Monday, November 30, 2009

Muthafuc*in Turkey

Hey little suckers I know you hear me callin you
Cause you wanted some but I see that you ougta do...

PROPS and DROPS from the Broncos Turkey Day win over the Giants and the Buffs' season finale loss to the Huskers...

PROPS: Potty mouth McD, I freaking love it. I’ve always been a sucker for coaches/drill sergeants/bosses going ape shit and dropping mad curse words and the like. In fact, when I’m the one the tirade is directed to, I usually have trouble keeping a straight face, which in turn leads to enhanced diatribes leveled at me. Extra dap to the Donk offense for listening to the meltdown and not cracking a smile.

DROPS: Specal teams’ overhaul: it is needed in Boulder. The unit can be pinpointed as the a main culprit in the loss to the Huskers. The punting was lethargic, no hang time and no distance. Couple that with the return coverage and you had an easy (and it was truly easy) TD return for the game’s first score. The NU returner made one “cut” and went straight to the house. The FG game, easily said, was lacking. Mechanics, of the body and of the mind may be Aric Goodman’s problem. The kicking comp needs to opened up in the Spring. Identify a returner and get him reps, TONS of reps. Jason Espinoza and Scotty McKnight aren’t giving you anything in the return game. Finally, more starters are needed on the units. Give yourself a chance with your best players covering and returning.

PROPS: The Giants came in with an old school smashmouth offensive line and a running back who looks more like a power forward. Yet the Donks were swarming to the Giant ball carriers like bees to honey. Less than 60 yards on the ground for the Giants resorted Lil’ Manning to seemingly be backpedaling in the pocket most of the night.

DROPS: The Buffs’ Red Zone offense is almost comical. A barrage of penalties (another delay of game coming out of a timeout), horrible play calls, and blocking breakdowns forced two FG attempts when a TD would’ve put them right into the game. Don’t get silly inside the 20s, just muster ahead for another 10 yards and put it in the damn endzone. Marques Simas had a great game, but on his 58 yard catch late in the third that got the Buffs in the red zone he blew the RAC. Rather than cut into the middle of the field, he simply went out of bounds.

DROPS: Dan Hawkins again had a bunch of head scratching BS flowing from his mouth post game. Among them was that the Buffs were “10 plays” away from being in a bowl game. 10 plays? Maybe if those 10 plays included appearances by Adrian Peterson, Ed Reed, Peyton Manning, and Jared Allen. The fact is the Buffs were “two plays” away from being a 1-11 football team, since both the A&M and KU games came down to a single play.

PROPS: My Pops came by the Commish Casa on Saturday and noticed my CU flag still flying. “You gonna take that thing down?” He asked. I reckoned that I probably should, and he replied “you should probably replace it with a white surrender flag.” Thanks for that, Dad.

PROPS: Sometimes Brandon Marshall reminds you how he truly is a freak of football and Thursday was that game. Crisp routes, running away from defenders, and mind blowing catches made him the night’s MVP. Most impressive was his positioning on the Giants defensive backs. He was always in the perfect spot to catch the ball either by shielding himself in front of the defender or creating just enough space behind the DB.

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Friday, November 27, 2009

Before I Self Destruct

You got to relax, we got to kick back
Brothers just sit back, enjoy me like a six pack...

Dan Hawkins will be back in 2010 as the head coach at The University of Colorado. Excuse me but I just threw up in my mouth a little bit. The news is just stinky and wrong on so many levels and the SG takes a look:

-The framework was in place for Hawk to be fired weeks ago, the money in place, donors, alums, cabinet members, former players, everyone was on board. The short list of replacements was floating around and feelers were starting to go out. Then, AD Mike Bohn boarded a plane for Maui for the Maui Invitational. Too many Mai Tais on the beach? Bong hits of some Maui Wowie with some surfers named Tunes and Kiki? While Mike frolicked in paradise, Hawk was back in Boulder meeting with Mike's bosses. Yep, Hawk went over the ADs head and pitched the big wigs like he was junior Rick Neuheisel.

