Monday, November 28, 2011

Broncos: Super Charged

PROPS and DROPS from the Buffs breaking their long road losing streak by beating Utah and the Broncos OT win over the Chargers:

PROPS: Take Eric Decker and Tim Tebow off the football field and pop them in an Old Chicago and they look like two 20-somethings trolling for chicks, but put them in the predominantly Orange and you have great chemistry and rhythm. On Decker's long reception Tebow put the ball where only he could get it. On the long pass by the endzone (blatant pass interference on that froma ref that was two yards away. Maybe the ref was thinking about Dan Fouts' beard?) Decker reacted to Tebow's long pocket presence and broke for the pylon. "Hiding" Decker in the offensive backfield seems to be working, as he seems to go a bit less unoticed except for Tebow once into the secondary.

PROPS: The play of the game was the third down run before Nick Novak's missed OT field goal. Rather than run up the gut for no yards or one yard, the Chargers and Norv Turner go off tackle where Von Miller was waiting. Result: four yard loss. Next play: Novak's kick misses from about four to five yards. Miller was held in check all first half but he just wore down the Chargers OL in the 4th and OT.

DROPS: What has happenned to Phillip Rivers? He was the QB who was throwing off the wrong foot, overthrowing WRs, throwing into coverage, and one hopping the ball. However, it appears he still might be a bit "punky" (not to be confused with the "punky QB" Jim McMahon.) When Tebow was pounded out of bounds late in OT, Tebow appears to give Rivers a double look like Rivers had just said something.

DROPS: Gotta make John Fox a bit uneasy when his boss Brian Xanders is standing behind him, and his big boss John Elway is standing right behind him late in the game. Was Roger Godell standing there too? And somewhere behind him was Barack Obama? And behind him Zoltak the Supreme Ruler of Universe?

PROPS: Tebow had enough time on some pass plays to knit a sweater. The Donk OL just manhandled the Charger DL. Now, the Charger brass didn't do them any favors by rushing three or four on most passing plays and using a safety or LB as a "spy" for Tebow. Give any WRs that much time and they can get open. Worst case scenario, they get the DBs so far out of the play that a QB like Tebow can get minimum five yards on a scramble.

PROPS: The SG Crew ventured to the strange land known as Utah and took in the game, and that was the most heart I saw the Buffs play with all year. Extra effort seemingly on every play, guys flocking to the ball, WRs and RBs striving for that extra yard. College kids are a funny bunch (bong hits and casual sex notwithstanding) and the Buffs seemed to have "it" on this afternoon. Even the coaches reached into their depths, witness Jon Embree tearing up after the game.

PROPS: Utah had one final drive to tie or win the game, and they were moving at a decent clip. A pass intended for a UTE WR was behind him, he took two steps and was drilled by Buff DB Parker Orms. The hit was text book: did not lead with the head but with his shoulder, square into the WR's chest. Just like everyone is taught in this day and age. However the refs called a personal foul and the Utes had a 15 free yards and the ball near the Buffs 20 with a minute left. Rather than be rattled, the Buffs answered with two straight sacks before the Utes missed the last second FG. A few games back, they quite possibly folded after that penalty and allow the opponent to waltz in for a winner.

PROPS: For the Buffs (a 22 point dog) to win the game gives huge momentum into the off season. Granted they are a 3-10 team, but they won two of their last three games and broke the horrendous and almost freaky road losing streak. Can the staff turn that into a few blue chips?

DROPS: Ute fans and media seem to think the game started a "rivalry" that the Pac 12 thinks we have with the Utes now. According to Utah and Colorado fans and internet lurkers the Buffs completed every pass due to "pick plays"; Utah Fans were throwing things at the CU bench; there was a argument in the press box between CU and Utah athletic department staffers; and the Utes were calling out Tyler Hansen's snap cadence all game. Rivalry? Not quite yet, but there's plently of leftover urine balloons left over from the Nebraska series at Folsom for 2012.

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Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Exit The Neck Beard

On point like decimals...

The Kyle Orton Era came to a screeching end yesterday as the QB cut, paving the way for him to either go to a team via the waiver process or to sign with anyone if no one claims him. Some thoughts:

--The previaling thought is the Donks did this as a "favor" to Orton. Huh? We're not talking a long term veteran here who we owed anything to, but rather a gruff average QB who wasn't exactly media or fan-friendly. And they did him a favor? Did they wash his car and water his plants while he is out of town too?

--The Bronco cleaning staff was so damn tired of neck beard trimmings in the sinks.

