Thursday, December 29, 2011

Pac Meets Big

You know where to find me, whenever you need me
If you know the ave, follow the path...

The shifty boss known as Larry Scott announced that the Pac-12 and their Big 10 counterparts have formed a scheduling "partnership." (Pac-12, like many western states staying progreesive by allowing "partnerships.") Pac-12 meet the Big 10, they actually have 12 members too but they count slow. Pac-12, think Pharcyde, meet Big-10, think Black Milk. Pac-12 surfer/mountain dude, meet Big 10 overweight insurance salesman with a knit tie.

This means starting in 2017 us Pac-12ers wil enjoy every other year trips to the Big 10 football footprint. Just when we get rid of Lincoln every other year, they're back on the schedule once every 24 years. And I'm sure those midwestern sensibilities will mesh in well in the Bay Area and LA. ("Lookee here at this Blackberry. I've had blueberry and raspberry but never blackberry.")

The deal also includes scheduling, tournaments, meets, and the like among hoops, soccer, and Olympic sports. Damn straight, the Buffs have the only ski team, so might as well just forward us that trophy now.

Another win for the Pac-12, who have seen their star rise over the last year and half while other conferences swell to 14 members. This gets exposure for the conference in both the Central and Eastern time zones, increases the recruiting possibilities, and gets the major BCS schools one step closer to giving a giant "F you" to the NCAA.

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Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Mav-tastic Start

Rollin' with my posse we're gettin kinda bored,
there's not another posse with more points scored...

The Nuggets went down to Dallas in what promised to be a hectic NBA season and took it to the NBA Champs.

--You can tell who kept active during the lockout and played overseas or worked on their game. Exhibit A: one Ty Lawson, who was the best player on the court. Not only was he the quickest player, but the best shooter, and best slasher to the hoop. Jason Kidd had no chance to keep up with him, and while Andre Miller isn't the quickest guy, he still has a step on most veteran guards.

--The Nuggets are deep like the end of a swimming pool. The #1 pick Kenneth Faried couldn't even crack the rotation in a blowout. More telling is not just the depth, but the type of player that George Karl can bring off the bench. Crey Brewer and athleticism, Al Hrrington with size and veteran craftiness, Rudy Fernandez and his sharpshooting, Bridman for energy and defense.
--For the first time in many years, there was a season opener without one Carmelo or K-Mart. Looks like Birdman picked up the tattoo deficiency with some fresh ink.

--Ten years ago did anyone think Vince Carter would essentially be a journeyman?

--Gallo defintely has the chance to be the top option on this team. He is athletic and fast, and can hit from anywhere on the court. Right now he's just way too loose in his game; making sloppy and out of control mistakes. A season with Karl might tighten up his game.

--This NBA season is going to be crazy. The number of games in as many nights and back to backs is just baffling. Analysts say young teams will benefit, but we should question that. Young players constantly hit "walls" sometime 2/3 the way through the season. Remember in college they play two games a week and play a max of 35 games. However, couple young and deep, like your Powder Blue Patrol, and you might have something.

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Thursday, December 22, 2011

Elzhi- "Memory Lane"

It seems like most of the real MCs and crews these days will always drop a "remember when" joint on their latest albums. Freestyle sessions, 40 sippping, Cross Colours, smelly coaches playing Sega, all that shit. I have to admit, being an older Hip Hop head, I'm a sucker for these tracks. Harkens back to an earlier and easier time, before many of our adult lives really got going. Elzhi kills it with his version (using the classic Nas instrumental from his Elmatic album) complete with old school visuals (the fashions are always a trip.) Merry Christmas to the SG Massive.


Monday, December 19, 2011

Pat Down

PROPS and DROPS from the Broncos loss to the Patriots...

DROPS: Any team on any level simply cannot fumble the ball three times and expect to win the game. Not even Good Will Hunting can write a formula to overcome those odds.. Throw in the fact that all three were on their own side of the field, and you're in a bigger hole. Add in one Tom Brady and the formula simply reads "you're fucked." The killer of the three Donk fumbles had to be the second. After holding the Pats to a FG on the previous miscue, the Donks were moving into midfield. A long FG or even TD would have settled the game down. Brady gets the ball, throws on his Uggs and is spiking the ball in the Donk collective face.