-The schedule for 10 is a step up from this year's schedule. Out is Toldeo and off to Cal for a road game. Road games at Mizzou, Kansas, Oklahoma and Nebraska. And we know Hawk is so stellar on the road. The home slate replaces Wyoming with Georgia. CSU, they who won on the Folsom turf then dropped eight in a row, moves back to Denver. But don't worry, Hawk will use some old Swahili proverb to help his charges on the road.

-Get used to empty seats at Folsom. Outside of the Georgia game, the home schedule is about as attractive as the skank you hooked up with at your hometown bar the night before Thanksgiving. Hawaii, Baylor, Texas Tech, Iowa State, K-State. The AD was practically giving away tickets this year for the A&M and KU game, think people will be banging the door to see Baylor. No buzz with the coach, no buzz at the booth.

-Recruiting is damn vicious and other coaches will go after the CU coach from all angles. However, it won't be Texas or USC recruits, in fact it might not even be UCLA or Texas A&M, we might be talking going against the likes of New Mexico, CSU, and Tulsa for players. Recruting will undoubtedly suffer with a possible lame duck coach. CU stands 11th in the conference as we speak.

-Hawk's quotes are so damn tired, whereas they used to be kind of a Yogi Berra type quirkiness. "You just have to keep banging on the pavement. I tell the guys all the time, if you have to take out concrete, you bang on it and nothing happens, you bang on it, nothing happens. But pretty soon, there's a crack, then it crumbles, then it goes." Huh? How about the concrete pump truck just hauls you away Hawk?

-Transfers- expect them.

-More drinking for me to cope- expect it.

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Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Nets Losses

Armor All on your tires and a big gold chain...

The Nuggets always have a tendency to lose a game at home that they have no business in losing. Years ago, they would lose a few of them, now it seems to be limited to one a year. Some sub-par team comes in on a non-descript weekday night and steals a win from a uninspired Nugs' squad. Last night, the Nets came into Pepsi Center with their 0-13 record. A chance for one of those "steals"?
Not a chance.
These Nets are bad, real bad, so bad the stench of North New Jersey might be from their locker room. I consider myself an avid NBA follower. I know the majority of players on the teams, where they went to college, their former teams, all that geeky shit. What the Nets trotted out there last night, I had nary a clue. Dick Bavetta was the most recognizable face out there. They had a couple dudes named Williams, the And 1 mix tape guy, that Lopez twin from Stanford who either looked like Side Show Bob and Anderson Vareajo's love child or the one who is banging Michelle Wie. I'm not sure which one. They had some dude who looks like Hip Hop producer Swizz Beatz. And Sherman Douglas Roberts or something whose name in the boxscore reads "D-Robts" like some sci-fi robot attack squad.
In the end, the Nugs got their win and now look at a stretch where the schedule is pretty light between now and Christmas. The Nets? Look for them to be relegated to the D-League.
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Monday, November 23, 2009


Another victory, they cant get with me
so pick a BC date cuz your history...

PROPS and DROPS from the CU loss to Okie State on Thursday and yesterday's Bronco defeat to the Chargers:

DROPS: It comes out post game that Coach McD was involved in some trash talk with the Chargers, specifically Shaun Phillips. Coaches or adminstrators jawing with players or fans has never worked out well (see: Mike Smith, Mike Sherman, Bud Adams.) They are supposed to be the ones "above" that type of rah rah machismo BS. Regardless of what Phillips said, McD has to keep his trap shut. Now he is morphing into a 33 year old hot head coach rather than the young genius.

PROPS: Tyler Hansen finally had that game where he looked like he was comfortable in the pocket, rolling out of the pocket, and running on designed plays. A few of his passes showed deft touch that only his receivers would be able to latch onto. Speaking of, Marques Simas has become that dude for the receiving corps. He has the speed, the route running ability and speed to be an all-Big 12 caliber wideout.

