Friday, July 28, 2006

Boyz N Tha Hood Revisited

Cuz the boyz n the hood are always hard
You come talking that trash we'll pull your card
Knowing nothing in life but to be legit
Don't quote me boy, cuz I ain't said shit...

People mentioned on 1986's Boyz-N-The-Hood by Eazy E/ NWA:

1. The freaks- Eazy was jockin’ them, all while clocking the dough. That’s straight multi-tasking, son.

2. Kilo G- Rolls up in his fresh El Camino. With a name like Kilo G, he would never catch the attention of local law enforcement now would he?

3. Donald B- Eazy says he’s in the “place to give him the pace.” Either Donald B is Eazy’s running coach, or passing him some salsa.

4. JB- Tried to steal Eazy’s Alpine. Also tried to gank his “Hawaii 79” t-shirt and cell phone the size of a suitcase.

5. Eazy’s girl- She said something “stupid that made (Eazy) mad” and he “couldn’t believe.” What did she say? Probably “damn, Eric, your curl stained the floor again!”

6. Girl’s father- Eazy threw a right cross and knocked him out. Either her dad was a surviving Ooompa Loompa or Eazy had a running start and a trampoline.

7. Kat- he was driving Eazy and Kilo. His brother Kit was left behind.

8. Undercover cop in a dark green Nova- Wow, LAPD really spends the dollars on their equipment, don't they? His gun was actually a Red Rider BB gun and his radio was a Tandy walkie-talkie.

9. The Judge- Little known fact the judge was not wearing anything under his robe.

10. Bailiff- Rusty the bailiff from The People’s Court would’ve wrecked shop and kicked mucho ass.

11. Suzy- Came in with an Uzi and shot up the court room. It was Suzy Kolber of ESPN fame, thinking she was in Joe Namath’s court room.

Slushy Gutter revisits Sir Mix-A-Lot's "Posse on Broadway" (posted June 2006)
Eazy E dedication site- RIP


Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Top 5 Colorado Sports Lyrics

Well now you're forced to listen to the teacher and the lesson
Class is in session so you can stop guessin...

1- Rapper slash exec, Kordell Stewart
Your flow all y'all usin is mine, you're all useless- Jay-Z "Hovi Baby"

2- Fantastic fabulous my shit is fat shit
The bomb like Elway throw bombs on John Madden- Redman "Noorotic"

3- So rap artists get ready to rumble!
Cause I got lyrics up my sleeve that slam harder than Mutumbo- Tha Alkaholiks "DAAMM"

4- LA ni**az got crazy game, like John Elway got a Super Bowl Ring- Ras Kass "Ghettofabulous"

5- Met her in San Diego at the Super Bowl party, had the Heiny sipped it up,
wit Terrell Davis, MVP- Nas "Blaze a 50"

Know any more? Hit up the comments

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Turntables Might Wobble...

I alleviated the pain, with a long-term goal
Took my underground loot, without the gold
You sold platinum round the world, I sold wood in the hood
But when I'm in the street, then shit it's all good...

*Word from Las Vegas and the Team USA training camp is that Carmelo Anthony has been the top performer in the camp. Some pleaded for Melo to work on his game this summer, so apparently, Melo is a dedicated reader of SG Summer. Trim, focused, and his shots falling, Melo should make the trip to Japan for the World Championships in August. Just a few weeks ago, he was considered an outside shot to make the squad. No word on who has fared the best at the blackjack tables during camp.

*Our fair town is abuzz as usual late in July. For once I wish it could be for a Rockies’ pennant chase, but the buzz is reserved for the daily yawn that is Broncos training camp. Extended sports reports, daily newspaper stories, snippets on the free agent punter who once survived a bear attack all consume the local media. Stay tuned to the ten o’clock news to see what Ron Dayne thinks about Tom Cruise’s baby.

*The Kid had a chance to check out the DMC DJ Championships this past weekend in Boulder. Eight DJs, whittled down from quite a few more, competed for a spot to rep CO in the national finals. My pick, DJ Cisco Rockwell, handily beat the field to claim the title. His scratches were precise, beats blended flawlessly, and music selection was a bit above average (my biggest complaint for the entire comp was that the DJs used beats more suited for a rave rather than some hardcore hip hop shit.)