DROPS: They aren't admitting it, but Willis McGahee has to be banged up. The bruiser only had a seven carries in the game. He hasn't been himself since the San Diego game. Enter Lance Ball who also had a critical fumble. The Broncos should look more at Jermiah Jonhnson, who has more explosive-ness than a hobbled Willis or a journeyman Ball.

DROPS: That was Chad Ochocinco catching a TD pass in the game? Did anyone know he was still in the league? Andre Goodman just abused on the play, letting the little used WR go straight down the sideline on him. The Ochocinco of year's past you'd get up on him and really get physical. Yet with him being so seldom used, perhaps the Donks and Goodman got duped.

PROPS: The Broncos did exactly what they needed to do in the first quarter: run the ball and mix in some easy passes. The Patriot front four are, well, fat. Those dudes won't be on any gym commercials come next week. They were gasping for air in the first quarter. The Broncos really had them on their heels until the fumbles got them rested on the sideline.

PROPS: I took the old Federal Shuttle to the game. I used to ride it with my Pops in the 80s and every once in awhile since. Hasn't changed one bit; dudes tailgating in the Park and Ride lot at the old Lakesdide mall. Some guy in a old Bronco jersey (Jake Plummer.) Some guy listening to his headphones and talking way too loud. And the assortment of sketchy characters, kids, young couples making out, etc. Remember the bus on the 'Bring the Pain' video? Very similar.

PROPS: There was a guy in a cowboy get up with a dog and a monkey riding the dog. This was the halftime entertainment at the biggest NFL game of the year. The guy spoke to the crowd about being a little boy and dreaming of being a guy in a cowboy get up with a dog and a monkey riding the dog. Chase those dreams people.

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Friday, December 16, 2011

Green Steel

As I shoot the gift, MCs stand stiff,
while my rhymes stick to you like Skippy and Jiff...

One of my all-time favorite Hip Hop flicks is 1992's 'Juice' (many would say why is that a "Hip Hop" flick? The main character is plays a DJ, Hip Hop icon debuted his acting career in the film, the soundtrack is 90% Hip Hop, and there are cameos galore from EPMD, Special Ed, and more. So yeah, it's a Hip Hop movie.)

So it raised my eyebrow yesterday when Jermaine Hopkins, who played "Steel" in the movie (quick, what was "Steel's" real name in the movie?) was arrested for 300 pounds of marijuana. That's Hefty bag size right there. I guess we know why he was a bigger dude with the munchies of 300 pounds of chronic.

The question is did Hopkins go like his character in 'Lean On Me' when Principal Joe Clark was asking him if he smoked crack? Or did he cry in the questioning room like in 'Juice' when they were grilling him about who killed Mr Quilas?

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Monday, December 12, 2011

Bear Necessities

PROPS and DROPS from the Broncos improbable OT win over the Bears:

PROPS: Lost in the chaos is the man who got them to this level of craziness: Matt Prater. A 59 yard FG isn't really an easy thing. Spare me the "altitude" kicking speech, (maybe the Donks can keep the 'K' balls in a humidor) you still have to kick the ball straight (as Gary Barnett would say "through the uprights".) Prater just boomed the game tying kick and there was no doubt the minute it left his foot. Fast forward to his OT kick and was like the guy was kicking an extra point.

DROPS: Marion Barber is undoubtedly the goat this morning for his OT fumble and going out of bounds late to stop the clock. However, the out of bounds play, while not "heads up", can be explained a little by plain physics. When Barber took the initial hit, his momentum flung him to the sideline. He was going out of bounds at that point unless he can do some freaky 'Matrix' type shit on the field. He had just broke a tackle on the TD run so breaking a tackle on that play weren't so far fetched. Credit to the Bronco defender who actually made teh hit and got Barber towards the sideline.

PROPS: When players like Von Miller play with those ridiculous looking casts they look like they should be fighting in Tekken or some video game. Von "Clubber" Miller.

DROPS: DeMaryous Thomas redeemed himself somewhat on the TD drive, but up to that point he and his fellow WRs were not having their best day (Decker multiple drops, and Thomas had more than a few.) Thomas just whiffed on Tebow's money long pass; make that catch and the game is effectively over, even at 7-0. At that point the Bears almost looked tired and on their heels trying to figure out what the Donks were going to do on offense.

