Monday, December 15, 2008

Oh Carolina

I pull rabbits out the hat, tricks up my sleeves
I air out the showroom, the shit can breathe…

PROPS and DROPS from the Broncos’ throttling at the hands of the Carolina Panthers:

DROPS: Shanny’s play calling was atrocious at best. Short 3rd and ones were greeted by suspect screen passes to Eddie Royal and 3rd and longs yielded draw plays and pitches. Short yardage plays might be a bit tough with the RB situation, but you still have a 230 pound QB behind center who can get you a yard or two.

DROPS: Come April 2009 the Broncos draft list should read: 1-Safety, 2-see #1. The middle of the defensive backfield has become so scrambled that yesterday a linebacker was starting there in Wesley Woodyard. Granted his insertion was for run support, but it had Steve Smith licking his chops as the Panthers quickly adjusted and threw on eight of their 10 initial plays. Smith ran roughshod over the Donks’ defense, and when they finally recovered QB Jake Delhomme looked for the veteran Mushin Muhammad.

DROPS: Hey Randy Cross, the 80’s called and it wants its mustache back.

DROPS: Kansas City Chiefs found a new way to lose a game with a late TD, stopping a 2 point conversion, letting an onside kick bounce off their chest, giving up another TD, then missing a long FG. Check Phillip Rivers act as if he had just won the Super Bowl. Not like anyone at Arrowhead saw it, as the stands were full of Chiefs fans’ disguised as empty seats.

PROPS: The Donks have a shot to clinch this thing at home, in front of the home fans, against a sliding team. Last time that happened (season ending game versus San Fran in 06) they completely crapped the bed. The coaches should be hyping this game all week unlike any of the previous games this year. Get into these guys heads and drill that anything other than a win is unacceptable in the eyes of the organization, the fans, and this lame blog.

DROPS: Game over effectively when Shanny ran with Selvin Young to close out the 2nd half. His fumble opened a 10 point Panther lead that everyone knew the Donks wouldn’t come back from, not with the Panthers’ ground game. Yes, the Broncos had three timeouts, but taking a knee after the pass on first may have been the best option. Or, throw the ball way downfield where if anything outside of a completion will result in Carolina being too far for a 10 point lead.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Prater= DROP. Is it too late to bring in a new kicker? uck!

1:29 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

In the end .. it didn't matter

10:11 AM  
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