*My man JL Smooth, a former Slushy Gutter winner, sent me a list of college football’s all time best players by number. A couple of Buffs, Eric “Public” Bienemy and former Supreme Court Justice Byron “Whizzer” White both received mention. Bienemy played a solid 9 years in the NFL, and played in the Super Bowl for the San Diego Chargers in 1995. Yes, the Chargers did make the Super Bowl. White was a JFK appointee to the court who was a key player in the court’s civil rights activity of the 1960s. He served for nearly 30 years.

[528 Update. A steady weekend of hip hop shows and CF playing helped push the count up to a respectable 356. I scarfed down smoooooooooth CLs after both shows only served the dreaded BL and even a stale tasting PBRs. As we head into July's last weekend, the liver is scared and shivering about the prospect of August.]

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Saturday, July 22, 2006

Boot Camp Click Live

It's just a regular, everyday state of being
Mind holds the weight, rhymes free the mind in time
I find reality follows me where I roam
360 degrees back home...

Me and the lovely wife made our way back to the Republic of Boulder and the home of CO hip hop, The Fox Theater, to catch the Boot Camp Click. Unlike the last show I attended there, this crowd was a bit more gully. Smoking ban, what the fuck is that? Mad herb was being passed throughout the venue. Headz repped for BCC, sporting the fatigues, t-shirts, and a huge collection of folk sporting their 1993 Timbos.

Like any self respecting rap show, it was running mad late. The opening act, CO's own Black Pegasus did a 20 minute set to get the crowd ready for the BK headliners. Black Pegasus repped for CO pretty hard and dropped alot of referencces to his home state that were pretty good. Among them were something along the lines of " state's square, but not like Sponge Bob's pants"

Immediately after the opener, the BCC DJ, Logic, got on the tables and spun some hot mid-90's shit that worked the crowd up for the main act. All the "older" heads could almost be seen in unison as if to say, "this is what hiphop should be!" First on stage was Smif N Wesson, or Cocoa Brovaz, or Tek N Steele, whatever it is they want to be called today. They worked the Fox pretty hard and blazed through some of tHeir newer stuff from Reloaded then hit us off with the classic "Lets Git it On." Immediately after, they blazed into "My Timbz Do Work" from their new CD and Sean Price leaped on stage to cut his verse.

Sean P broke us off a few bangers from his Monkey Barz shit, including the leadoff track, "Peep My Words" and "Onion Head." No doubt Sean P is still hailing himself as "the brokest rapper you know" as he non-chalantly strolled the stage, his words easily rolling off the dome. He like to preen for the crowd, flexing his muscles, and giving dap to the dudes in the front row.

Just when I thought that Sean P might carry the show, his partner Rock aka Tha Rockness Monsta joined him to form Heltah Skeltah. Their Nocturnal CD might have been in my system all of 1996, and they showed the Kid why. Right off they went dark with "Here We Come" and "Operation Lock Down." Rockness Monstah commanded the stage, the cat has got that presence. Throughout the entire show, you could focus on him, his deep voice, and his height, dude towered over the entire BCC. He reminded me of a young Busta Rhymes in the Leaders of the New School days; you just knew he was going to be a star because of his personality and distinctive style. Unfortunately for Rock, that never materialized. Boot Camp never really pushed him as a solo artist, as 10 years in he has never put out a dolo joint.

The stage was full with Tek, Steele, Sean P, Rock, and even a ever-filming Dru-Ha, there was no bullshit weed carriers to distract the audience, trying to hype the crowd, spraying booze, throwing wack CDs. BCC had the requisite Henny on stage that they were all enjoying, and Logic switched it up with some current beats, even Rick Ross' "Hustlin'" for the MCs to flow over.

Buckshot then ran onto the stage and launched full bore into "Buck Em Down" and "How Many MCs." Buckshot is a short guy, but he had the crowd amped up. The floor even saw a few mosh pits open up, including one asshole who caught a beating for slamming into the wrong guy's lady. Buckshot rocked some Chemistry ish, then hit us with his "Crooklyn" verse. Smif N Wesson added 98's "Black Trump."

The crowd was ready for some classic Black Moon, but the show turned again to Sean P to do a few more solo joints. Smattered throughout were tracks from the new CD, The Last Stand, which the crowd didn't feel as much since it just came out on Tuesday. "Trading Spaces" from that CD is defintely worth adding to you MP3. Finally, Smif N Wesson rocked "Bucktown," which must've made the drunk frat boy behind me happy since he was screaming "Buuuckshowwwn" every 30 seconds. Slushy Gutter indeed.

