Thursday, December 28, 2006

06 Spit: Top Hip Hop Albums

#1 - Boot Camp Click- The Last Stand- It’s like 1993 all over again with the entire Click on this CD. Production is highlighted by 9th Wonder, Pete Rock, and Large Professor on hard hitting classic East Coast beats like “1-2-3” and “World Wide.” The first single “Yeah” will have ya hoodies and Tims rocking. Sean Price stands out on most of his tracks, as well as his Heltah Skeltah partner Rockness Monster, Smif-N-Wesson, and of course Buckshot shine lyrically. Underground street level shit at it’s finest, that is the year's most slept on, but still the top dawg Highlight: The leadoff track, "Here We Come" is the dreary, banging, 9th Wonder copped track that feels like some early Heltah Skeltah or OGC shit.

#2 – Tha Alkaholiks- Firewater- Ho hum, Tha Liks put out a flawless CD, complete with funny punchlines and metaphors, bangin’ beats, and tales of drinking. The same formula from the first four Liks’ CD makes their farewell release a classic. J-Ro, Tash, and E-Swift, bring in Danger Mouse for some of the production and E-Swift handles the bulk of the rest. “The Flute Song” and “Chaos” are standout tracks. Guests include King-Tee, Stylistic Jones, and Bishop Lamont, but no Xzibit (it’s touched on the CD that’s there no beef with X.) Highlight: “Handle It” finds the crew spitting over the old Rodney O and Joe Cooley beat “Everlasting Bass.” J-Ro even pays homage to the old track with the bar “Yo the bass is in the place, sho' nuff shrugged your face, like R. Kelly gettin sprayed with a can of mace.”

#3 – Lupe Fiasco- Food and Liquor- The Chicago MC debuts with an album worthy of all the critical praise it’s been receiving. Whether touching on skateboarding on “Kick, Push”, outshining Jay-Z on “Pressure” or tackling social ills and conspiracy on “American Terrorist,” Lupe stays on point, consistent, and lyrically deep. Guest appearances are really limited, and the production (Kayne West) and beats are perfectly suited for Lupe’s style. Highlight: Without a doubt it’s the track “Daydreamin’” featuring Jill Scott on the hook. Lupe’s second verse is a sarcastic commentary on a “typical” rap video shoot, one in which he asks a model “please put her titties closer to the 22s.”

#4 – Ghostface Killah- Fishscale- Wu’s Tony Starks hits hard with his first 2006 release, complete with old school Wu beats, a wealth of Wu associates, drug tales, and old school reminiscing. The Just Blaze track “The Champ” finds a Rocky-inspired narrative on taking back Ghost’s place among the elite, how he hasn’t had it since Supreme Clientele, plus the ill line “Im James Bond in the Octagon.” Other producers include J Dilla, and Pete Rock, who produces the bouncy “Be Easy” where Ghost regales in taunting those with “fake frowns” and advises then to “sell em on eBay.” It also has something that I haven’t enjoyed in years: a good filler skit (“Bad Mouth Kid”) Highlight: The track “9 Milli Brothers” brings together all of the Wu-Tang clan, including ODB, over a delicious MF Doom beat...a Wu-Tang track at it’s finest.

#5 – Jedi Mind Tricks- Servants In Heaven, Kings In Hell- Vinnie Paz and Stoupe are back hard with perhaps the most socially conscious album of 2006. The group touches on the Iraq war, the administration, slave and child labor, and religious strife. Of course, Vinnie Paz has some personal introspection on “Before the Great Collapse” which is essentially a suicide note to his mother. Stoupe produces his calling card string-driven melodic beats, some of which makes you feel as if you are sitting at a symphony. Guests include Ill Bill, Sean Price, and Chief Kamachi. Highlight: One of the few times I can remember a song dealing with the Vietnam War is “Uncommon Valor.” R.A. The Rugged Man spits the year’s absolute top verse, weaving a complex and flowing narrative of a soldier’s and vet’s life.

#6 – Mr. Lif- Mo Mega- The top label in Hip Hop, Def Jux, gave us their best release of 2006. El-P spins the signature Def Jux sounds throughout most of the album, including the intricate title track that features Acrobatix and Blueprint. The track follows a young MC as he grows up through a abusive family, a jail stint, and the tough NYC streets. Lif isn’t all serious though, he spits an old school sex track on “Long Distance” and urges all women to “Washitup!” Murs makes an appearance as Lif’s PR rep on “Murs Iz My Manager;” a humorous account of trying to get on a track with Al Gore, how he actually put Kanye “up to saying all that,” and securing a “ghostwriting job for Ben Affleck.” Highlight: The Def Jux posse cut “Take, Hold, Fire” with El-P and Aesop Rock.

