Friday, December 15, 2006

No A or I in Denver

You muthafuckin right
In the darkest nights let off my gun for light
To guide ya'll through, show you how it's done
I'm the question and the answer like Iverson...

There are more rumors floating around about Allen Iverson trades to Our Team than Tom Cruise and gerbil stories. The view here is none of them are viable; that the Nugs brass shouldn’t even trade a bag of jockstraps for the malcontent AI.

Personally, I love AI’s game. It is so cliché now, but the guy is a true warrior. He plays with a reckless abandon that if you just happened to check an NBA tilt for the first time ever, you notice him, his hard work, and court presence. I believe to this day that the guy single handily brought us the bronze in the 04 Olympics. However, we know the guy’s off the court antics. His practice, I mean, what are we talking about…practice…habits. His feuding with coaches, his horrible rap career, his lame neck tats, his moms in his business, and all the Samonsite-sized baggage that comes with him.

The Nugs have their nucleus, a young team centered on an emerging superstar in Melo. We think JR Smith could be the compliment to Melo, ala Vince Carter and T-Mac in Toronto a few years back. They have two 1st round picks, which coupled with a player or two, could bring in Camby’s successor in the middle. If Nene ever gains his form and becomes injury free, he could be their 4 for years down the road. The team is steady, and it seems “staying the course” is best option numero uno. Don't mess with the most overrated aspect of sports: chemistry. Bringing in a 30+ star who eats up tons of salary just wouldn’t make too much sense at this juncture. Now, if the guy can pitch at altitude, someone call the Rockies, they're looking to trade.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

I usually don't put up with any complaints from athletes with 8-figure salaries, but I actually bought into A.I.'s "we talkin' 'bout practice" news conference. He's one of the few NBA players who unquestionably gives his all for every second he's on the court, whether or not he skipped a few of Larry Brown's practices.

I haven't been paying attention to all of the Denver trade scenarios, but I can't see how the Nuggets would be hurt by a package that included, say, JR Smith and K-Mart.

8:42 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

As a life long Sixers fan and AI fan since Georgetown with Othello Harrington and Jerome Williams (he was ill in college!), let me tell you for a fact that you can personally have AI on any team in the NBA. I will personally drive him there in my car, drop him off with a bag full of cookies, and give that team a big hug, then walk away with a villainous laugh!

It'll only be a matter of time before he skips every practice, gets in altercations with his wife and/or entourage's "beefs," take 38 shots to score 44 points, plays matador defense, gets a coach fired but say all the right things to the media so he'll get a pass.

ALLEN IVERSON IS NOT WHO YOU THINK HE IS! He's an All-Star, he's an MVP, he's all-time great that'll play his ass off. BUT HE ONLY DOES IT FOR HIMSELF. I have no reason to slander this guy--I'm just sick of people overtly praising him because he's 5'11'' and the Sixers suck.

To quote Method Man, "Y'all been warned..."

8:53 AM  
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