DROPS: It has been a long time since I've seen a QB look as hopeless as Okie State starter Alex Cate. The kid couldn't find not only a rhythm, but he couldn't tap along to "Row Row Row Your Boat." However, his ineptitude wasn't taken full advantage of by the Buffs, who managed only one INT off him. There should've been no less than half the population of Boulder in the box after it became apparent that Cate was doing his best junior high QB act.

DROPS: If we got the massive cock diesel crew known as he San Diego WRs some fresh acid washed jean jackets and headbands they would look just like Full Force.

DROPS: Key points in NFL games can happen at any point, even within the first eight minutes. The Donks are driving with what appears to be a precision game plan of ball-control power running. The play within the red zone is Chris Simms' first pass of the day and a a huge fuuuuuuuuuumble. Like that the Chargers recover and the whole outlook of the Donks' gameplan changes, as if McD felt the run was off the table and the pass had to re-enter the game.

DROPS: With the Okie State loss the Buffs took over the NCAA D1 penalty lead! The honor! If it could be any more troubling, the Buffs' personal foul penalties would make the 1970s Raiders blush.

PROPS: The Hawkins Era is over; I'm not an insider, but enough of the drunks boosters the SG knows indicate this is a done deal after the Evil Red Horde leaves our fair state this Friday. AD Mike Bohn has to - I repeat- has to do his due diligence this time (no Chuck Neinas, a reputable committee) and get the right man for Boulder, for Colorado, and for the football infrastructure to improve.

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Friday, November 20, 2009

Suckers Need Bobyguards

A true leader, don't choose to follow, choose what I swallow
whether water or a beer bottle, of course I play the lotto...

I loved old school rap beefs. KRS v MC Shan. Kool Moe Dee v LL Cool J. Then, beefs suddenly changed and got all violent, really dumb, and then spilled over from rapper v rapper. You had rappers v singers, comedians, actors, news personalities, anyone was fair game. And now add Marv Albert to the list. The girlie biter was involved in a small fracas with Fiddy's peoples backstage at the Jimmy Kimmel show. We know 50 is a tough guy, and I give him credit for not really changing who he is, but Marv Albert? Did he feel threatened by a 60 year old hoops announcer? Was Marv rocking (insert rapper who 50 has beef with here) on his iPod? Was Marv throwing up 50's rival neighborhood's signs? Will Marv release a diss track about 50? Maybe it will feature the czar of the telestrator. Maybe the rap game gets freaking weirder every damn year.

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Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Bad Young Brother

Hip Hop lost another "pioneer" of sorts when UK rapper/DJ/producer Derek B passed away from a heart attack. He was only 44. I rocked his debut album "Bullet From A Gun" on steady rotation in the spring of 1989. A great collection of well-produced tracks, heady lyrics ("We get paid in pounds, not in dollars") and ill scratches, the tape was a fixture in the deck of a young Commish. I have to be honest that I probably haven't listened to that album in 20 years, but I can remember it being a strong lineup with nary a track that you had to skip. While a "British Invasion" of rappers never really happenned (Wee Papa Girls, Monie Love), reading up on Derek B it appeared he sustained a level of success in the UK for some time. RIP.


Sunday, November 15, 2009

Capital Punished

Let's get down to finish this large,
You could bring on your whole squad, none of you chumps are hard...

PROPS and DROPS from the Buffs' loss to Iowa State, eliminating them from bowl contention, and the Bronco loss to the Redskins...

DROPS: The last time we saw Chris Simms play this poorly, he was helping the Buffs to the 2001 Big 12 Championship. 3 of 13 passing? Simply won't get it done- especially when his passes arent off by a bit, but by yards at a clip. Witness the last pass of the game, Simms missed a wide open Brandon Marshall (stands at 6-5) by overthrowing him by a yard. Considering Simms makes $3mil a year, this has to imporve. You can get Joe Shitbag off the street for the league minimum to perform better.

