Thursday, December 07, 2006

No Hawk Love

Puttin heads to bed, straight out the box
MC's, are jumpin out shoes and socks
I'm not playin, understand what I'm sayin
Catch a sucker in my way, and I'm slayin...

At the conclusion of last night’s 98-96 loss to the Atlanta Hawks, Nuggets superstar Carmelo Anthony immediately exited the floor on a bee line to the locker room. Along the way, Melo tossed his headband, then his jersey, next was his protective rib flap jacket he wears, and finally his shorts. As he meandered the Pepsis Center hallways, all Melo was draped in were his skivvies and fancy Jordan brand shoes.

Was Melo hot to trot to get home to his fiancée (LaLa’s ill na-na?) Was it a hazmat drill? Audtioning for a spot at the local caberet? Most likely he was trying to remove the stench of blowing a 17 point 4th quarter lead at home to another sub-par team.

The fourth quarter once again devoured the Nugs, as the basket seemed to shrink to the size of a quarter, the defense allowed 3 pointers to rain free, the passes were lazy, and the charity pitches wouldn’t fall.

The final few sequences were bizarre as Snickers Miller took a 3 pointer and then drove the lane on the final possession only to see his seven footer go long and two Marcus Camby tips went bouncing off. Miller is having a solid year, in spite of the Slushy Gutter putdowns, but who wants him taking either of those opps?

Another home loss to a mediocre (see” Minnesota) or bad (see: Memphis, NY Knicks) team. At 10-6 the Nugs look good, but good enough for what? The seventh or eighth seed in the playoffs and an ass-whupping by the Spurs or Dallas? It’s games like this the home team needs to take care of; even the most hardened hoop head would have trouble deciphering the names on the Hawk’s box score.

With a fifth of the season complete, and no games versus the Western Conference big boys yet, the Nugs have failed to set themselves up to challenge for a top spot. It’s early, but it appears that six spots in the conference are set, with a handful of teams battling for the seven and eight seeds. That’s where the Baby Blues fall in right now. Ouch, that’s enough to make a grown man walk around in his underwear.



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