Thursday, September 29, 2011

Apathy ft. Celph Titled - "Stop What Ya Doin"

DJ Premier and add a little of 2010 favorite Celph Titled, plus some ill lyrics from Apathy ("I'm a Garbage Pail kid doing the cabbage patch") and you have the mad crazy jawn that is "Stop What Ya Doin." Leave it to Preemo to come up with the classic Humpty Hump first line to set it off. One of the highlights of Ap's "Honkey Kong" album. Check it son (and peep Celph reppin the Tampa Rays cap...seems timely.)


Monday, September 26, 2011

No Nashville Push

PROPS and DROPS from the Buffs journey to Columbus and the Broncos close loss in Nashville:

DROPS: What happenned during the fourth quarter timeout which started with the Donk FG unit on the field and came back with Orton and Crew? Did the players show Coach Fox a comprehensive Power Point presentation on why to go for it? Fox's initial hunch to kick the FG and have a touchdown lead was probably the right one. Getting to the actual calls, there's so many second guesses on goal line situations. Yes, run on the perimeter; try Tebow; an end around (Rod Smith used to run those on the goal line to perfection); but one nearly automatic play is a 19 yard field goal.

DROPS: To say the Buffs special teams were horrendous would be a slander to the word horrendous and the two words slotted next to them in the dictionary. From the first kick out of bounds to the ugly return games, someone has som 'splaining to do and it might be the ST coach. First, get Rodney Stewart off of the punt return game, insert a sure handed guy (ie Logan Gray, etc.) who might actually run forward rather than trying to do the cha-cha with the first defender. Next, tell Arvada West kicker Justin Castor to take the next three years off and be the guy on the team to force Will Oilver to "compete." After that, explain that for the opposing offense to start in your own territory is actually a disadvantage to your chances of winning.

DROPS: The refs in the NFL actual use pagers to review plays. Not some sort of buzzer system, but a straight up 1996 pager. The biggest, baddest league in the world is using a Sir-Mix-A-Lot pager system. (Have some fun with your kids- when they ask you for a cell phone toss them your pager from back in the day.)

PROPS: The Donk run defense was very stout even missing their three top tacklers. Von Miller and Joe Mays are flying all over the field and the front four are more then holding their own versus a strong running team. That said, Chris Johnson might be the most overrated player in the league. The money the Titans gave him will ultimately bite them in the Tennessee ass.

DROPS: Networks that flash the "top rushers" graphic after a long run by a QB or in yesterday's case, the punter, is so tired. Yo damn, Brett Kern is the Titans top rusher? I'm picking him up to start for me a RB in my Fantasy League! Championship!

DROPS: Many of the same errors that Dan Hawkins got hammered for at CU are still be committed. Now the questiono is has the culture really changed or is it the Hawkins "players" that have the mistakes nearly burned into their football prowess. Our guess is a combo of both. Jon Embree can yell and scream all he wants but he can't stop some 19 year old from taking a personal foul. But, he can stop that same kid from lining up in the wrong spot and getting a formation foul.

DROPS: Four minutes left, down by a field goal? Who would you want under center? Kyle Orton, Mr Fourth Quarter. Seriously, Orton's in-ability to lead game winning drives is nearly laughable at this point.

DROPS: This may be a "down" year in Columbus, but the speed disparity between OSU and CU is miles apart. Speed wins in college football and the Buffs are running a relay team in the Senior Citizen Games compared to the top tier teams.

DROPS: Now that the CU non-conference schedule is over, we can look at AD Mike Bohn and the horrible disservice he did with these past four games. He knew there was going to be a new coach over a year and half ago yet had CU criss cross from Hawaii to Ohio State. Then they couldn't get a conference opponent off the schedule in that same time frame. Hell, drop Cal and play an intramural team. We all know the BS that is involved with having to play the Goats in Denver, so keep the team in Boulder the other three games. Here it is nearly October and we've had one game in Boulder?

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Thursday, September 22, 2011

Walk It Out

This is a battle rhyme in case you haven't noticed
You get replaced you get demoted

One of the most tired "traditions" in Colorado sports took place yesterday: the Rockies annual "Thank You" lap around Coors Field. The Purp should feel all the embarrassment of that tart who stayed over at your apartment back in the day and had to throw back on her beer and smoke stained gear from the night before take the seemingly endless morning march back to her car (while you, the ultimate gentleman, snoozed away and didn't even get up with her to offer her a breakfast Nutrigrain bar.)

Hey, lets walk around the field throwing cheap t-shirts to our suckers fans to thanks them for watching one of our most disappointing seasons in recent memory. Hey, kid in front row, high five this player. You don't know who he is because we just brought him up, or traded for him from Oakland, or maybe he's just a groundskeeper. Clap clap clap!