#7 – Method Man- 4:21 The Day After- This is the album that Method Man fans have been waiting for since 1995. The word that keeps coming up when describing this album is Meth is once again hungry. Wu cameos include ODB, Raekwon, Rza, and Inspectah Deck, as well as a few Erick Sermon produced tracks. The requisite Redman collabo “Walk On” finds the How High duo flipping it back and forth for six verses. “Ya Meen” is another hot collabo with a decent verse from Fat Joe and an absolute ill verse from Styles P (“You don't like me, you can get what's right above the testicles, S.P., turn your top five into vegetables.”) Even the radio single, “Say” with Lauryn Hill is a catchy track with a bit of the ol’ 95 Mary J vibe. Highlight: The Rza produced “Presidential MC” shines with Rza and Rae wordplay, a hot track that will leave many reaching for their Wu-Tang translator.

#8 – Ghostface Killah- More Fish- Two albums in one calender year on a Best Of list? Probably hasn't been done since the early Rakim days, but if any part of the Hip Hop game could pull it off, it's Ghost. This album dusts off the more underground producers: Madlib, more MF Doom (looking forward to that full length collabo in 07), Hi-Tek, and even Mark Ronson. It also highlights much of Ghost's crew, the Theodore Unit. One of those members is Sun God, also known as Ghostface's son. Redman guests on the melodic "Greedy Bitches" and the Lox's Sheek Louch kicks a fierce verse on "Blue Armor." Absent from the disc are any Wu members sans Cappadonna, but that gives members of Ghost's crew to shine. Highlight: The opening tack "Ghost Is Back," one of the few solo Ghost tracks. Ghost kicks it mixtape style over the 1992 Eric B & Rakim joint "Know The Ledge (Juice)"

#9 – Murs and 9th Wonder- Murray’s Revenge- The only thing that holds this album back is the fact that it’s only 10 tracks long and 30 minutes in length. Otherwise, Murs and 9th Wonder weave a great disc complete with LA life, sex and love, and raw lyricism. The track “Dark Skin White Girls” at first listen seems a bit campy, but it is actually a great tale of a young girl caught in between two cultures. “LA” is a tour of Los Angeles with Murs highlighting all his favorite haunts, big upping the Chucks and Khaki culture. “Dreamchaser” recounts Murs days coming up on the LA streets. Make no mistake, Murs isn’t claiming any set, he doesn’t flaunt any gangster image, he simply reps great music. Highlight: “I understand that you broke, you tryin to get money, but you don't start gangbangin in your mid-20's” Murs bellows to all the studio gansters on the track “Murray’s Law.”

#10 - Lord Jamar- The 5% Album- The Brand Nubian member brings forth his debut CD just a mere 17 years after his group's initial blast. No worries though, as Jamar (who many of you may know from his role on HBO's Oz as Supreme Allah) preaches over most of the CD. The Gods, Suns, Earths, Mathematics, Ciphers, and The Nation are all covered on the various tracks. Jamar breaks it down in simple terms on tracks like "Supreme Mathematics" and "Study Ya Lessons." Guests include his Nubian chorts, Sadat X and Grand Puba, as well Wu's Raekwon and Rza. Beat wise, you won't find many hard-hitting bangers like In God We Trust, but more mellow, non-complex music to match Jamar's melding of 5% ideology and Hip Hop. On "Advance The Game" they do let the beat drop, as Jamar challenges so-called MCs: "How many murders can you do on one album? Put em all together, must've did 1000." Highlight: A 90 pg booklet about the Nation Of Gods And Earths, more commonly known as the 5% Nation.

