Sunday, March 17, 2013

SG Tadapalooza '13 Bracket Challenge

That's two straight NCAA tournaments for the Black And Gold, but the SG Bracket Challenge streak goes even longer.  This year we go back to the essence, no weirdo bets, no pay in, no one having to jump into a freezing cold lake in their underwear (except Kate Upton, she HAS to...)

Rules are pretty simple: fill out your SG Bracket, use a clever nickname, check back and watch your bracket go in flames on the first weekend.  Invite anyone you want...good luck...


ID : 79396


(make sure to check the terms box) 

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Wednesday, March 06, 2013

Hip Hop Fact Checker: Treach

Artist: Treach of Naughty By Nature

Claim: "So clap your hands and hold your shorty" from "Feel Me Flow" (1995)

Breakdown: Treach is suggesting that we, one, "Clap your hands" which is pretty easy for most able bodied people to accomplish. Two, he asks us to "hold your shorty" which, again, is a fairly thoughtless task to do.

However, the tough part comes when the two tasks are being asked to be done at the simultaneously. Clapping one's hands and holding onto their wife/girlfriend at the same time would be very difficult.

Perhaps he is asking that we sit and hold onto said female with our legs while clapping hands? Maybe the claps are very weak as the wrist on up of the arms are holding onto said "shorty"?  Maybe there is a device, such as a rope or a ratchet tie-down invloved?

Conclusion: Yes, we can clap our hands and hold our shorty, but it will be very awkward and/or very demanding.

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