Friday, December 26, 2008

08 Plate: Top Hip Hop Joints that are ineligible

In a few days you all will be subjected to the SG Year End Lists: Top Hip Hop Albums, Top CO Sports Moments, and Top Beer Spots. The Hip Hop list is the perfect anecdote for insomnia, as it seems to go on forever. Years back I made a rule for myself that I wouldn't include EPs, mixtapes, or compilation albums on the Hip Hop list. So here's some joints that were hot as hell this year, but because of my idiot rules, won't be on the master list:

The Cool Kids- The Bake Sale: The Cool Kids may have been my favorite group all year, popping up on Kidz in the Hall "Driving Down the Block" remix, on NBA 2K9 commercials (the just ill track "Pennies"), and had their track "Delivery Man" featured on Mountain Dew commercials. The weird thing, none of those tracks were on their own EP release The Bake Sale. The EP is a throwback populated with simple sparse beats and subects from "Gold and a Pager" to "Black Mags." Partners Mikey Rocks and Chuck Inglish seem to be the next thang, an should get major dap in 09.

Zilla Rocca- Bring Me the Head of Zilla Rocca: Zilla makes an appearance here on the SG from time to time, so haters will be yelling "fix", but this album has it all for a discriminating Hip Hopper. Classic beat selection, crazy pop culture references and calls to the fakeness in the game, a seamless flow, and solid guest appearances throughout. The shortest track, "Sick Fuck" twists the Joe Pesci quote and "sprinkles wisdom like cheese on pasta proper." Even us nerdy "Curb Your Enthusiasm" fans will get a chuckle from the Krazy Eyez Killer and Larry David sample on "Cup Runneth." Best yet, it's free, check it.

Tone Tank- The Black Six Sessions; Baje One- The Weightless EP; Iller Than Theirs- Wash, Rinse, Repeat: The Nuk Fam came through in 08 with the quick EP drops. Tone Tank's joint may be the most creative, taking old punk rock beats and crafting his own stylings. "Fight Song" is a up tempo song that literally makes you want to punch someone in the grill. Baje One of Junk Science released his solo EP on Def Jux and it sees a more serious MC than what you might be used to from Junk Science. Finally, Iller Than Theirs takes the closing track from last year's album and reworks it four times over. The standout of the collective is undoubtedly "Doc, Rinse, RE: Pete" which features Cool Calm Pete and what may be the verse of the year; "They say misery is a slippery slope/so grab your skis, let the mysteries go." And again, all are free.

Jake One- White Van Music: The Rhymesayers' producer/DJ features everyone from all realms of Hip Hop on his debut. Tracks with prodcuers spitting in Alchemist and Black Milk, mainstream MCs in Busta Rhymes and Young Buck, underground heroes in Elzhi, Slug, and Brother Ali (who's paired with Freeway on "The Truth") and even an appearance from Casual, who seemingly disappeared after his early 90s success. The highlight of the album has got to be the two MF Doom tracks, "Trap Door" and "Get Er Done", which Doom regains his swagger from the Operation: Doomsday era, talking about beer, Worchester sauce, sauteed onions, flying turds, and warns "true MCs flow so lose it or move it..."

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Great blog

3:22 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Cool Kids getting alot of luv on all these year end lists. good insight.

6:47 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


Good looks, bro. Just to be on the same list as Jake One makes this godawful work day whisk away!

happy new year, bro!

12:47 PM  
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