#11 - The Game- Doctor's Advocate- If you're looking for a classic, hard-core, West Coast rap album, this is the one for you. With Dr. Dre not affliated with this project at all, the Game seemed to have stepped his rep up even higher, spitting strong and passionate verses and clever punchlines. The all-star lineup of big dog producers (Scott Storch, Will.i.Am, Kanye West, Just Blaze) seems to embolden The Game. "Its Okay (One Blood)" the lead single, is a banging track with Dancehall legend Junior Reid chanting the chorus. The stripped down "Compton" is just what the title implies, a rugged trek through the infamous 'hood. Guest artists read like the West Coast hall of fame: Xzibit, Snoop, the Dogg Pound, and Nate Dogg. Highlight: The Hi-Tek produced "Ol' English" in which Game big ups the tattoo font, the malt liquor, and the LA gang culture he came up in.

Others Receiving Votes:

Masta Killa- Made In Brooklyn- The Song "Iron God Chamber" is reason enough to cop this CD from one of Wu-Tang's "lesser" members. Strong production and guest appearances from most of the Wu.

Dialated Peoples- 20/20- LA's underground kings bring a strong CD, Raaka and Evidence are joined by Defari and Talib Kweli amomg others. DJ Babu's cuts are always the highlight of their albums, and this has that throughout the tracks.

Soul Postion- Things Go Better With RJ And Al- One producer (RJD2) and one MC (Blueprint) make this a solid, flowing album. On "No Gimmicks" Blueprint kicks: "no slogans, no 20 inch rims rollin, no gold fronts, no publicity stunts."

Clipse- Hell Hath No Fury- It's easy to hate on Pharrell, but he puts together a great Sophmore album with the VA Pyrex duo. As far as radio play songs go, "Wamp, Wamp" is one of the few that gets love even from the underground.

People Under The Stairs- Stepfather- This LA-based duo keep it real simple: bare tracks, tight lyrics, and a relaxed pace throughout. Highlight tracks include "Pass the 40" and "Letter to the Old School."

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Wednesday, December 27, 2006

06 Spit: Top Colorado Sports Moments

1-Champ Bailey picks off Tom Brady and (almost) takes it to the house. In the AFC Divisional Playoffs, the defending champ are driving deep into Bronco territory for a go ahead score. Champ Bailey picks off a Brady pass and takes it back to the NE 1-yard line. The Broncos score a play later and cruise into the AFC Championship

2-The Answer comes to Denver. After an ugly brawl has the Nuggets on the front pages for a weekend, the front office brass pulls the trigger and brings Allen Iverson to town. The trade for Andre Miller and picks gives the Nugs the NBA’s #2 scorer to go along with #1 Carmelo Anthony, who is serving a 15 game suspension.

3-Bengals botch the extra point. In an exciting late season game, the Broncos allow the Bengals to seemingly tie the game at 24 late in the 4th quarter. However, the usually automatic point after goes awry as the snapper and holder bobble it away, allowing the Broncos’ an early Christams gift at 24-23.

4-For one afternoon, it was perfect. Dan Hawkins’ scheme, play-calling, and players finally click on a beautiful Fall day in Boulder, as the Buffs throttle a pretty decent Texas Tech team 30-6. Buff nation hope it is an indication of what is to come.

5-Rockies play in the pennant race. The Rox get off to a decent start, playing in the thick of the Wildcard and NL West race throughout most of the first half of the Summer. Their young pitching and players like Matt Holiday key wins until they start to trail off after the All-Star break.

6-Buffs drill Oklahoma. A rowdy Coors Events crowd watch the senior-laden CU hoops team beat Oklahoma to improve to 17-5. Coach Ricardo Patton openly talks about not only a Big Dance bid, but a “top” seed. With super-Soph Richard Roby slashing to the basket, it seems it could happen. However, the Buffs drop most of their stretch-run games, get walloped in the Big 12 tourney, miss the Dance, and suffer a humiliating home loss in the NIT.

7-Avs upset the Stars. The Avs see their division-winning streak snapped at 10 years, but sneak in the playoffs on the last weekend. They matchup versus a top seed in old rival Dallas and promptly dispatch of them in 5 games. New goalie Jose Theodore and old stalwarts Joe Sakic lead the way.

8-Buffs land state’s best. Dan Hawkins and his staff hit the recruiting trail hard and land the states top player, Columbine’s Ryan Miller. The five-star bluechip is the jewel in Hawkins’ first full recruiting class, which many analysts have penciled in the top 25.

9-Jay Cutler gets the start. After a Thanksgiving night loss to the Chiefs, Mike Shannahan decides to switch to rookie Jay Cutler, a first round draft pick, at QB. The Jake Plummer era in Denver comes to an end as Cutler starts the remainder of the season.

