Friday, November 18, 2011

Thursday Drive

PROPS and DROPS from the big Bronco win over the Jets on Thursday and the Buffs loss to UCLA:

PROPS: Von Miller has responded to his benching a few games back by becoming the most dominating Donk defensive player. His sack on Mark Sanchez on the last gasp drive was just pure bulldozer. He ran right through the tackle and right into the QB (hah hah hah insert tired 'Dirty Sancez' joke here.) More proof how freakish this guy is? On the Jets snap that went over Sanchez's head, Miller nearly beat him to the ball despite a ten yard head start. As he grows as a player, the Broncos need to be creative with getting this guy to the QB anyway possible.

DROPS: The Jets looked like they wanted no part of Tim Tebow on his winning TD drive and TD run. Everyone's darling Darrelle Revis nearly "ole-ed" Tebow on his right side run and allowed another 2-3 yards. Dad-of-the-year Antonio Cromartie was a spectator as Tebow barrelled to the goal line, not even attempting to come off Eric Decker's block. A 240 QB heading straight at you in open field? The Jets turned tail.

DROPS: The Broncos seemed to abandon the chicanery that they employed on their first drive as the game wore on for a more vanilla offense. Dan Reeves' favorite play, the shuttle pass (or is it shuffle pass? It can be deemed a 'shuttle' and yet it is a 'shuffle') netted a nice gain. Decker threw a pass halfway to Castle Rock, and Eddie Royal was running around the backfield like he was playing in the CFL. Yet, after the team was stuffed on 4th down, the remainder of the game until the last drive was all predictable.

DROPS: Anyone see former Buff linebacker Matt Russell chilling in Elway's booth? He's now a scout for the team. Feel free to maybe wear a collared shirt, not spit into a foam cup, and not wear your grungy hat backwards around your boss, Matt.

PROPS: To see Tebow analyze the defense on run plays is akin to seeing Peyton Manning analyze the defense on a passing down. That might be the only time you see those two names together outside of a gold tourney. Tebow recognized the Jets' blitz, the angle DB Eric Smith would take, and his WRs routes taking the other DBS in an instant and turned it into the winning TD.

DROPS: Four time SG winner TDub commented before the game that a Buff win would be the "final payback" to Slick Rick because it would cost him his job. Yet three plays into the the game, UCLA had 14 points and cruised. Three tries against Rick and CU couldn't get him any of the times, yet this was the worst of the three. UCLA still committed Rick-like dumb penalties and did nothing fancy on O and had their way with the Buffs. No wonder they wore the black helmets, so they could blend in with the night and not be noticed.

DROPS: UCLA has four players with Buff ties who would be starting if not for the prior coaching staff. Taylor Embree at WR, Joseph Fauria at TE, Josh Smith at WR, and Kai Maiva at C. The latter two were transfers, while the former two had family ties to the program. Fauria (nephew of former Buff TE Christian)was unstoppable out there on Saturday, his athleticism at TE would make the Buffs better the moment he stepped on the field.

PROPS: The height that UCLA has on their team is like a hoops team out there. You could stack these guys on each other and wash the windows on the whole campus. Credit to their coaching staff for going right at our minute DBs quick and early.

DROPS: The CU road losing streak is laughable at this point. As soon as this squad steps on a plane, they ratchet their talent, execution, and desire down three levels. Any momentum from the Senior Day win over Arizona evaporated as soon as they touched down at LAX. That is on the players and the coaches. Hawk took heat for it, and now Embree is too.

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