--Orton had recently fell to #3 on the depth chart, yet was still the team captain. And you thought running into your ex-girlfriend at the yogurt shop was awkward.

--If the Bears bring him in they will have former Goat QB Caleb Hanie, former Donk/current douchebag/current reality skank-banger Jay Cutler, and Orton as their three QBs. What, Tommie Frazier or Bradlee Van Pelt also aren't available?

--Speculation that Houston could bring him in seems a bit odd. For all the grief Matt Leinart takes, Houston coach Gary Kubiak runs the same offense that he ran in Denver, where you can plug in a maginal QB (see: Brister, Bubby) and have good results.

--Dangit, someone is going to have to price reduce that entire #8 Bronco jersey display that was going to greet the throngs of Black Friday shoppers.

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Friday, November 18, 2011

Thursday Drive

PROPS and DROPS from the big Bronco win over the Jets on Thursday and the Buffs loss to UCLA:

PROPS: Von Miller has responded to his benching a few games back by becoming the most dominating Donk defensive player. His sack on Mark Sanchez on the last gasp drive was just pure bulldozer. He ran right through the tackle and right into the QB (hah hah hah insert tired 'Dirty Sancez' joke here.) More proof how freakish this guy is? On the Jets snap that went over Sanchez's head, Miller nearly beat him to the ball despite a ten yard head start. As he grows as a player, the Broncos need to be creative with getting this guy to the QB anyway possible.

DROPS: The Jets looked like they wanted no part of Tim Tebow on his winning TD drive and TD run. Everyone's darling Darrelle Revis nearly "ole-ed" Tebow on his right side run and allowed another 2-3 yards. Dad-of-the-year Antonio Cromartie was a spectator as Tebow barrelled to the goal line, not even attempting to come off Eric Decker's block. A 240 QB heading straight at you in open field? The Jets turned tail.

DROPS: The Broncos seemed to abandon the chicanery that they employed on their first drive as the game wore on for a more vanilla offense. Dan Reeves' favorite play, the shuttle pass (or is it shuffle pass? It can be deemed a 'shuttle' and yet it is a 'shuffle') netted a nice gain. Decker threw a pass halfway to Castle Rock, and Eddie Royal was running around the backfield like he was playing in the CFL. Yet, after the team was stuffed on 4th down, the remainder of the game until the last drive was all predictable.

DROPS: Anyone see former Buff linebacker Matt Russell chilling in Elway's booth? He's now a scout for the team. Feel free to maybe wear a collared shirt, not spit into a foam cup, and not wear your grungy hat backwards around your boss, Matt.

PROPS: To see Tebow analyze the defense on run plays is akin to seeing Peyton Manning analyze the defense on a passing down. That might be the only time you see those two names together outside of a gold tourney. Tebow recognized the Jets' blitz, the angle DB Eric Smith would take, and his WRs routes taking the other DBS in an instant and turned it into the winning TD.

DROPS: Four time SG winner TDub commented before the game that a Buff win would be the "final payback" to Slick Rick because it would cost him his job. Yet three plays into the the game, UCLA had 14 points and cruised. Three tries against Rick and CU couldn't get him any of the times, yet this was the worst of the three. UCLA still committed Rick-like dumb penalties and did nothing fancy on O and had their way with the Buffs. No wonder they wore the black helmets, so they could blend in with the night and not be noticed.

DROPS: UCLA has four players with Buff ties who would be starting if not for the prior coaching staff. Taylor Embree at WR, Joseph Fauria at TE, Josh Smith at WR, and Kai Maiva at C. The latter two were transfers, while the former two had family ties to the program. Fauria (nephew of former Buff TE Christian)was unstoppable out there on Saturday, his athleticism at TE would make the Buffs better the moment he stepped on the field.

PROPS: The height that UCLA has on their team is like a hoops team out there. You could stack these guys on each other and wash the windows on the whole campus. Credit to their coaching staff for going right at our minute DBs quick and early.

DROPS: The CU road losing streak is laughable at this point. As soon as this squad steps on a plane, they ratchet their talent, execution, and desire down three levels. Any momentum from the Senior Day win over Arizona evaporated as soon as they touched down at LAX. That is on the players and the coaches. Hawk took heat for it, and now Embree is too.

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Thursday, November 17, 2011

Embree Family Ties

I smash teeth,
Fuck your beef,
No relief,
I step on stage girls scream like I'm Keith...