10-Melo becomes the man. At the Basketball World Championships, Carmelo Anthony becomes the top dog among the stars, leading the USA in scoring. The team wins bronze, as Coach K and the whole team rave about Melo’s work ethic, play, and presence in the locker room.

The not so top moments: Reggie Evans tries to steal Chris Kaman’s manhood, Buffs lose to Montana State in football, Kenyon Martin sends his goons into the crowd, Jose Theodore is spotted with Paris Hilton, Buffs lose by 40 to AFA in hoops, Rockies trade Jason Jennings, Fisher DeBerry retires, Rob Blake leaves the Avs, Broncos flop to the Steelers in the AFC Championship, Ashlie Lelie acts like a little girl.

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Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Speak with a List

1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9,
what I use in the battle for the mind...

Like the rest of humanity, Slushy Gutter Summer will try to force upon you our year-end TOP TEN lists. Over the next few days we will touch on the pillars of the Slushy Gutter Summer:

1- Top Ten Colorado Sports Moments of 2006
2- Top Ten Hip Hop albums of 2006
3- Top Ten Beers of 2006
4- Other assorted bullshitty from the year


Sunday, December 24, 2006

Rappy Holidays!


-The Rhythm- Kwame ("Is this Christmas, cuz everybody rappin")
-Christmas In Hollis- Run DMC VIDEO
-Santa's Got A Muthafuckin Uzi!- Mr Lif
-Dana Dane is Coming to Town- Dana Dane
-Dear Yvette- LL Cool J ("Like Santa Claus said, you're a ho ho ho")
-Shamrocks and Shenanigans- House of Pain ("If I was a Jew than I'd light the menorah") VIDEO
-Cold Chillin Christmas- Juice Crew
-Winter Warz- Ghostface Killah
-Who's The Champion- RZA f/ Ghostface Killah ("Sippin egg nog,n**gaz know my status God")
-Black Winter Day- Jedi Mind Tricks
-Thug Holiday- Trick Daddy
-Millie Pulled a Pistol on Santa- De La Soul
-Live Freestyle 95- Notorious B.I.G. ("So don't resist, or you might miss Christmas")
-What Goes Around- Nas ("Me and my n***az share gifts, everyday like Christmas")
-Player's Holiday- Ant Banks
-8 is Enough- Big L ("I shoot the gift like Santa Claus with a Mac-10")
-My Toy Soldier- 50 Cent
-Set it Off- Big Daddy Kane ("As I shoot he gift, MCs stand stiff, as my rhymes stick to ya like Skippy and Jif")
-Rock the Bells- LL Cool J
-Glamour and Glitz- Tribe Called Quest ("The three wise men and the theories of Zen...")
-Jesus Walks- Kayne West
-All-Star Freestyle- Ruff Ryders f/Cassidy ("I run through snow like a reindeer")
-Ho Ho Hoes- Luke Skywalker
-Watch Yo Nuggets- Redman ("I dog you like Toto, make Rudolph nose blow)
-Christmas in the City- King Sun
-Hustle Town- South Park Mexican ("I take ya nuts and hang them on my Christmas tree")
-P Upon A Tree- Run DMC
-Still Cant Deny It- Clinton Sparks f/Fabolous ("Snack on the cookies and milk in first class")
-Santa Baby- Rev Run & the Christmas Allstars
-Christmas Is- Run DMC
-The Main Ingredient- Pete Rock and CL Smooth ("Play me like a stone cold fruitcake")
-Like Toy Soldiers- Eminem VIDEO
-Tear it Off- Redman and Method Man ("My flows is North Pole cold")
-Ghetto Santa- Spyder D
-Livin the Life- Jadakiss f/ Prodigy & Butch Cassidy ("Egg nog whip, four door Ferrari")
-Treacherous Three- Xmas Rap
-West Up!- WC & The Maad Circle f/Ice Cube ("Christmas day, Im in a tre, while some of you n***az got the robe reindeer and a sleigh")
-Christmas Rappin- Kurtis Blow VIDEO

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Saturday, December 23, 2006

Snow Daze

Dead dreams, bought and sold
You gotta try and receive your goal
However you do it, however you may
Don't ever listen to what nobody say...

