Thursday, May 06, 2010

Marcberg May Points

So tell me why shouldn't it be true
I get a kick out of brew
There is only one beer left
Rappers screaming all in our ears like we're deaf ...

Tebowmania is running rampant around the city, the state, the country, and the universe. Word comes down that The Golden One's jersey is the number one seller in the NFL (and that probably isn't counting the duct taped modified Brandon Marshall jersies as a SG reader suggested, which would push the Tebow numbers into quadruple platinum category.) With the other big 'jersey" story (not including Pauly, The Situation, or Snooki) being the Phoenix Suns 'Los Suns' (sounds like a adult contemporary band that plays for free at your local summer festival. "Hey, Lakewood! Give a warm welcome to a special brand of soul, steely blues, with a smidge of good ol' down home country and western...Los Suns!") can the Broncos mesh the two? I vote for "Los Donks" across the navy blue and "predominantly orange" unis a select few home games next year. (Then again, Tebow can stand on the sun, he controls the sun to shine on those who are having a bad day, and the warnings on binoculars to "not point directly at the sun" do not apply to him.)

Raw, stripped down, and precise. No, that's not how you describe your favorite skank at the strip club, but rather Roc Marciano's latest release The Marcberg. The release from the Long Island MC paints a gritty picture with Roc's off-kilter flow and minimalistic beats. Interspersed throughout are bites from the 1960's movie "The Cool World," which incredibly add to the overall grimey feel. Following his ill appearances on Marco Polo, Pete Rock, and other projects, the ex-Flipmode member unfolds his story 1-14 on tracks like "Snow", "Thugs Prayer", and "Jungle Fever." Don't expect any big name producers as he handles all the work solo, not any "name" cameos to give this album any sing songy hooks or cred, because it just doesn't need it.

Heat and spice aren't usually something you think of when guzzling a beer, and neither is your favorite Wu Tang member. The folks at Twisted Pine brewery here in CO have changed that with their Ghost Face Killah Beer, made with ghost peppers and a wide range of equally spicy condiments. Apparently this beer is so hot that the brewers have been in contact with The Gunniess people (records, not beer) to qualify it as the world's hottest. Expect the folks at Def Jam to maybe be contacting the brewers too with a cease and desist order too. Unless Ghost is chilling on the block with a bottle?

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Anonymous Pop E Choo Low said...

Tebow is listing to Marcberg drinking a chili beer. Meshing harmony son.

3:15 PM  
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