disease called scurvy, which can cause splochy skin and spongy gums. The disease was common among pirates in the 16th and 17th century.
-The producer of the track was Buckwild, whose heyday was the mid-90's scene. He produced other DITC artists, as well as Commish favorite "Stress" by Organized Confusion. His most recognizable beat may be Black Rob's "Whoa!"
-Mos Def samples the tack on "Hip Hop" from his album Black on Both Sides.
-Plexiglass is a thermoplastic and transparent plastic. However, its aura is undefined by many shamans and witch doctors.
-The hook ("their time's limited, hard rocks too") is sampled from Slick Rick's "Hey Young Word"
-The line "Rappers are in danger" was also used a few short months later on KRS-One's "Rappaz R N Danger"
-A young Commish worked on delivery truck in the Spring of 95 with a fiend named Big Guy and we listened to a mix that featured this track. The line "What's-her-face told me you shot this kid last week in the park,that's a lie, you was in church with your moms" was particularly amusing to Big Guy, as he stumbled to spit it out for about two months.
-OC first appeared on Organized Confusion's "Fudge Pudge" in 1991.
-The track samples Les DeMerle's 1968 "A Day in the Life."
-DeMerle was a Brooklyn norn jazz musician and bandleader who worked with jazz greats Chick Corea, Al Jarreau, Freddie Hubbard, and the Manhatten Transfer.
-In the movie 8 Mile, Eminem's character B Rabbit freestyles over the insrumental when he battles the late Proof's character Lil' Tic.
-Proof's illest line: Rip the Rabbit's head, toss it to Hugh Hefner, cause I don't play, boy, now tell my who's fresher.
-The song is alleged to take over a year for OC to write.
-The album was released in October 1994 on the iconic label Wild Pitch, and it charted at #34 on the R&B rankings.
-Cracking someone's head with a 4 X 4 would most likley require a two handed grip or a carpenter or lumber store employee assistance.
-The Source ranked the track as the 14th best beat ever concocted.
-DITC sampes the line "fuck who did I offend" on the track "Enemy" from 2000's compilation album.
-Niacin is also known as B3, and a lack of it can lead to Pellagra. Symptons include dementia, aggression, weakness, and diarrhea. Or a typical morning after in the Slushy Gutter realm.

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Thursday, December 11, 2008

Melo is Ice

I know you wanna enter but I can't let you in
My mindstate's the maddest, I'm gone with the wind...

Carmelo Anthony has had plenty of accolades in his basketball career- gold medal, NCAA Championship, All-Star honors, being the catalyst to turning around a moribund franchise. But last night's game was arguably his greatest game ever. 45 points, 3 assists, and more inportantly 11 boards for a complete all-around game. With the Nugs down 12 at the gun to a woeful Wolves team, the game had all the making of a patented home letdown we've seen from this group the past five seasons.

Then Melo went Ice Man George Gervin and scored 33 points in the 3rd quarter. 24 straight points at one point that had the (ahem) 14 thousand plus in the crowd, Rocky, Nugs' announcers, and teammates all falling on themselves. I think Chris Marlowe hasn't been that excited since Karch Kiraly gave him a pair of day-glo orange shorts.

The game was indicative of a much improved Melo, the all-around version, the more mature version. We heard everyone's praises, but the 'W' is most important and Melo seems to realize that as well.


Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Rap's Uncle Rico

Rap icons EPMD are back today with their first album in nearly 10 years, We Mean Business. Any Hip Hop fan who can tell a New Era from a Kangol knows that Erick and Parrish are true legends in the game, putting out hits for 20 years plus. One thing we love about them is their style hasn't changed, including their look. Check the fisherman hats, the denim suits, and the hoodies and custom hats. And then they jack Teddy Riley for their lead single; what Aaron Hall was busy? The album is full of guest appearances (Redman, Skyzoo, KRS-One, Method Man) and the typical clever lyrics and tight beats you'd expect. Cop that shit!


Monday, December 08, 2008

Not Exactly a KC Masterpiece

I shine over beats, a motherfuckin' beast on the mic
I'm a lion out the jungle, raw meat what I like…

PROPS and DROPS from the Broncos' win over the Chiefs:

PROPS: Daniel Graham is finally enjoying the type of success we envisioned for him when he was signed to the mega deal. It might be him finally healthy or completely getting into the flow of the offense, but he looks like his younger dominant self. Not only is he making the tough catches, but his runs after the catch show off deceptive speed, and assortment of moves and jukes, and a knack to find running lanes. When placed on the line next to Ryan Clady, the Broncos have a rugged left side to run behind.