One of the subplots of the CU versus UCLA game this weekend is Jon Embree will be facing his son Taylor, who is a UCLA WR. Too bad he didn't come to CU, because we all know how much the father-son dynamic works on a football team. In honor of the matchup, pick which of the following is the plot from an 80s family sitcom and which is a football play:

--Taylor studies for a big test by taking "uppers" that allow him to stay up all night OR Jon allows his OC to call a screen pass 50 times in one game.

--Taylor wants an expensive shirt like his buddy Cockroach, but Jon suggests that he allows his sister to sew him a knock off shirt and hilarity ensues OR Jon calls his old employer Mike Shanahan to ask what he got into after another loss.

--Taylor goes camping with Boner and rides a suped-up dirt bike, angering Jon OR Jon completely runs out of defensive backs and plays every defensive play with eight linebackers.

--Taylor writes a story about drug use at his school, which earns the scorn of his principal, but soon everything is fine and Nancy Reagan comes to the school to speak of the dangers of drugs OR Jon designs a play which Tyler Hansen misfires the ball and hits the UCLA coach in the balls.

--Jon and Taylor leave the hardscrabble life or Brooklyn and move in with a wealthy ad exec in Connecticut, where Jon becomes the housekeeper OR Jon realizes his sophomore wideout is the only super talent on his team and goes one versus eleven.

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Monday, November 14, 2011

Ground Assault

PROPS and DROPS from the Buffs win over Arizona and the Broncos 17-10 win in Kansas City:

PROPS: What in the name of the 1990 Colorado Buffaloes are the Broncos doing out there with this rushing attack? Fullback dives? Triple option? Option read? The WR in motion to run the option? Next thing you know, Navy and AFA will be sending their coaches to Dove Valley to study the playbook. End game is that it worked, and like the old school option teams, it demoralized the opponent. When a team, an NFL team no less, lines up and says "we're running" and then they do it to the tune of 200+ yards, it wears on the defensive line and LBs.

PROPS: Willis McGahee goes down and Knowshon Moreno comes in and is running like a man possessed (the "hurdle" run he had was a seat raiser.) Moreno comes in and you have Lance Ball (fantasy owners around the world are scrambling to even find his name) and runs well. If McGahee would've stayted in the game, the Donks win this game by three scores.

PROPS: Chiefs RB Jackie Battle: average back, coolest name. Sounds like a character out of a Blaxploitation flick. Question though, is he a good guy ("Man, Jackie Battle gonna come in here and shut down this heroin operation and save the neighborhood!") or is he a bad guy ("You messing with one of Jackie Battle's bitches, he ain't taking that lightly.")

PROPS: Lost in the shuufle of two pass completions and the ground game is the play of the defense, which was the best of the year. Yes, Matt Cassel and crew won't remind anyone of the 200 Rams, but Dwayne Bowe was a no factor thanks to Champ Bailey and DJ Williams and Von Miller were in the KC pocket all day. Cassel was battered and bruised and frankly looked a bit scared in the fourth. DB Chris Harris, an undrafted FA, was all over the field, running down WRs as they tried to save clock and knocking down passes.

PROPS: Brian Dawkins should thank the Chiefs for lining up wrong on that ridiculous play where the Chiefs WR caught the ball literally "around" Dawkins' torso. Tyrone Prothro of Alabama did that more than five years ago and they still show that clip.

PROPS: Did the Buffs do anything special in their win? Not really. The Wildcats are just not that good. Couple that with the lame duck "interim" status of the coaching staff (Arizona went for a 2pt conversion that made just no sense) and you have the recipe for a Buffs victory. Seniors Rodney Stewart ran at will and Toney Clemons played at WR the same way he should've been playing since last year.

DROPS: Summer baseball games at the old Candlestick park called and wanted to know what was up with all the wind at Folsom Field. There was debris blowing all over the field (yes, the joke of "wrappers" blowing on the field, ha ha, what "rappers"? Run-DMC, LL Cool J?)

DROPS: We kept hearing that after Andrew Luck, Matt Barkley, and Landry Jones, Arizona QB Nick Foles was the next NFL pick. I didn't see what he had to offer. Basically a poor man's Kyle Orton, which might be a real insult. He wasn't too mobile and telegraphed quite a few of his passes. Keep in mind he was working against a patchwork Buff defensive backfield of converted WRs, cheerleaders, and the guys who run the halftime frisbee dogs.

PROPS: Team Commish brought their oldest daughter to her first Buff football game. To see her face light up when she saw Ralphie for the first time could be Dad's favorite highlight of the year whether the team is 11-0 or 2-9. Keeps it in perspective that this is just football. That said, beat the hell out of that slimy Rick Neuheisel next weekend.