Also, we'll give away some special prizes, like bats and gloves. Normally we'd ship these to our Dominican academy because they belong to players who have no chance of being of here in 2012! Yeah! Nice, watch Tulo and CarGo walk around the warning track and scream to them. Just don't scream at them about their lack of clutch hitting throughout the year. Go Rockies!

Manager Jim Tracy will lead the walk, although after this year he should be walking straight to his office and figure out a new coaching staff. Hey, that's Eric Young, his dad hit a big home run 18 years ago! Hooray! Thank you, fans! That's what it reads on the scoreboard too; it did say Padres-4 Rockies-0, but we love you fans!

Now we're walking in front of the away team dugout, you know the same away teams that gave us a losing record in what should be one of the toughest home fields in the National League! Yes! Here, take this batting practice ball! Ooooooh, look it's Dinger! He's a dinosaur!

Thank you fans! Nearly three million strong in 2011! Look how much we love you and your ticket buying discretionary income! See our walk of shame!

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Monday, September 19, 2011

Mile High Half Empty

and DROPS from Saturday's Buffs win in the Rocky Mountain Showdown and yesterday's Broncos win over the Bengals:

DROPS: Everybody wants to talk about whether or not the CU-CSU game should be played at Sports Authority Field, so the SG will speak the truth too. The announced attendance was 57K. If you believe that, then you might also believe there's no hippies in Boulder. I'd say the crowd was again in the 45K range. To put it simply, Ram fans didn't show up. Take away their student section and they'd be hard pressed to fill three sections in the lower bowl. This has to be a bit baffling for CSU admin types, given the teams' records going into the game. It wasn't only the game crowd, but the pregame was fairly tame (although props to the young CU lass who trampled past our setup, only slowing down to throw up. After a long search for some water, it kind of doused the vomit from the asphalt. Eh, who needed bottled water for ta hot day anyway?)

PROPS: If Willis McGahee didn't show the Bronco brass he should be getting the bulk of the carries for the remainder of the season, he may want to bribe Elway with picts of his wife as a Raider cheerleader. The veteran ran hard, and more importantly, straight north and south. Knowshon Moreno was seen on the sideline trying to figure out this straight line/quickest way between two points thing.

PROPS: The Bengals really had two golden chances to win this thing in the last four minutes, albeit for some suspect play calling, and some stout Bronco defense. Robert Ayers made his best, if not only, play as a Bronco on one late stop. Then some guy named Jonathon Wilhite (Gerald's son/nephew?) made a huge play on Andy Dalton to end the game. Much maligned with Dumervil and Champ out, the Donk D played ""bend all the way to small cracks start" philosophy all game long and it worked in the end.

PROPS: Back when we used to play NCAA Football on PS2, I'd always try to get the ball first and literally run the ball for the entire 1st half. Of course, I'd also pound three to six beers in that time and by game's end I would have trouble seeing the TV. That's kind of what the Buffs did to seal the game on Saturday: a 10+ minute drive to take a 14 point lead. And it was old-school-like fat-laces type drive: all runs and short passes. There were four 3rd downs on the drive and two holding penalties that gave the Buffs 1st and 20 starts and they still methodically moved the rock with a 5' 6" running back and his new backup Tony "Jerrrrrrrsey" Jones.

DROPS: Andy Dalton, good QB, but that dude looks like the evil attack clown from Poltergeist.

DROPS: Everyone loves when teams are in trouble and scrape and tape rosters together like the Broncos did at WR on Sunday. But you have to ask why were they in that spot? One, DeMaryus Thomas is on the active roster and will not play until November, which then will be risky. Then you have a banged up B Lloyd. Why not sign some out there WR this week on a short contract? Isn't that a better option then tight ends and Tim Tebow playing WR? By the way, did anyone really think Kyle Orton would throw Tebow a pass? The Bengals could've covered him with one of those halftime jump rope kids.

PROPS: The Buff corners manned up real well with the Goat wideouts and took away anything from Pete Thomas all day. Throw in Ray Polk (good to see you listen to the SG, Ray) and Anthony Perkins laying wood and the Ram receivers looked a little shook all afternoon.

PROPS: Good to see Donk favorite Ed Hochilu working the game. Also good to see the NFl still can't find him a non-form fitting ref uniform. Maybe his wife doesn't wash in cold water.

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Thursday, September 15, 2011

Top Billboard Spot

A jam strong enough that it can lift your soul,
I'm the originator and my rhymes are made of gold...