DROPS: The Buffs moved the ball without too much resistance between the 20s, but their problems started whenever they got into the red zone. Fourth and one early in the game and Demetrius Sumler is stuffed at the line. In that case the best option is - again- Tyler Hansen up the middle. Later in the game, Rodney Stewart fumbles at the eight. Fumbles are part of the game, but that is his second of the game. Why isn't he on the sideline in the red zone or been "coached up" to hold on with two hands. Finally, late in the game the Buffs get it to the one again and Bryce Givens goes stuck on stupid and gets a offensive hands to the face and then a yellow card technical foul unsportmanslike conduct call that gives the offense first and goal... at the 39. All three are a direct result of coaching brain farts and piss poor planning.

DROPS: With the loss the Buffs will be playing Nebraska at Folsom with nothing on the line in over 20 years. Another dubious notch on the bed post of Dan Hawkins.

DROPS: The physical-ness (word check please) of the Donks has been slowly diminishing over the last few weeks. The DL especially has "worn down" as the game has progressed. That was Ladell Betts getting big chunks of yards in the 2nd Half. Ladell Betts- he is on every waiver wire of every fantasy league in the world. With upcoming games against tougher backs, the Donk coaching staff may have to be more creative in getting better line play. More stunts, blitzes, and zone coverage.

DROPS: The Redskins' fake punt in the 2nd quarter? Was that drawn up in the sand on the back lots? Call a timeout in the case, especially since Hunter Smith had already taken one to the end zone earlier in the year. Doesn't anyone scout these things?

PROPS: There is serious chatter on the mean internet streets that the Hawkins' regime is close to being toppled. Some are reliable sources, while other far flung reports have everyone from Mike Shannahan to digging up Dal Ward to rescue this program.

DROPS: Did you see the guy wearing the Dexter Manley jersey? You might've of, but Dexter didn't.

DROPS: The Buffs again committed 11 penalties with more yellow on the Iowa State field than a pasture of cows who've been drinking cold beers. The team is the most penalized in Division I football - "Divsion One Football!" - the Oakland Raiders of the NCAA. Rick Neuheisel was bombarded by fans and alums with his loosey goosey style and penalties, and Hawkins' lot do more dumb ass penalties than Rick's NFL-laden squads.

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Friday, November 13, 2009

Scheduling Smack Down

The bullshit I write is the ultimate
Not the counterfeit, but the legit shit
Now trip, I'm the writer of this script...

College hoops starts in our fair state tonight! Can you feel the excitement! A little bit? Any? Hello?

While the fenzy that accompanies college basketball in much of the country, including in most of our surrounding states, engulfs their fans, Colorado remains a colliegiate hoops wasteland.

Leading the way is the flagship university, our Colorado Buffaloes, who when not lead by a certain Nuggets point guard are routinely in the conference basement. This year is no different as the Buffs are picked by every expert this side of Jesus Shuttlesworth to finish last in the Big 12.

But why not a bit of excitement? Start with the schedule. Tonight's epic opener against Arkansas; not the Razorbacks, but rather something called Pine Bluff. I use that to clean my wood floors, right? Follow that up with weenight games next week versus Coppin State and Texas Southern. Good seats available. Heck, you can sit on the player's laps if you just show up.

But hey, it gets better! San Francisco comes to town, maybe their most famous alum Bill Russell can suit up even for just a few minutes. After that Colorado Christian. That is not a local Night Ranger tribute band's homage to "Sister Christian." Cal State Northridge comes calling three days before Christmas. Free gift wrapping will be available. Yale comes a week later, they can do your taxes and solve equations for you during timeouts. And to wrap up the non-conference schedule, Miami Ohio comes to town in early January. Ben Rothlisberger could buy every seat in the arena, but would anyone notice?

The Big 12 portion of the schedule offers some better teams to watch, but the conference did no favors with the days and times. Every Saturday home game is a daytime tilt, when students would rather be a)skiing b)sleeping c)recovering d)anything other than hoops. Who isn't already pumped for the 11:45 am game with Iowa State?