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Wednesday, November 09, 2011

RIP Heavy D

Hip Hop lost another luminary as Money Earnin Mt Vernon's Heavy D passed away at the age of 44. I was first introduced to Hev in 1987 when I peeped his "Overweight Lover" video on my local cable access channel. That first album was in rotation for a minute, as it seemingly embodied the mass releases post-Raising Hell of the mid 1980s. Like many true Hip Hoppers, Hev's subsequent releases didn't garner a lot of play with me. Too commercial, too dancy, too New Jack Swing. But every once in a while Hev would drop somethng like "Don't Curse" or "Who's The Man" or "You Can't See" to remind us that he wasn't all about the fancy suits and dance moves. Lyrically, he was pretty profound (he was doing the whole diggedy style way before Das Efx) and his album cameos were a Who's Who of Golden Age Hip Hop (Gangstarr, CL Smooth, Biggie, Kane, Busta, Grand Puba, Kool G Rap.) He will be missed but his music will live on. Diddly diddly diddly deee....


Monday, November 07, 2011

Oaktown 2-9-9

PROPS and DROPS from the Buffs Friday Night Lights beatdown at the hands of USC and the Broncos rushing assault of the Raiders:

PROPS: I came up during the Big 8 days when QBs and rushers were churning out yardage all over the field. So to see the Broncos and Tim Tebow amass 300 yards on the ground was a throwback thrill. The simplest of gameplans beat one of the supposed best defensive lines in football. JD Walton at center was the lynchpin, easily handling his man all game and allowing the Bronco backs to be into the secondary after one move at the line of scrimmage. Now, will this read option type of football work the rest of the way for the team?

PROPS: QBs and WRs certainly develop rhythms over a season or career, and it seems Eric Decker and Tebow might be that pair. Tebow appears to lock in on Decker when they need that five to ten yard gain.

DROPS: The Raiders are the most penalized team in football? Next thing you'll tell me is that water is wet. Al Davis may have passed, but the culture of the Raiders is the same as it was 40 years ago. The penalties cost them dearly in the game, and their over excitement to pund on Tebow made for some easy personal foul calls.

PROPS: The Bronco defense finally came to play in the second half, just in time when it appeared that Carson Palmer was wearing down. The Raiders seemingly draft fast WRs every year but never a top notch guy, as Champ Bailey feasted on whoever he was lined up across from. Two INTs later and Carson Palmer and the passing game were finished and the run game was stalled without Darren McFadden.

PROPS: If Matt Barkley of USC was throwing his hat into the audition to be the Bronco starting QB on Friday, someone get him a spot on the casting couch. The QB was accurate as the come (outside of one late first half INT) tot he tune of six TD passes at Folsom. Now granted, his WRs may be more talented than some NFL teams, and the Buff secondary wouldn't matchup with too many flaf football teams, but he was smooth none the less.

PROPS: Chants from the SG section to Barkley as the game went on: "Elway Hates You!" "Tebow is Better!" Six TDs later: "Play in Denver!"

PROPS: Never been the "uniform guy" but the Buffs all black with the black helmets looked pretty dope. Now, do they get to keep those helmets because I know this tattoo guy who...

DROPS: The Buffs got through the five game crucible of the schedule looking completely hopeless and out talented. The first quarter of the USC game was the only semblance of a competitive football team and Rodney Stewart and Toney Clemons were the only players who looked like they could contribute on another squad. I mean, there hasn't been any sense to even "break down" any of the games on here because the problems are damn obvious. Bottom line and we all know this now is the Buffs and Jon Embree have a ton of work ahead of them. To boot, there is starting to get some questioning of Embree and staff ten games into his first season.

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Friday, November 04, 2011

Mr. Muthafuckin eXquire - "The Last Huzzah (Remix)"

Back in the Fall of 1994, smack dab in the "Golden Age" of Hip Hop, me and a loose sembelance of peeps that would later form the SG Massive, used to debate the "Flavor in Ya Ear Remix." Biggie, Busta, Craig Mack, et al. Who killed it? Who had the best line? Fast forward 17 years and Mr. Muthafuckin Equire just brings the iiiilll remix of "The Last Huzzah" with the even iiiiiilllllller video mimicked after the 93 style. And check the other MCs" Das Rascist ("the worst rapper on this track but third coolest"), Despot, Danny Brown, and a rejuvenated El-P. Check it.