"Buck Em Down" and Sean P's "Boom Bye Yeah" followed, before "Leflaur Leflah Eshkoshka" with only Heltah Skeltah. By now it was apparent OGC was AWOL, but I hardly think many noticed, except for aforementioned drunky guy who also screamed "Staraang Wondahhhh" the entire night also. Strike two for Kappa Phi Drunka.

"I Ain't Havin That," the classic "I Gotcha Opin" and "Wontime" closed out the show. Buckshot made it offical with the track that started it all, "Who Got Da Props" For a younger crowd, I was surprised the crowd could rock along with this one. Half of 'em must've been 6 years old when it dropped. Buckshot's flow has changed since the glory days. It's more melodic rather the trademark choppy ish from the Enta Da Stage days. But it didn't distract from the show, as everyone spilled into the street after a nearly two hour show. Two hours? That's almost blasphemous in hiphop these days. Overall, hearing the classics was well worth the ticket, and the hardcore BCC fans like the Kid were treated to the new stuff which carries BCC today.

Videos: Trading Spaces- BCC, How Many MC's- Black Moon, Boom Bye Yeah- Sean Price, Bucktown- Smif N Wesson, Who Got Da Props?- Black Moon

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Friday, July 21, 2006

Enta Tha Stage- 528 Update

Maybe years if my peers give me ears to fill
Lick off a shot and act ill, parlay and chill
See I paid my dues, now you can't tell me nothing
This is dedicated to the ones who kept fronting...

A quick 528 Update, which was raised a smidgeon with some mid-week imbibing, a rarity in the Slushy Gutter Summer. Tuesday with the release of EA College Football 2007, former two time Slushy Gutter winner T-Dub had the crew over, including SR and Spotwood aka B-Rabbit, for a few pops while we dissected the intricacies of the new treat. The following night was two time Slushy Gutter winner JayBiz and Mrs Biz's birfdays, which resulted in more swilling. A good start to the weekend which will include the Boulder Boot Camp Click show and probably a few more to the 528 count. Stay tuned for a BCC review... (319)

Interview with Sean Price (hiphopdx)
Black Moon's Enta da Stage- A true hiphop classic

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Thursday, July 20, 2006

Who's Got Game? EA NCAA 2007

So just acknowledge the way that I kick it,
cuz if rap was a house, you'd be evicted,
And dismissed from the microphone,
chokin' on a bone, cuz Daddy's home,
And battlin' me is hazardous to health,
so put a quarter in your ass, cuz ya played yourself...

The loose association of derelicts, drunks, and porn fiends have opened the Slushy Gutter Summer ritual known as CF, aka EA Sports NCAA 07. Twice weekly binges will transpire between now and kickoff of real football season. Like I’ve said before, it’s like crack, just not crack. The game was released this week and that can mean more Coors, more Playboy “reading,” more BS plays, and more idiotic statements emanating from the mouths of the aforementioned idiots.

Currently, we are smitten with the new game, in fact, a few of us might actually make sweet love to the CD. We have a written record of each game, a poll, and the real names of every player in the game. Inevitably, as Fantasy Football, tickets to CU and Broncos’ games, and a funny thing called the family creep back into life, they’ll will curb our CF-jones, and our lil’ season will come to a screeching halt at around 150 games.

NCAA 2007 Game Review:

The game hasn’t changed too much from the years past. Passing seems a bit easier to maneuver yet bit easier to defend. Players still get “hot” and when they do, they can really tear it up with a noticeable difference. A smoking WR will make Lynn Swannesque catches and an en fuego RB will break tackles and come up with 5 yards on each carry. Likewise on defense, a hot DL or LB can wreak havoc on an offense.

Audibles are vastly improved this year as well. For us memory-impaired players (I can rattle off the batting order of the 1995 Rockies, but can’t remember what hot route symbol is a deep route) the screen now displays your audible options when selected. For the bumbling fingerers, an offensive player will now jump and high-step on his own.

The wackest addition to the gameplay this year is unsportsmanlike penalties. When a player makes a big play, he sometimes gyrates and prances like a computer generated P-Diddy. The ref will whistle you nearly every time and you’re docked 15 yards. It turns a nice gain into a loss or momentum killer, kind of like Ma$e was to Diddy’s career. Keep an eye on your guys after big plays and press every button to get them to stop their Neon Deion-like antics.

