Monday, May 03, 2010

Nuggets: Standing Pat

I alleviated the pain, with a long-term goal
Took my underground loot, without the gold...

Everyone seems to have their Rx on what to do to the Nuggets this offseason. Who to bring in, who to trade, who to target, who to sign long term. In reality though, will it surprise anyone if the Nuggets do absolutley nothing and bring back the team intact? Last year they were a hair from the Finals and they essentially brought back the same squad (Dahntay Jones for Arron Affalo is a small upgrade; Ty Lawson takes AC's minutes.) In February they were the second best team in the conference in did nothing. History says don't expect a huge upgrade or calculated re-tooling. That said, what should the existing players on the roster be doing?

MELO- His head will be elsewhere with his wedding this summer, which is already splashed on the society pages. Will he play in the World Championships later this summer? Melo seems to have better seasons coming off USA team appearances.

CHAUNCEY- Take it easy. Anyone could see his game fell off as the season wore on, jumpers were flat, Deron Williams had his way with him. He is in the Team USA player pool, but would be wise to not make the trip if asked. A regimen to stay in shape without anything deemed wearing would be perfect.

BIRD- I was looking through some newspapers of last year's playoff run and was amazed how much fitter Andersen looked. Lean, more defined. In this year's Utah series he looked like Greg Allman. Hit the weights and refocus on that defensive mean streak.

K-MART- Martin is in such a gray area of his career; the knees have to be grinding, the nasty streak wasn't there versus Carlos Boozer (Booze comes in with a known stomach injury and the team doesn't get physical with him?) and his rapper girlfriend is still putting out bad music (although her verse in the dreadful "My Chick Bad" remix references K-Mart's lips tattoo.)

NENE- Who really knows with Nene? At this point he isn't going to be the great, explosive, 22-12 guy that everyone thinks he is going to be. We just have to accept that he'll be the 16-8 guy who will sometimes have that huge game and other times be outplayed by journeyman centers. I have no clue what he should do this summer, maybe take some Lambada lessons.

AFFALO- He's one of those off-guards that seems interchangable throughout the league. It seems like every team has an Affalo. He could the type of veteran player to grind through a few summer league games to pick up his defense.

LAWSON- Work hard, bulk up. More drives through the lane will be in store for next year and his 5-9 frame will take a pounding. Plus, defending the likes of Williams and Brandon Roy will also be physical.

PETRO- Work hard and get on the French national team. A rugged summer in Euro qualifying and the Worlds will harden his game for next year.

GRAHAM- He might be ready to take some major minutes next year (why he didn't play prior to Game 6 is a great mystery) and match up versus the opposition's stongest low post presence. He too will need to keep up the weights and work on his moves on the block.

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Anonymous calvin natty light said...

leaving JR Smith off on purpose? Have fun in New Jersey JR, with all your friends and crew watching you play in front of 4000 people in the swamp.

11:24 AM  
Anonymous Spotwood said...

I hope so. I'd like to leave him off the side of the Grand Canyon.

And he can take Nene and Kenyon down with thim.

Realistically though, the Nuggets have 9 guys with guaranteed deals this next year, and Kenyon's player option which he'd have to be a gigantic moron to pass up.

So get ready Nugs fans, we get to see this exact same garbage next year!

2:09 PM  
Anonymous tim tebow said...

I can play all 5 positions

6:51 AM  
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