As always there are the Blue KU horde that will take over the arena sometime in February, and Oklahoma and Missouri add some excitement.

The scheduling does have one advantage: it offers a chance for some wins. As a young team in Coach Bz's third year the teams coming in could serve as fodder to get in the left hand column. So head up to Coors and cheer, cheer loud, real loud, because you might be the only one there.

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Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Finger Tips

Like a superintendent, burning MCs leaves a foul scent
See I'm like what ya call...king a yes ya'll ...

Kudos for the NBA zebras for actually getting one thing right in the Nugegts loss victory over the Bulls last night. The five minute must-see-TV conference to determine whether or not Brad Miller of got off his "shot" in the .3 seconds proved he did not get the shot off by mere fingertips.
Never mind the refs had blown the preceding intentionally missed free throw by Chauncey Billups. Unless the refs are Steve Austin (super hero, not roid munching wrestler) how could they see when the Bulls got the board, notice the timeout, and note the clock is at .3 seconds? They missed multiple fouls on the Bulls tying shot and a huge goaltending earlier in the game.
The Bulls probably got some hometown timing on Miller's shot too. Throw in the near circus act the Bulls bench employed during the ref review (Joakim Noah just seems like a giant sack of douche, doesn't he? Contrast their act with the Nuggets who waited idly) and the refs actually did a decent job.
Next time the Bulls should use someone with shorter fingers. Say, a shorter player, a victim of the Japanese mafia, Spud Webb, a member of the Lolipop Guild? Rather they use Brad Miller- was Arsenio Hall, Edward Scissorhands, ET, or every mid-30s or older male's doctor not available?
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Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Terrible Toweled Off

Cause in my physical, I can express through song
Delete stress like Motrin, then extend strong...

PROPS and DROPS from the dramtic Buff win over Texas A&M and the Broncos' beatdown at the hands of the Steelers:

DROPS: You knew it was coming, you just knew eventually Kyle Orton would go all crappy on the Donks. Last night it happened against one of the most opportunistic defenses in the league. Orton's INTs weren't the result of disguised coverages, tipped balls, or miscommunication with the receivers, they were just crappy-ass throws. The TD return INT saw a ball thrown in the direction of Knowshon Moreno (who was being covered by a noseguard and the umpire) where it probably should've been thrown into the ground. Polamula's pick was being thrown to the hot dog vendor in the north stands.

DROPS: Bill McCartney used to say "discretion is the greater part of valor." Apparently that phrase hasn't filtered to some of the CU AD, the head coach, or some players. After the game, all three were throwing the fans who wore powder blue under the Buff Bus. I can give the players somewhat of a pass (although that can also be a reflection of their coach) but I cant imagine why Dan Hawkins or the AD would go out of their way to disparage the fans who wore blue (yet cheered for the team, some rushed the field, and simply showed up!)

DROPS: Penalties continue to ravage the Buffs, as they had a bevy of them again versus the Aggies. It's not as if the refs are flag happy either: witness the non-calls that A & M got on some borderline personal fouls. It is some more bone headed play; again the Buffs were flagged for a delay of game coming out of a TV timeout.

DROPS: For the second straight week the Bronco opponent got the better of the halftime adjustments. The Steelers used their bunch formation sparingly early in the game, with Mike Wallace (who looks great after all those years on '60 Minutes') peeling off for a quick out route. That effectively loosened up the Donk D, as the Steelers ran out of the formation repeatedly in the 2nd half, but rather ran counters for big chunks of yards by Rashard Mendenhall. Heath Miller had a huge game blocking on those runs.

DROPS: Mitch Berger, Bronco punter: you've had a nice run buddy. Time for McD and crew to assemble the punting posse for the Tuesday tryouts. Hey, the Rapids aren't in the playoffs, maybe one of them can moonlight.