The Buffs are represented a bit above average on NCAA 07. Folsom looks pretty accurate, with the east side suite addition finally added. The stadium seating does look a little steep, not the gradual rise in reality. They also missed out on the projectile-lobbing student section, the hackey sack playing hippies, and the drunks in Section 121 spewing venom at the opposing team. Starting QB Brian White is inconsistent, with a ton of overthrows and misreads. RB Hugh Charles is quick, but will go down with a stiff breeze coming off the Flatirons. Getting the ball in WR Stephone Robinson’s hands seems to be the best weapon. The defense is strong, with Thaddeus Washington being the stalwart of the unit; select him at LB and stick with him on that side of the ball. Split either DE out and try to outrush the tackle and you may see some sackage. The Werewolf, Mason Crosby is the game’s top rated kicker, but he still couldn’t get the ball out of the endzone.

Every Day Should Be Saturday NCAA 2007 Post
EA Sports Official NCAA 07

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Tuesday, July 18, 2006

All-Star Break

You know you got the mad fat fluid when you rhyme, it's halftime...

***The local nine suffered their eighth straight defeat last night, pushing them 5 back and 4 games under 500. Just a scant 10 days ago, they were in first place and dreams of a possible postseason at 20th and Blake didn't seem so far-fetched. That was before the bullpen became imploded and the offense scored less than Tara Reid's frequent shopper card at Liquor Mart. The front office has already begun to reconstruct the has-beens and never-weres in the bully, and we may see a few other moves to get back in the less than stellar NL West before the deadline.

***Forgive me if I'm not scheduling my trip to Miami or Detriot for next year's NBA Finals for my Denver Nuggets. The trade for JR Smith isn't like were bringing in Manu Ginolbli or Michael Redd, or even Flip Murray at the #2 spot. Have the Nuggets had a viable off-guard since TR Dunn's jheri curl roamed Big Mac? (With apologies to Bryant Stith.) Smith, only two years removed from HS, has the "potential" tag all over him. Sort of like DeMarr Johnson still does five years into his "potential."

***Don't call me a "conspiracy guy," but it seems the deck is being more and more stacked against Ricardo Patton and his last year as head CU hoops coach. No contract beyond 07, recruits being denied admission, a tougher schedule, and a University review, have Ricardo shaping up his resume for beyond Boulder next summer. If Black Belt Ricardo can even get this team to the NIT, there should be a parade down Pearl Street for him. Unfortunately, it looks like the only letters the Buffs cagers will see will be DIA after another first round Big 12 loss.

[528 UPDATE: We are officially in the 2nd half of the Slushy Gutter Summer. The 3-digit weather made the Kid thirstier than a llama and was perfect for cold drinks. The weekend got the count way up after a visit to a bikini contest with former Slushy Gutter winner JL Smooth. Yes, a bikini contest. We weren't in a 1983 Spring Break movie either. We did enjoy a few smooooooooooth CLs and had an interesting time. The weekend moved along with a few pops at a trivia contest and a few deadbeat bars. Sunday a few CLs were downed at a 2 year old's birthday party. It was there I was chastised by the wife for talking about "cooking up crack rock" within the party's confines. Nevertheless, we got over the 300 mark and after coach's halftime pep-talk, we're ready for the 2nd half. (311) ]

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Saturday, July 15, 2006

Cannibal Ox Live

If first you don't succeed try, try again
Step up to the mic and die again
This is the next lifetime and you wanna battle
Either you like reincarnation or the smell of carnations...

The Fox Theater in Boulder hosted the vigorous Cannibal Ox show Thursday, and the kid and former two-time Slushy Gutter winner T-Dub repped hard. The Fox, hands down the best hip-hop venue in the state, was about a third full of an eclectic mix of folks. Backpackers, the hippie element, geeks, a smattering of hotties, thugs, preppy Kayne types, skateboarders, regular Joes, even the rave set were all on hand to see the Def Jux duo rip it up.

After the requisite performance by Can O’s weed carrier 4th Pyramid, Vast Aire and Vordul Mega took the stage. The entrance could’ve been a bit more dramatic, given the engulfing intros to many of their tracks. Immediately we were hit with The Cold Vein’s leadoff track, "Iron Galaxy." Just as sudden was the stature of the two MCs. Vordul was about a buck fiddy soaking wet, while Vast Aire was a mountain of a man. I’d read that Vast was a big cat, but damn, this dude was close to four bills.

