Thursday, September 15, 2011

Top Billboard Spot

A jam strong enough that it can lift your soul,
I'm the originator and my rhymes are made of gold...

A group of disgruntled Bronco fans are planning on putting together some billboards downtown urging the team to bench Orton and play Tim Tebow. They will read "Bench Orton, Play Tim." Wow, advertising genius that even Darrin Stevens would be proud of. With a hefty price tag, the SG has some other billboard ideas and taglines.

-- "Hello Cedric Benson: 5280 ft in elevation, 280 in yards"

-- A beaming picture of Orton (if one exists) that reads "Neckbeards? Yes. Points in the red zone? No!"

--A plain orange billboard in which team president John Elway will live on with a group of 10 cougars who populate his Cherry Creek steakhouse until the team wins.

-- "NFL Trade Deadline Oct 23. Last good player turn off the lights"

-- "Chicago and New England Fans: Good seasts available for December Bronco games. Contact any Bronco season ticket holder."

-- "Sports Authority Fiel at Mile High. Yes, there's no 'D' there."

-- A picture of a frustrated Coach Fox and "Don't blame me, it's the previous administration's fault."

-- A picture of R2D2 projecting Stanford QB Andrew Luck and "Save us Andrew, you're our only hope."

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Blogger Adam W said...

So, the economy isn't that bad then?

10:25 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Elways patio on Wednesdays in the Summer= Open cougar season. Holy crap, any dude in their late 20s going there is like fresh meat.

11:06 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

the cat doing the billboard is from kentucky. What the hell? Is the moonshine biz that good?

10:19 AM  
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