PROPS: As the Buff O-Line more and more resembles a gushing dam, Tyler Hansen is doing his best Steve Young impression. Versus a sea level team like A & M this can take it's toll by the 4th quarter, and that is exactly when the Buffs seemed perky while the Aggies wilted.

PROPS: The Steelers' coaching staff's coats looked like something from a mid-80s breakdance movie. Funky fresh!

PROPS: Dan Hawkins isn't going to win many coaching wit battles versus Mike Sherman, or Sherman Douglas, General Sherman, or Sherman Hemsley, but his staff had a few nice calls throughout the game. One was invloving Marques Simas more in the game plan, as he had a breakout game. Two was dusting off the option play that has been shuttered for three years under Hawk on the second to last TD. Problem was, it seems that if they would've run that the rest of the game with Hansen and Rodney Stweart, the A & M defense wouldn't had been able to keep up and there would be no need for the late heroics.

DROPS: Champ Bailey had maybe his worst game in a Bronco jersey. Santonio Holmes had his way with him, and Hines Ward's Edwin Moses impersonation will have players clowning #24 for the entire year. The big question will be is this the beginning of Champ slowing down or just an off game versus the Super Bowl MVP?

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Friday, November 06, 2009

Powder Blue Protest?

From the halls of Montezuma to the shores of Tripoli
My style slams, but some still want to get with me...

By now, it is safe to say that most of Buff Nation is upset with the direction of the program. The problem is, no one can pinpoint a way to show their frustration and get through to the powers that be. The constant "support the kids" rings true when any talk of boycotting games, witholding donations, or flashing your testicles to Dan Hawkins and telling him to "suck it!"

A CU student has come with his own protest that makes some sense; showing up at tomorrow's game yet wearing the hated powder blue unis from the Chuck Fairbanks dark era. Basically you'll see alot of Nuggets gear at Folsom, so break out the Earl Boykins throwbacks!

Of course, we Buff fans love us some Black and Gold on Black and Gold infighting, so the debate rages whether this is an appropriate protest. The SG can see both sides of the issue: send a message to the AD with the blue yet what message does that send to the kids. Ahh fuck it, the SG plans their own protests:

-Corduroy hats. Why harken to the dark days when we can be reminded of the mid 80s when the program was on the upswing. Plus corduroy hats totally got the shaft with trucker hats making a comeback. Fucking Ashton Kutcher.

-Hard hats. I'm going to protest that CU needs to bring back the concrete artificial turf that graced Folsom for more than a decade. That crap gave more rug burns than humping on shag carpet.

-Arrive drunk. It's been 15 long years since smoooooooooth Coors Light flowed at Folsom Field. I can remember the days of John Elway on the sideline pounding six beers in one game; of Kenny Rogers chilling in the team house with a frosty one. Yes, Kenny Rogers. The freaking Gambler. Motorboating Dolly Parton. This protest will not be too hard given the present company.

-Dress like a Hippie. Yes, it's Boulder and this shouldn't be too hard to pull off, but let's protest the fact we haven't had a top RB since the days of noted ganja enthusiast Rashaan Salaam. The last two blue chippers have went bye-bye and they might've been enticed to stick around if they had only did a few more golden bong rips rather than bitch about the play calling.

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Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Scotty Beam Me Up to UCLA

I shine and rhyme at the same time
The mastermind of the sport called the rhyme...

No surprise that Darrell Scott is leaving the CU program. We’ve been hinting at it all year in our PROPS and DROPS, and while on the surface this may seem as no big deal and a “don’t let the door hit ya” type deal, the long term effects will be pretty substantial.

Let’s get the easy parts out of the way. Yes, he showed up out of shape, he was beat out by a 5-7 no-star player, and he struggled to learn the playbook. And yep, he’s going to UCLA with his uncle MC Josh Smith and that great mentor of running backs Rick Neuheisel. Uh-huh, Scott didn’t really show that huge break away speed, the crazy jukes, or even straight knock you in the mouth mojo- he wasn’t the next Adrian Peterson as many thought. Yes sir, he bailed on teammates in mid year, on an already sinking ship.