Homeboy can still shoot it regardless of his super-size, as he got the crowd amped rocking through "Stress Rap," and the classic "A B-Boy's Alpha." I swigged down BL’s as the show bogged down a bit, but thankfully their DJ rescued the crowd with a mastering of the Technics to an old Wu-Tang track. He slyly dropped "Raspberry Fields" at the end of his work and Vast Aire wrecked the crowd with his verse, by far the highlight of the show. A couple of Aire’s solo joints followed, with a hot new track kicked by the pair. The crowd was hyped as it meant we soon should be blessed with a new Can O joint.

Unfortunately, the show ended awkwardly with a half-ass encore which pretty much consisted of Vordul trying to flow over one of his own tracks- not the instrumental- the regular version. The end notwithstanding, the show moved into my top 5 hiphop shows over the past decade or so. Big ups to the real MCs and hip hop heads holding it down. One love.

Cannibal Ox (My Space)

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Friday, July 14, 2006

Heads Aint Ready

Lemonade was a popular drink and it still is,
I get more props and stunts then Bruce Willis...

The count is over the hump as we approach the midway mark of The Slushy Gutter Summer. The past week has seen a steady diet of pops, from two softball losses, and a rained out Rockies game (only to be resumed at 11:00pm when I was tucked away in dreamland.) I visited the historic Rock Rest Lounge with the beautiful wife and checked the World Cup Final and the head-butt heard ‘round the world last Sunday at The Exchange Tavern. Throw in a free park reggae show and the Cannibal Ox show and the count is past the “point of no return” at svelte 275 and the dog days of summer are here.


Wednesday, July 12, 2006

D2 Hits Em Up

Chop the O, sprinkle a lil' snow inside a Optimo,
Swing the John McEnroe, rap rock'n'roll Tidy Bowl,
gung-ho pro, Starsky with the gumsole...

With Wimbledon wrapping up this past weekend, I asked my main dunn D2 about the lackluster state of American tennis:

"The problem with US tennis is that, since Sampras, there are no great American players to compete with the likes of Federer. Even Nadal, as great as he is, can't compete with Federer when Federer is playing well (except on clay). Roddick is a head case - he may be the biggest under-achiever in individual sports. I actually hate watching him play because he is such a big whiner and loses to players that he shouldn't lose to. Blake is probably better than Roddick right now, though he simply doesn't have the game to beat the top players. Despite the lack of great American players, I still enjoy watching it. I'm currently watching the Federer v Nadal match. Nadal is outmatched but he has the tenacity and fitness to outlast Federer if Federer doesn't stay sharp. Problem for Nadal is, Federer is the most consistent player on the tour; and at his best, he simply can't be beat on grass. "

(Note: We know this post doesn't have anything to do with the 3 main pillars that comprise the Slushy Gutter Summer. So we found the loophole that Andy Roddick is from Nebraska and is an acknowledged Husker fan. Everyone knows how we feel about those people, so piss on Andy Roddick, go James Blake and Maria Sharapova is like way hot.)

Maria Sharapova in SI Swimsuit Spread


Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Bring Ya Skillz to tha Battle

After about the 5th waaaaaaack song I heard today on Sirius radio, I was brought back to 1994 and the classic ish that is Jeru The Damaja's "Come Clean." A dozen years later, and this song might speak even more to the fake-ass, triflin, booty ass, played out bullshit that populates hip-hop in the 06. Recognize.


Friday, July 07, 2006

Golden Nuggets

Dont get me wrong, violence is not our forte
I just like to rhyme, kick the lyric skills like Pele...

Nuggets owner Stan Kroenke went on his own “Brewster Million’s” spree this past week when he inked Carmelo Anthony and Nene to about $140 million of cake for the next few years. SG Summer has been a bit critical of Carmelo’s summer regimen, but this signing was a no-brainer. Melo is the face of the franchise now, he gives this team the best pure scorer since the Alex English days.

Nene, or Nenealdinho, Pele-Nene, or whatever he wants to be called this season, is a different story. Eyebrows across the league were collectively raised with this signing, given Nene’s penchant for folding chairs rather than the hardwood.

Nene’s agent answered some of those concerns in a great exchange with the site Yes, his agent is paid to give the standard Pravda style dictum, but he sure makes Nene sound more like Karl Malone rather than Derrick Coleman.