DROPS: Someone on an opponent’s fantasy team that you’d like to see injured? Put him at RB for the Denver Broncos. Another back, Peyton Hillis, is out for extended time. Hillis also was coming into his own, pounding through holes and getting some yardage and now he will be out with a hammy injury. That leaves us with former Verizon employee Tatum Bell to tote the rock and an array of cut players will probably make the journey to try out on Tuesday. Anyone have Gerald Whilhite’s phone number.

PROPS: The Donk O-line was again dominant yesterday, creating big holes and allowing Jay Cutler to hardly be touched all game. Of particular note was center Casey Wiegmann, playing his former team and routinely matched up versus behemoth tackle Glenn Dorsey. Wiegmann more than held his own and offered some push versus the much larger Chiefs; lineman. With Denver’s offense running a variety of short plass plays and screens too, the OL was downfield making key blocks all day. The Shanny system of smaller, more agile OL was in full display.

DROPS: It has become apparent that the Donk pass rush will not be getting any better this year. Chief QB Tyler Thigpen had all sorts of time to scan the field on his dropbacks without any sort of pressure. Bob Slowik and the defensive coaches are going to have to get more creative with blitzes and the like to get some heat on the QB. SG fave Welsy Woodyard or a healthy DJ Williams would offer huge speed on blitzes. And when Champ Bailey returns, there might be opportunities to also bring DBs on the blitz.

PROPS: We never really give any dap to opposing players, but KC QB Tyler Thigpen gets some this morning. When your down by a TD on a 4th and 5 and your coach calls a QB draw, that’s ballsy. Anyone not named Tim Tebow or Vince Young is usually not going to score on that play. Plus, it’s not easy when the PA announcer sounds like he’s calling you ‘Pig Pen’ all day.

PROPS: Mr and Mrs Commish made the annual foray into the South Stands at Invesco yesterday. For those who say Invesco doesn’t attract the same Bronco fan as the old Mile High, that was surely not the case versus KC. A rough crowd to say the least: shaved heads, mullets, decades-old Orange Crush hats, a smoking section jammed to capacity, foul mouths that would make your grandmother blush, tattoos, and fuzzy mustaches—and that was just the women.

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Friday, December 05, 2008

Spurs Cold Front

I crush your whole brain frame
Cause you couldn't maintain the funk
That have your rap style for lunch, chump...

An old friend blew into Denver yesterday. One that brings a shudder to our fair people, makes us cringe, and get a big chill. Not Old Man Winter, but the San Antonio Spurs, who crushed the Nugs at Pepsi Center.

The Nuggets old nemesis came into The Can, fresh off two blowout losses, a near 500 record, and whispers that the NBA’s oldest team might be slipping into the sunset years. Meanwhile, the Nugs were flying high, dunking, getting opposing coaches fired, playing spirited defense, and routinely scoring in the triple digits.

That came to a screeching halt in the second quarter, as the old trusty Spurs ratcheted up their defense and were ahead of the Nuggets by 20 at half. A national TV audience watched only to see if Charles Barkely offered tips on how to serve mountain lion with Christmas dinner.

The Spurs were simply the Spurs, defending, hitting the long range shots, and bitching and complaining their way to win the refs’ favor. Nene, poised to turn Duncan into knots, let the big man take him away from the basket. Chauncey Billups looked like the 2005 NBA Finals as Tony Parker was one step ahead of him. And the Spurs threw out their cast of no-names that looked every part of the Poppovich machine we’ve seen in the past. Hello, Matt Bonner.

Ultimately, the Nuggets shut it down and allowed K-Mart’s wrist to rest, Melo’s elbow to heal, and their fans into the cold again.


Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Mas Tacos

I seen her in the back of Taco Bell with handcuffs...

One of the few bright spots of the Rockies' season was not on the field, but the Taco Bell promotion which offered four - si, quatro - tacos if the home nine scored seven or more runs. The summer became a fiesta of tacos from everyone from hardcore seamheads to those who couldn't tell a bunt from a bundt cake.

Enter Nuggets' season and apparently the rash of tacos over baseball season scared the Taco Bell Execs a bit much, but they still offered up three - si, tres - tacos if the Powder Blue Patrol scored 110 or more. Not so fast mi amigo, as that promtion was over quicker than AI's 2008 season in Denver as it was dropped to 103 points for three tacos. Then the Taco Bell suits, perhaps delusional from too many Chalupas and the economic scare, added the requirement of a drink purchase to get the precious three tacos for a single buck.

Coming soon in the remainder of the NBA season: three cinnamon twists for a buck if Kenyon Martin gets ejected and tosses his jersey in a spectator's face; two Gorditas for a buck if Chauncey Billups can fill a 5 gal bucket with sweat during a game(seriously, dude sweats alot); thirty volcano tacos for a buck if Chris Anderson snorts a line of coke off a dancer's ass; and four Crunchwrap Supremes if George Karl says anything postive about JR Smith.

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