All that pales to the message this sends to the recruiting life line of any college football program: that five star recruits not need apply. CU has to make its hot spot Southern California and their native son is returning home after a failed Boulder experiment. Think other SoCal kids won’t take notice? They don’t care that Rodney Stewart is better, all they hear from their man is that he got ganked.

For a program who is currently 11th in the conference in recruiting (looking up at Baylor!?) this won’t be good. Cut throats like Neuheisel, Steve Sarkisian, and other Pac-10ers can and will use this. “Hey blue chipper, I love Boulder, but look at what happened to Darrell there. They brought him in to return kicks!”

Would a 17 year old kid take that to heart? Throw in Dan Hawkins and his ineptitude at the helm? You bet your ass he would, and like Darrell Scott he’d take his football up and down the West Coast rather than to Boulder.


Monday, November 02, 2009

That's So Not Raven

Go ahead ask me, when I kick a curse in a verse, I say nope
Grab you by your hand, wash you're mouth out with soap...

PROPS and DROPS from the Buffs' Homecoming loss to Mizzou and the Broncos' first loss in Baltimore:

DROPS: First play of the Donk game set the tone for the entire contest; Jaret Johnson off the edge, unblocked into the backfield. Kyle Orton has no time other to protect his neck as he is driven into the turf. Momentum, son, momentum. Even on the first play of the game. Sent the message the Ravens’ woud be coming for Orton all day, limiting his time to throw.

DROPS: For the second straight week, the Buffs came out flat. This time it wasn’t on some non-descript road game, but rather in your Homecoming contest versus a team that has kicked your ass the last two years. Nothing, the team was flatter than a leftover keg cup in the morning (be honest, you sicko drunk, you’ve drank that cup before.) I made a point to watch the offense as they came on the field after each Mizzou score (that was a lot of times.) You would think someone would be in the sideline huddle pumping the unit up? Maybe a coach? Maybe a defensive player urging them on? Nobody other than your walk-on center Keenan Stevens was even remotely emotional.

DROPS: Mizzou’s plays were slower developing than old people getting ready for bed. QB Blaine Gabbert was holding handoffs for at least 2-3 seconds while the RB approached, and his drops on a gimpy ankle would make Drew Bledsoe proud. Now any defensive coach worth his salt would blitz every which way south of Lakewood, yet the Buffs couldn’t manage any penetration.

PROPS: Ed Reed = a) Kimbo Slice’s brother b) Iman at the local mosque c) Junkyard Dog’s son

PROPS: The Boulder ROTC spent most of their day Friday and Saturday morning shoveling snow from Folsom Field, and they did such a good that that there was barely a trace of snow anywhere. This is not to be overlooked as snowballs would’ve been flying at Dan Hawkins’ head.

DROPS: The Denver defense has limited third down conversions all year up until yesterday. Too many third down conversions were converted, extending Raven drives. Joe Flacco was particularly adapt at avoiding oncoming defenders and finding Mark Clayton and Derek Mason. Of course offsides (I’m looking at you Elvis) twice in a row on a third and 12 will help every time.

DROPS: For as horrid as they had played the Buffs gained some momentum in the third quarter and had scored 14 points and were driving to knock the game down to perhaps 33-24. They faced a 3rd and one and fourth and one from the 13. Rather than have your QB pile drive it up the gut, they elected to handoff to Rodney Stewart (the smallest player on the team) up the middle. Stuffed. Game over.

PROPS: We’ve noted this before but it is worth looking at again: post game Josh McDaniels first words out of his mouth was “we were outcoached.” Dan Hawkins’ did his standard him-hawing taking no pressure off the kids and taking some accountability. McDaniels- a 33 year coach taking responsibility away from NFL millionaires. Hawk- a mid-50s coach heaping responsibility on college kids.

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