To the kid, Nene is like the NBA equivalent of the Broncos' Ashlie Lelie, the “next big thing” but still hasn’t even approached the level that the experts have heaped on him. Similar to the Nug’s Rodney Rogers was in the mid-90s. Rogers had a nice 10-plus year NBA career, but never reached the All-Star status some said he would attain after coming out of Wake Forest in 1994. Never mind Rogers was undersized, couldn’t create his shot, was average on the defensive end, and never started consistently in Denver, a fact many ignored. Nene, on the other hand, is stacked like a linebacker, is marginal on the offensive end, but pretty stout on the defensive end.
The Nene signing might not be the big problem down at the Big Soda Fountain in the Platte Valley. It could be the complete flat-line in the Free Agent and trade realms.

Wal-Mart Stan has opened the checkbook, but the GM-less Nugs haven’t made a peep in the trade or free-agent game. The teams right behind the Nugs have been flipping and cooking the trade rock. The Trailblazers bring in Brandon Roy on draft day; Houston brings in the gritty Shane Battier; Utah trades for proven vet Derek Fisher; and the Hornets have hit it big, inking Peja, Tyson Chandler, and Bobby Jackson.

All the while, the Nuggets sit pat and have the massive proverbial elephant in the room in Kenyon Martin. He’s sitting in customer service waiting to be put back on the shelf by the pimply clerk, in this case the rudder-less Nuggets management. The only new names we’ve heard this summer have been a wild goose chase for Bonzi Wells, Casey Jacobsen (he’ll play for the summer league team!), and Shawn Kemp. Yes, that Shawn Kemp.

Keep and ear to the street in the coming months, that Brazilian samba tune you hear is Nene and his World Cup cronies. The leaderless Nugs might need Ronaldo and the boys to play the shooting guard this year.

Brewster's Millions (imbd)
Career stats for Nene (


Thursday, July 06, 2006

300 Game

I get in shape and do my physical fitness
Your head's numb, so your brains a miss this...

The “extended” weekend kept up the furious pace of the Slushy Gutter Summer. Ample opps to down beers and chill with my lovely wife and some of the crew. An evening stroll along Boulder’s Pearl Street Mall provided a few libations and always interesting people watching. Broz’s wedding saw a few drunkards in full wedding tipsy regalia, including former Slushy Gutter winner T-Dub. A jaunt through Cherry Creek’s Art Festival saw the first Canadian beer, a LaBatt’s Blue, of the Slushy Gutter Summer, eh? A mini-version of the Broomfield Trash Bar Beer Tour saw the kid and Slushy Gutter winner JayBiz down a few soldiers, including a couple monster mugs at Red’s Pub, a stale beer at Roosters, and the enemy’s new “Select” beer at Fox and Hound. Independence Day saw a few smoooooooooooooth CLs end the festivities and head us into the Meat of the Summer at a staunch 228, a “mere” 300 away from the golden goal.

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Monday, July 03, 2006

Happy Birfbay America

For you I got a lot to shoot my songs in here
My rhymes are hotter than a prostitute with ghonnerea
On the mic I let vocabulary spill
It's like that y'all, That y'all, kick em in the grill...

Songs to celebrate your 4th of July:

*Public Enemy- Louder Than a Bomb
*Nas- American Way
*Main Source- Live From the BBQ
*Eric B and Rakim- Eric B is President
*Main Source- Just a Friendly Game of Baseball
*Jadakiss- Hot Sauce to Go
*Ultramagnetic MCs- Two Brothers with Checks (mad references to old school baseball players; Thurman Munson, Ray Fossey, Joe Morgan, Charlie Hough)
*Company Flow- Patriotism
*Kam- Holiday Madness
*Wu-Tang Clan- Soul Power ("Get automatic systematic jumpin in your socks, Mama's apple pie in the park hopscotch")
*Noreaga- Love Ya Moms
*KRS-One- Beef
*Ghostface Killah- Fish ("Turn my channel, it'll blow your whole bench off the panel, like 80 roman candles that backfired then slammed you")
*De La Soul- Dog Eat Dog
*Sir Mix A Lot- National Anthem
*Ice Cube- My Summer Vacation
*Camron- Hey Ma
*Ice-T- Colors ("Living life like a firecracker, quick is my fuse")
*Back to the Grill- MC Serch

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