DROPS: Yes, that was spray paint covering up the high school hash marks on the field yesterday. Taggers unite.

PROPS: Yes the Bears went into somewhat of a prevent defense on the TD drive, but Tebow still made some tough throws and the WRs worked to get open. The TD pass was similar to last week as Tebow nearly crossed the line of scrimmage (Bears' fans should wonder why Lovie Smith didn't challenge that play. Yes, I love typing 'Lovie', that's a football coach's name? Lovie) and threw to a wide open Thomas.

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Thursday, December 08, 2011

SG Bowl A Thon 2011

Kick a rhyme drink some moonshine...

It must be December: the Buffs aren't in a bowl game, you're scrambling to get your kids the hot new electronics, the beer has more berries and nutmeg added, and the Slushy Gutter Bowl Mania is back.

Nothing is at stake, no costumes, no money, nothing except the glory of being the master of a system of collegiate athletics that is outdated, flawed, and money driven. Lucky you! Anyone can join, good luck.

Yahoo College Pick Em
id = 19669
password = beer


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Monday, December 05, 2011

No Doubting Thomas

PROPS and DROPS from the Broncos' trip to the Metrodome and their last second win over the Vikings:

PROPS: Demaryous Thomas picked a good game to have his "breakout." One, the Vikings' defensive backfield was littered with injuries and guys with little experience. Two, with the Vikings so keen on stopping Tim Tebow and the run it set up Thomas and Eric Decker in single coverage. Right there gave Thomas the advantage big time. Tebow responded and hit him when he was open and not so open (his best pass of the day was the drop off Thomas' fingertips at the goal line.) Dare I say that Thomas looked like another G-Tech alum in the open field, Calvin Johnson. On the little dump pass TD, Thomas shredded the entire Vikings back seven.

PROPS: I could go to DIA, take a flight to Miami. From there I could take a flight to Rio, hop on a small commuter plane to the Amazon. Some dude with a bad mustache could pick me up in a beaten VW bus and drive me further into the jungle. I could then take a raft down the river, where I would disembark and ride a horse miles into the jungle hinterland. I'd meet up with some natives who are practically untouched by any modern amenities and their contact with the outside world is minimal. Those people would know that if the Broncos are down by two and trying a 2pt conversion that Tim Tebow would run it in, how the hell can the Bronco opponent not know it?

PROPS: John Elway has harnassed future "Star Trek" technology and is able to get from a box down to the field in just milliseconds. Seriously, does this guy go in a full sprint from the booth to the field? It takes me 10 minutes to get from my seat to the damn bathroom at the stadium.

DROPS: Back in the day the Minnesota Twins used to manipulate the HVAC system at the Metrodome depending on who was at bat. One has to wonder with one ball stopping on its end at the one-inch line and another ball balancing on a Viking tight end's head if that manipulation was back.

DROPS: The pass that Christian Ponder threw to Andre Goodman leading to the game winning FG was one of the worst of the NFL year. Did everyone see the Donk sideline cheering before the ball was even picked? I think they knew it was horrible when it left his hand. Regardless if the Donks "fooled" Ponder with their coverage or not, that pass should've never been thrown. There was at least four to five Denver players in the picture and lots of green in front of each.

PROPS: Von Miller's glasses. Nuff said.

PROPS: Willis McGahee got stronger as the game went on against a pretty stout Vikings defensive line. After a shaky start, the gameplan remained the same after halftime and after three McGahee runs the Donks had a TD on the 2nd half's first drive. Credit the interior Broncos' line and Jared Allen's weird penchant for speed rushing around his man every down, effectively taking him out of the play.

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Thursday, December 01, 2011

KRS-One- "Just Like That"

Has it really been 25 years in the game for KRS-One? Is he still relevant? Relevant to the tight jeans set? Relevant to the flossy set? Probably not. But a new KRS joint is always welcome to the true school set, for those of who've lived KRS' entire career and those of you who know of it because knowing th epast is essential to knowing the future. Check the old school imagery in this joint, classic KRS ish.