Last night the beautiful wife and I hosted our Holiday Open House, which included former two time Slushy Gutter winner T-Dub, former two time Slushy Gutter winner JBiz, and current Slushy Gutter holder Nichols and a host of others. Inevitably, the focus was on AI's Nugget debut but also on the massive amount of snow piled up here in God's Country over the past 72 hours. At mi casa we received over 25 inches of Tony Montana style fluffy white stuff; folks are still stuck in the airport, the highways are littered with abandoned rigs, and sports events are cancelled. Throughout the deluge, I paid tribute to the MC Shan's very own protégée, the dancehall/rapper Snow, by humming his 1993 hit "Informer" to startled citizens of the Mile High City. Slushy Gutter, indeed...a licki bom bom down.

Snow, "Informer"
MC Shan from Wikipedia

(Coming tomorrow: the SG Christmas Rap List)

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Wednesday, December 20, 2006

There is an A and I in Christmas

You two-faces, scum of the slum, I got your whole body numb
Blowin like Shalamar in eighty-one...

Dear Nuggets fans:
Just wanted to let you know that I sent y'all an early Christmas gift yesterday; a little 6 foot bundle of joy named Allen Iverson. There's no gift receipt, no exchanges, just fun and frolic and 35 shots a night.
But we really also must thank the Philadelphia 76ers management, who also had a hand in this gift. In return they got Andre Miller(who will love the Cheese Steaks), Joe Smith (betcha most of you didn't know he was still in the league!), and two 1st round draft picks. Now before you moan about those picks being a possible Oden or Durant; they're actually in the low to mid-20's. So they should expect someone named Prazandraj or from Eastchester Community College.
Oh, and you also get a guy named Ivan McFarland! Joy joy joy! Actually, I don't know if this guy is a NBA forward, a 18th century Russian tyrant, or the guy running the register at Burlington Coat Factory. But, nevertheless, it's a Festivus Miracle as Kramer (minus the racial insults) would say!
So, ho ho ho, Denver fans. You essentially gave Philly a nutted cheese log and in return they gave you the 8 Gb video Ipod! Merry Christmas!

PS- For all you in Nebraska, I prefer milk and cookies, not Cheetoes and Pabst.


Sunday, December 17, 2006

Fight Night at the Garden

I wouldn't be the 'G' that I am
if I didn't pop fools in their mouth... God damn!

Little known NBA rules that could've been applied to the Nuggets-Knicks brawl on Saturday night:

Rule 26F paragraph 6.1- Oompa Loompas are not allowed on the court at anytime during regulation or overtimes. If one does appear on the floor, opposing players, coaches, trainers, and cheerleaders have the right to stomp the sh*t out of them. I mean, who isn't creeped out by those little f*ckers?

Rule 423-A subsection II- If you were warned by the NBA's leading scorer on a "street" DVD to "stop snitching" and catch a knuckle sandwich on your dome from said player, then that's your fault for snitching, you punk beeeyatch.

Rule BB: notation #25.3 (proposed by NYK head coach Isiah Thomas)- Teams down by 15+ in the waning minutes of the game have a right to "surrender." If the game is "surrendered" then the trailing team can go medieval and WWF on the opposing team for the remainder of the game with no flagrant fouls called.

Rule 16J/155- Paying patrons in the front row of games will incur a $50 seat surcharge if the players land in their lap. If the player knocks over their nachos, the $8 will be credited to the surcharge. Subsection 33- Said player must continue play with the nacho cheese on their uniform; Oliver Miller comes out of retirement to guard said player.

Rule 200034- All non-American born NBA players who have intervened in between two brawling players are required to speak their native tongue. That way it's all funny like when Ricky Ricardo used to get all flustered in 'I Love Lucy' and speak Spanish...ahhh, classic.


Friday, December 15, 2006

No A or I in Denver

You muthafuckin right
In the darkest nights let off my gun for light
To guide ya'll through, show you how it's done
I'm the question and the answer like Iverson...

There are more rumors floating around about Allen Iverson trades to Our Team than Tom Cruise and gerbil stories. The view here is none of them are viable; that the Nugs brass shouldn’t even trade a bag of jockstraps for the malcontent AI.

Personally, I love AI’s game. It is so cliché now, but the guy is a true warrior. He plays with a reckless abandon that if you just happened to check an NBA tilt for the first time ever, you notice him, his hard work, and court presence. I believe to this day that the guy single handily brought us the bronze in the 04 Olympics. However, we know the guy’s off the court antics. His practice, I mean, what are we talking about…practice…habits. His feuding with coaches, his horrible rap career, his lame neck tats, his moms in his business, and all the Samonsite-sized baggage that comes with him.

