Saturday, July 22, 2006

Boot Camp Click Live

It's just a regular, everyday state of being
Mind holds the weight, rhymes free the mind in time
I find reality follows me where I roam
360 degrees back home...

Me and the lovely wife made our way back to the Republic of Boulder and the home of CO hip hop, The Fox Theater, to catch the Boot Camp Click. Unlike the last show I attended there, this crowd was a bit more gully. Smoking ban, what the fuck is that? Mad herb was being passed throughout the venue. Headz repped for BCC, sporting the fatigues, t-shirts, and a huge collection of folk sporting their 1993 Timbos.

Like any self respecting rap show, it was running mad late. The opening act, CO's own Black Pegasus did a 20 minute set to get the crowd ready for the BK headliners. Black Pegasus repped for CO pretty hard and dropped alot of referencces to his home state that were pretty good. Among them were something along the lines of " state's square, but not like Sponge Bob's pants"

Immediately after the opener, the BCC DJ, Logic, got on the tables and spun some hot mid-90's shit that worked the crowd up for the main act. All the "older" heads could almost be seen in unison as if to say, "this is what hiphop should be!" First on stage was Smif N Wesson, or Cocoa Brovaz, or Tek N Steele, whatever it is they want to be called today. They worked the Fox pretty hard and blazed through some of tHeir newer stuff from Reloaded then hit us off with the classic "Lets Git it On." Immediately after, they blazed into "My Timbz Do Work" from their new CD and Sean Price leaped on stage to cut his verse.

Sean P broke us off a few bangers from his Monkey Barz shit, including the leadoff track, "Peep My Words" and "Onion Head." No doubt Sean P is still hailing himself as "the brokest rapper you know" as he non-chalantly strolled the stage, his words easily rolling off the dome. He like to preen for the crowd, flexing his muscles, and giving dap to the dudes in the front row.

Just when I thought that Sean P might carry the show, his partner Rock aka Tha Rockness Monsta joined him to form Heltah Skeltah. Their Nocturnal CD might have been in my system all of 1996, and they showed the Kid why. Right off they went dark with "Here We Come" and "Operation Lock Down." Rockness Monstah commanded the stage, the cat has got that presence. Throughout the entire show, you could focus on him, his deep voice, and his height, dude towered over the entire BCC. He reminded me of a young Busta Rhymes in the Leaders of the New School days; you just knew he was going to be a star because of his personality and distinctive style. Unfortunately for Rock, that never materialized. Boot Camp never really pushed him as a solo artist, as 10 years in he has never put out a dolo joint.

The stage was full with Tek, Steele, Sean P, Rock, and even a ever-filming Dru-Ha, there was no bullshit weed carriers to distract the audience, trying to hype the crowd, spraying booze, throwing wack CDs. BCC had the requisite Henny on stage that they were all enjoying, and Logic switched it up with some current beats, even Rick Ross' "Hustlin'" for the MCs to flow over.

Buckshot then ran onto the stage and launched full bore into "Buck Em Down" and "How Many MCs." Buckshot is a short guy, but he had the crowd amped up. The floor even saw a few mosh pits open up, including one asshole who caught a beating for slamming into the wrong guy's lady. Buckshot rocked some Chemistry ish, then hit us with his "Crooklyn" verse. Smif N Wesson added 98's "Black Trump."

The crowd was ready for some classic Black Moon, but the show turned again to Sean P to do a few more solo joints. Smattered throughout were tracks from the new CD, The Last Stand, which the crowd didn't feel as much since it just came out on Tuesday. "Trading Spaces" from that CD is defintely worth adding to you MP3. Finally, Smif N Wesson rocked "Bucktown," which must've made the drunk frat boy behind me happy since he was screaming "Buuuckshowwwn" every 30 seconds. Slushy Gutter indeed.

"Buck Em Down" and Sean P's "Boom Bye Yeah" followed, before "Leflaur Leflah Eshkoshka" with only Heltah Skeltah. By now it was apparent OGC was AWOL, but I hardly think many noticed, except for aforementioned drunky guy who also screamed "Staraang Wondahhhh" the entire night also. Strike two for Kappa Phi Drunka.

"I Ain't Havin That," the classic "I Gotcha Opin" and "Wontime" closed out the show. Buckshot made it offical with the track that started it all, "Who Got Da Props" For a younger crowd, I was surprised the crowd could rock along with this one. Half of 'em must've been 6 years old when it dropped. Buckshot's flow has changed since the glory days. It's more melodic rather the trademark choppy ish from the Enta Da Stage days. But it didn't distract from the show, as everyone spilled into the street after a nearly two hour show. Two hours? That's almost blasphemous in hiphop these days. Overall, hearing the classics was well worth the ticket, and the hardcore BCC fans like the Kid were treated to the new stuff which carries BCC today.

Videos: Trading Spaces- BCC, How Many MC's- Black Moon, Boom Bye Yeah- Sean Price, Bucktown- Smif N Wesson, Who Got Da Props?- Black Moon

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Mad thorough. Glad you went. I need some lessons from you on getting out the house, Hi-C. Sorry I ain't hit you back re the trip details. Been on the catch-up after coming back in town.

Found a gang of Bermuda references on, a couple of which are on my last post on my site.

Be easy.

11:45 AM  
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