Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Mas Tacos

I seen her in the back of Taco Bell with handcuffs...

One of the few bright spots of the Rockies' season was not on the field, but the Taco Bell promotion which offered four - si, quatro - tacos if the home nine scored seven or more runs. The summer became a fiesta of tacos from everyone from hardcore seamheads to those who couldn't tell a bunt from a bundt cake.

Enter Nuggets' season and apparently the rash of tacos over baseball season scared the Taco Bell Execs a bit much, but they still offered up three - si, tres - tacos if the Powder Blue Patrol scored 110 or more. Not so fast mi amigo, as that promtion was over quicker than AI's 2008 season in Denver as it was dropped to 103 points for three tacos. Then the Taco Bell suits, perhaps delusional from too many Chalupas and the economic scare, added the requirement of a drink purchase to get the precious three tacos for a single buck.

Coming soon in the remainder of the NBA season: three cinnamon twists for a buck if Kenyon Martin gets ejected and tosses his jersey in a spectator's face; two Gorditas for a buck if Chauncey Billups can fill a 5 gal bucket with sweat during a game(seriously, dude sweats alot); thirty volcano tacos for a buck if Chris Anderson snorts a line of coke off a dancer's ass; and four Crunchwrap Supremes if George Karl says anything postive about JR Smith.

RELATED: The Fab 5 - "Leflour Leflah Eshoshka" - "...why oh why did I need cappucino, scar on my face but I'm not Al Pacino, we three amigos."



Anonymous Anonymous said...

I went to a Arena Football game once in GRapids and if they scored 60+ the crowd got a free hamburger. They had 53 and were driving and fat guy in front of me was so excited that he fell over two rows of seats and broke some kids' arm.

8:41 AM  
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