The Nugs have their nucleus, a young team centered on an emerging superstar in Melo. We think JR Smith could be the compliment to Melo, ala Vince Carter and T-Mac in Toronto a few years back. They have two 1st round picks, which coupled with a player or two, could bring in Camby’s successor in the middle. If Nene ever gains his form and becomes injury free, he could be their 4 for years down the road. The team is steady, and it seems “staying the course” is best option numero uno. Don't mess with the most overrated aspect of sports: chemistry. Bringing in a 30+ star who eats up tons of salary just wouldn’t make too much sense at this juncture. Now, if the guy can pitch at altitude, someone call the Rockies, they're looking to trade.


Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Award Tour

Why score all my points in one peroid
Appearin in complex structure like a pyramid
The paper for the media presence
Ya learn lessons from the face of false legend...

Last week the Grammy nominations came out to a bit of fanfare. In the Hip Hop realm, the category is at five separate awards. Considering the original Rap Award was in one category, (won by Jazzy Jeff and the Fresh Prince) five categories show how much the genre has grown since 1988.

Grammy voters are also apparently on board with rewarding the real as most of the nominess can be considered viable MCs, producers, and groups. Not too many bullshitty chant-the-same-chorus-to-the-same-tired-beat-with-no-original-lyric-
or-rhymes-my-rims my-ice-my-chicks type songs populate the nominees.

One artist featured a bit is Lupe Fiasco, who’s Food and Liquor CD is nominated for best album and “Kick, Push” single is also up for an award. I'm all for Lupe getting his, but it is with an air of ambivalence. If Lupe does happen to garner an award or two, they might start to take him from us.

By us I mean the real Hip Hoppers: the backpackers, the street corner spitters, the graf artists, the b-boys, the old school; those who are the true consissuers of this Hip Hop shit.

By them I mean the same people who took or tried to take De La Soul, Public Enemy, Oukast, The Roots, Eminem, and Common (not Common Sense) from us. They are the same people who while in college asked me countless times, “hey Commish, can I borrow your ‘PE’ disc? Maybe a little ‘De La’ too?” (As if their use of ‘PE’ would lend to their cred.)

And when I countered with, “sure, why don’t you check this Poor Righteous Teachers CD too” and would be met with blank stares and a “nah...Flavor Flav, yeahhhhh boyeeeee.”

Hip Hop is open to all people, it’s what part of this blog is based on. I know half of you could give a shit about the new Ghostface album or an old school Smoothe Tha Hustla video. But when heads latch onto the “hot” or trendy MC or group, it would be nice if they acknowledge where they came from, where this Hip Hop shit is going, and know their place in the genre.

We’ve worked hard to get through these last 30 years, and are enduring an almost systematic barrage by wack “rappers”, horrible production, corporate politics, and community backlash to tear this down. So, root for Lupe, go buy his CD. But listen to it, like Sidney Deane said, “feel” his music. Buy a similar CD, maybe go to a show, check a breakdancing expo in the summertime, be more than a sheep who simply follows what your local Indy Rag writer says is the new ish. Hip Hop has alot to offer if you respect it.

You know what, fuck it, root for Young Joc. That "It's Going Down" is the shit. i love how he talks about his money! Run out and buy it. Lupe who?


Sunday, December 10, 2006

Phat Boys

Some get a little and some get none
Some catch a bad one and some leave the job half done...

I ran into this sign the other day in Arvada, and was quite surprised. Ya see, I thought myself, Russle Simmons, and the rest of the jerkies in my Fantasy Football league were the only ones who still used the term 'Phat.' Either this guy is really out of touch or hits up the old school, straight dope, circa 1994.


Thursday, December 07, 2006

No Hawk Love

Puttin heads to bed, straight out the box
MC's, are jumpin out shoes and socks
I'm not playin, understand what I'm sayin
Catch a sucker in my way, and I'm slayin...

At the conclusion of last night’s 98-96 loss to the Atlanta Hawks, Nuggets superstar Carmelo Anthony immediately exited the floor on a bee line to the locker room. Along the way, Melo tossed his headband, then his jersey, next was his protective rib flap jacket he wears, and finally his shorts. As he meandered the Pepsis Center hallways, all Melo was draped in were his skivvies and fancy Jordan brand shoes.