A group of disgruntled Bronco fans are planning on putting together some billboards downtown urging the team to bench Orton and play Tim Tebow. They will read "Bench Orton, Play Tim." Wow, advertising genius that even Darrin Stevens would be proud of. With a hefty price tag, the SG has some other billboard ideas and taglines.

-- "Hello Cedric Benson: 5280 ft in elevation, 280 in yards"

-- A beaming picture of Orton (if one exists) that reads "Neckbeards? Yes. Points in the red zone? No!"

--A plain orange billboard in which team president John Elway will live on with a group of 10 cougars who populate his Cherry Creek steakhouse until the team wins.

-- "NFL Trade Deadline Oct 23. Last good player turn off the lights"

-- "Chicago and New England Fans: Good seasts available for December Bronco games. Contact any Bronco season ticket holder."

-- "Sports Authority Fiel at Mile High. Yes, there's no 'D' there."

-- A picture of a frustrated Coach Fox and "Don't blame me, it's the previous administration's fault."

-- A picture of R2D2 projecting Stanford QB Andrew Luck and "Save us Andrew, you're our only hope."

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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Blame It On The Rain

PROPS and DROPS from the Broncos bungling loss on MNF to the Raiders and the Buffs' OT loss to the Cal Bears:

DROPS: Donks are driving for the go-ahead score early in the 4th quarter when Kyle Orton fumbles/drops/slips the ball and Oakland recovers. The Raiders quickly score off the turnover and for all intents the game is over. On the bumble play, Orton had his TE wide open on the left side after a brillant play fake. If he doesn't score, it sets up the Donks in prime position deep in the red zone. Whoa, hold up, wait a minute!? Maybe Orton overthrows the TE, maybe the Raiders recover and quickly cover the play, maybe he drops it! How can you say that was the game!? And maybe the frisbee dog picks off the pass and runs it halfway down Federal Boulevard... Orton's gaffe was game end.

PROPS: Easiest thing to throw out about the Buffs is one Paul Richardson. Simply put, this guy is the most dynamic offensive player in the Black and Gold this side of 1994. Cal is loaded with team speed and Richardson had a step on them when he caught his two TD passes, but by the time he was at the five yard line he had five steps on them. Now that we (and the entire conference) know that this cat is the stud he is, the opposite receiver (hello Toney Clemons) has to be that much better.

DROPS: It amazes me that the Raiders can play the same tired "renegade" football that involves penalties and more penalties. This isn't 1975 anymore, refs key on that type of foul play. (Although if it was 1975 I'd want one of those Snoopy shaved ice machines that were so popular back then.) However, the personal foul penalty that the Raiders got the Kevin Vickerson to commit at the end of the half basically gave them three points.

DROPS: Sebastin Janikowski's historic kick gave the Raiders a huge shot of momentum heading into the locker room, how oftern can you say that about a kick? On the other hand, the Bronco kicking game was suspect. John Fox should've never had Matt Prater attempt his 56 yard FG in those conditions, which gave the Raiders a short field. And the blocked Bronco kick also tallied a score for the Raiders. All told, the bad kicks cost the Orange 10 points.

PROPS: Jason Campbell looks like he should be sporting a multi-colored knit sweater, posing in front of some smoke and bright neon purple lights and singing late-80's R & B hits.

DROPS: Both the Buff offense and defense get a fail for their act late in their respective series in OT. Offense: 1st and Goal from the four, yes Rodney got you there, but maybe he needs a break at that point and try something on the outside. If the 1st down fails, get Rodney on the perimeter rather than up the gut two calls in a row. 3rd down, Richardson is wide open and Tyler Hansen drastically underthrows him. On defense, you get Cal into a 1st and 30 proposition. At that point they are thinking a few yards to try a tying FG. Bring the house after the QB rather than letting the play and the shoddy tackling that has been in effect all game.

DROPS: If Darren McFadden played versus the Broncos in every game all year, he would break Emmitt Smith's career rushing record by Week 11. The Bronco run defense was dreadful, as the loss of Ty Warren is going to be tougher to overcome than the team has let on. When your hardest hitting and most consistent tacklers are Champ Bailey and Brian Dawkins, there's issues.
PROPS: After years of Buff kicking woes, frosh kicker Will Oliver appears to have his FGs in order. Besides a strange resemblance to former Illinois Guv Rod Blagojevich, the team appears shored up at the position.

DROPS: Hello, Sports Authority? It's the Bronco training staff. Do you have any longer cleats for us to use?

