Monday, November 28, 2011

Broncos: Super Charged

PROPS and DROPS from the Buffs breaking their long road losing streak by beating Utah and the Broncos OT win over the Chargers:

PROPS: Take Eric Decker and Tim Tebow off the football field and pop them in an Old Chicago and they look like two 20-somethings trolling for chicks, but put them in the predominantly Orange and you have great chemistry and rhythm. On Decker's long reception Tebow put the ball where only he could get it. On the long pass by the endzone (blatant pass interference on that froma ref that was two yards away. Maybe the ref was thinking about Dan Fouts' beard?) Decker reacted to Tebow's long pocket presence and broke for the pylon. "Hiding" Decker in the offensive backfield seems to be working, as he seems to go a bit less unoticed except for Tebow once into the secondary.

PROPS: The play of the game was the third down run before Nick Novak's missed OT field goal. Rather than run up the gut for no yards or one yard, the Chargers and Norv Turner go off tackle where Von Miller was waiting. Result: four yard loss. Next play: Novak's kick misses from about four to five yards. Miller was held in check all first half but he just wore down the Chargers OL in the 4th and OT.

DROPS: What has happenned to Phillip Rivers? He was the QB who was throwing off the wrong foot, overthrowing WRs, throwing into coverage, and one hopping the ball. However, it appears he still might be a bit "punky" (not to be confused with the "punky QB" Jim McMahon.) When Tebow was pounded out of bounds late in OT, Tebow appears to give Rivers a double look like Rivers had just said something.

DROPS: Gotta make John Fox a bit uneasy when his boss Brian Xanders is standing behind him, and his big boss John Elway is standing right behind him late in the game. Was Roger Godell standing there too? And somewhere behind him was Barack Obama? And behind him Zoltak the Supreme Ruler of Universe?

PROPS: Tebow had enough time on some pass plays to knit a sweater. The Donk OL just manhandled the Charger DL. Now, the Charger brass didn't do them any favors by rushing three or four on most passing plays and using a safety or LB as a "spy" for Tebow. Give any WRs that much time and they can get open. Worst case scenario, they get the DBs so far out of the play that a QB like Tebow can get minimum five yards on a scramble.

PROPS: The SG Crew ventured to the strange land known as Utah and took in the game, and that was the most heart I saw the Buffs play with all year. Extra effort seemingly on every play, guys flocking to the ball, WRs and RBs striving for that extra yard. College kids are a funny bunch (bong hits and casual sex notwithstanding) and the Buffs seemed to have "it" on this afternoon. Even the coaches reached into their depths, witness Jon Embree tearing up after the game.

PROPS: Utah had one final drive to tie or win the game, and they were moving at a decent clip. A pass intended for a UTE WR was behind him, he took two steps and was drilled by Buff DB Parker Orms. The hit was text book: did not lead with the head but with his shoulder, square into the WR's chest. Just like everyone is taught in this day and age. However the refs called a personal foul and the Utes had a 15 free yards and the ball near the Buffs 20 with a minute left. Rather than be rattled, the Buffs answered with two straight sacks before the Utes missed the last second FG. A few games back, they quite possibly folded after that penalty and allow the opponent to waltz in for a winner.

PROPS: For the Buffs (a 22 point dog) to win the game gives huge momentum into the off season. Granted they are a 3-10 team, but they won two of their last three games and broke the horrendous and almost freaky road losing streak. Can the staff turn that into a few blue chips?

DROPS: Ute fans and media seem to think the game started a "rivalry" that the Pac 12 thinks we have with the Utes now. According to Utah and Colorado fans and internet lurkers the Buffs completed every pass due to "pick plays"; Utah Fans were throwing things at the CU bench; there was a argument in the press box between CU and Utah athletic department staffers; and the Utes were calling out Tyler Hansen's snap cadence all game. Rivalry? Not quite yet, but there's plently of leftover urine balloons left over from the Nebraska series at Folsom for 2012.

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Blogger Adam W said...

It seemed to me that the Chargers showed at least a start to the blueprint of how to stop the option. It seemed to get bottled up pretty good at times when the Chargers had 8 in the secondary with spies on all the options. I'm curious to see how Fox will counter that.

3:59 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Keep pounding. They can stop it in the 1st and 2nd quarter, but when they same play is coming at you with a bruiser QB/RB/FB in the 3rd, youre gonna start to wilt.

9:56 AM  

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