Was Melo hot to trot to get home to his fiancée (LaLa’s ill na-na?) Was it a hazmat drill? Audtioning for a spot at the local caberet? Most likely he was trying to remove the stench of blowing a 17 point 4th quarter lead at home to another sub-par team.

The fourth quarter once again devoured the Nugs, as the basket seemed to shrink to the size of a quarter, the defense allowed 3 pointers to rain free, the passes were lazy, and the charity pitches wouldn’t fall.

The final few sequences were bizarre as Snickers Miller took a 3 pointer and then drove the lane on the final possession only to see his seven footer go long and two Marcus Camby tips went bouncing off. Miller is having a solid year, in spite of the Slushy Gutter putdowns, but who wants him taking either of those opps?

Another home loss to a mediocre (see” Minnesota) or bad (see: Memphis, NY Knicks) team. At 10-6 the Nugs look good, but good enough for what? The seventh or eighth seed in the playoffs and an ass-whupping by the Spurs or Dallas? It’s games like this the home team needs to take care of; even the most hardened hoop head would have trouble deciphering the names on the Hawk’s box score.

With a fifth of the season complete, and no games versus the Western Conference big boys yet, the Nugs have failed to set themselves up to challenge for a top spot. It’s early, but it appears that six spots in the conference are set, with a handful of teams battling for the seven and eight seeds. That’s where the Baby Blues fall in right now. Ouch, that’s enough to make a grown man walk around in his underwear.


Tuesday, December 05, 2006

American Gangster

Out my face, fool I'm the illest,
Bulletproof, I die harder than Bruce Willis...

One of the best shows to come along on BET since Chris Thomas was the “mayor” of Rap City is "American Ganster". The show airs each Tuesday night, and reairs throughout the week. Narrated by Ving Rhames, each hour-long episode focuses on a figure in the US crime underworld. Great vintage video footage and photos accompany many first-hand accounts by those involved with that week’s subject.

The debut episode featured “Tookie” Williams, who rose from the South Central LA streets to form the Crips gang in the wake of the Black Power movement. It featured many of Tookie’s former friends, family, and even enemies who to this day harbor an extreme hate of the now-deceased Williams. A moment of levity was interjected into the episode when they unearthed Williams performing on the Gong Show in the mid 1970’s.

This week we get a feature on Ricky “Freeway” Ross. No, not the Miami-based “rapper” with a penchant for big beards and constantly telling us his own name. The real Ross was
a notorious drug dealer in the 1980s whose tale involves the rise of crack, the CIA, the Iran-Contra affair and billions of dollars. For conspiracy-theorists who think the government may or may not have contributed to the crack-cocaine epidemic that is still ongoing, this might be the episode to check for.


Friday, December 01, 2006

Linkoln Logs

Her mean mother stepped up, said to me hi
Looked Sally in the face and decked her in the eye
Punched her in the belly and stepped on her feet
Slammed the child on the hard concrete...

Note and news from around the Hip-Hop realm...

*Passion of the Weiss has a day in the life of Jim Jones. Baaaalllliiin! (NOTE: this phrase is dangerously close to already being played out; when the overweight checker at KMart yells it to another, then it's time to go away)

*Rappers just keep going and going these days, even Kurtis Blow mentioned his new CD on his Sirius show the other day. Should rappers be banned from picking up the mic at a certain age? 33Jones looks at the Top 10 Albums from Post-30 Rappers

*Some joints can be completely butched by freaking wack choruses. Ohword has a list of a few of the illest sang in recent memory.

*New MF Doom! Not a new CD, but rather a new figurine. Sure to be the hot gift this year.

*The Rap Up has a comprehensive timeline of all the Jim Jones versus Jay-Z beef. No verdict in my book: Jay-Z wins this one going away. The "Brooklyn High" jam is classic.

*Nice: Nas f/ Jay-Z and Sean Price remix, "Black Republicans" (nahright)
*Hot: New Clipse CD, Hell Hath No Fury, finally dropped (allhiphop)
*Soon: The second Ghostface Killah album in 2006, More Fish (hiphopdx)

*Old School video: Earle The Poet, "High Noon" If you spent any part of 1990 watching Yo! or Rap City, you'd occaisionally catch this clip. After it dropped, we never heard a peep from this MC again.

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