DROPS: There was way too much of chest pumping after the game from segments of the Buff masses. News flash: they lost the game. If Dan Hawkins had lost that game rather than Jon Embree, it would be indicative of what is wrong in Buff land. Twelve penalties, including many mental ones; missed tackles; missed assignments (Hello, Ray Polk); and a myriad of other questions. Yes, they showed tons of fire and heart. Yes, the coaching staff looking animated and pumped up the crowd. In the end, they still lost the game. The old adage about close in horse shoes and hand grenades comes into play (although a hand grenade that is close can be picked up and hurled back in the face of your attacker. Hah! Take that Mr Cliché!)

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Wednesday, September 07, 2011

Timbo King – High Ranking (feat. R.A. The Rugged Man)

Would you buy lemonade from RA The Rugged Man? On that thought would you buy any type of liquid from any MC in the history of Hip Hop? Check the new freshness that is Timbo King and his crew. Rapid fire delivery and tight production from all plus some pretty funny visuals. Check it.


Sunday, September 04, 2011

Buffs Lay A Brick

and DROPS from the Buffs' season opening loss in Hawaii:

DROPS: Silly penalties, no offensive imagination, gimmicky pep talks, and crazy substitution patterns. Three hallmarks of the Dan Hawkins era/error in Buffland. But all three were front and center in the first half last night. Offensive coordinator Eric Bienemy looked like he was calling plays from the Stone Age and looked a bit overwhelmed early. Think about it, EB came from the Minnesota Vikings. Did the Brad Childress Vikings of the last few years remind anyone of the 1999 Rams on offense? That what the Buffs' play calling gave us in the first 5 minutes.

DROPS: The Buff offensive line was borderline manhandled. The pocket didn't simply collapse on Tyler Hansen, it disintegrated in an instant. And this is Hawaii, not Ohio State or USC, having their way with the OL, especially the left side of the ball. Ryan Dannewitz looked like he was lost out there. Buff coaches need to go camp out at the top OL prospects schools on Tuesday morning (which will be tought since the top OL in Colorado has already pledged to play for Auburn.)

DROPS: Embree made each player bring a brick to the game, this being a "brick game" to signify the building of the program. Now, do you check the brick in your luggage? Can you carry it on or will TSA get all pissy?

PROPS: Hawaii is like that dude you knew a few years back who was a happy-go-lucky dude who rocked a funky Suzuki Samurai, wore crazy flowered shirts, and had bleach blond hair. Then you see him recently and he has a shaved dome, a white t, and is covered with tats. He's "hard" now. The tattoo artists on Oahu have a built in clientele with the football team.

DROPS: The Buffs cut it to a TD lead with nearly the whole fourth quarter remaining and get teh ball back. The above mentioned OL gives up sacks to pin the Buffs back and the ball is kicked from the end zone. That series you have to get creative and the Buffs didn't. Paul Richardson (hands down the team's best player) end around, an option play, a trick play, anything to keep that momentum going.

PROPS: East Coast Buff fans: the game is still on at 1:30 in the morning and the commercials are for catheters. There can be an analogy there but it makes most of us shudder.

DROPS: To Tyler Hansen and his QB coaches the word "progressions" is from a 1960's social studies class. The Buff QB locked onto his first receiver all night, and it was mainly TE Ryan Deehan or freshman Tyler McCullough. Even Tim Tebow was scoffing.

DROPS: The defense had its moments with creative blitzes and a steady rush on Hawaii (LB Doug Rippy was all over the field.) But let's be real, that was a WAC team with a passing QB running up and down the field in the first half. Andrew Luck could set records against this defensive backfield. The Buff D Coaches disguised their lack of playmakers in the back with the LB and CB blitzes, but opponents will figure that out real quick.

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Friday, September 02, 2011

Nothing to do about #2

In 18 months she came home and I let her back in
and now she's sniffing again...

Enough. Are you not entertained?

The Donk backup QB "controversy" began as borderline idiotic and now has strayed into goofyville (I had a few ex-girlfriends who were permanent residents of goofyville.)

Did everyone see last night's game/scrimmage/ticket grab? Tim Tebow is your number two QB. No need to stop the presses, no need to make a big fuss, because we're talking about the backup QB. But this damn distraction needs to stop goig into the real season and Tebow needs to be your #2.

Sorry, Quinn, other than sharing a name with Tom Brady, that's where your pairing with the former MVP ends. He looked like the old Cleveland Quinn in Arizona last night, and keep in mind it was versus backups, special teamers, and soon to be graduate assistants. While Tebow also went against guys lower on the depth chart than a scuba diver, he showed he can make plays.

After all, Tebow did start three games last year and was competitive, he can make plays when things break down, and he gives the team and the fan base some spark.

But, in the famous words of AI, what are we talking about here? Backups? Man, we talking about backups.

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