Monday, December 05, 2011

No Doubting Thomas

PROPS and DROPS from the Broncos' trip to the Metrodome and their last second win over the Vikings:

PROPS: Demaryous Thomas picked a good game to have his "breakout." One, the Vikings' defensive backfield was littered with injuries and guys with little experience. Two, with the Vikings so keen on stopping Tim Tebow and the run it set up Thomas and Eric Decker in single coverage. Right there gave Thomas the advantage big time. Tebow responded and hit him when he was open and not so open (his best pass of the day was the drop off Thomas' fingertips at the goal line.) Dare I say that Thomas looked like another G-Tech alum in the open field, Calvin Johnson. On the little dump pass TD, Thomas shredded the entire Vikings back seven.

PROPS: I could go to DIA, take a flight to Miami. From there I could take a flight to Rio, hop on a small commuter plane to the Amazon. Some dude with a bad mustache could pick me up in a beaten VW bus and drive me further into the jungle. I could then take a raft down the river, where I would disembark and ride a horse miles into the jungle hinterland. I'd meet up with some natives who are practically untouched by any modern amenities and their contact with the outside world is minimal. Those people would know that if the Broncos are down by two and trying a 2pt conversion that Tim Tebow would run it in, how the hell can the Bronco opponent not know it?

PROPS: John Elway has harnassed future "Star Trek" technology and is able to get from a box down to the field in just milliseconds. Seriously, does this guy go in a full sprint from the booth to the field? It takes me 10 minutes to get from my seat to the damn bathroom at the stadium.

DROPS: Back in the day the Minnesota Twins used to manipulate the HVAC system at the Metrodome depending on who was at bat. One has to wonder with one ball stopping on its end at the one-inch line and another ball balancing on a Viking tight end's head if that manipulation was back.

DROPS: The pass that Christian Ponder threw to Andre Goodman leading to the game winning FG was one of the worst of the NFL year. Did everyone see the Donk sideline cheering before the ball was even picked? I think they knew it was horrible when it left his hand. Regardless if the Donks "fooled" Ponder with their coverage or not, that pass should've never been thrown. There was at least four to five Denver players in the picture and lots of green in front of each.

PROPS: Von Miller's glasses. Nuff said.

PROPS: Willis McGahee got stronger as the game went on against a pretty stout Vikings defensive line. After a shaky start, the gameplan remained the same after halftime and after three McGahee runs the Donks had a TD on the 2nd half's first drive. Credit the interior Broncos' line and Jared Allen's weird penchant for speed rushing around his man every down, effectively taking him out of the play.

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