Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Hype Men

I try to tell them, "We're all in this together!"
My album was raw because no-one would ever
think like I think and do what I do
I stole the show, and then I leave without a clue...

What is says about our country when the focus of today is not the six year mark of the 2001 terrorist attacks, but rather the release of two rap albums. Unless you live in a cave or Nebraska, Kanye West and 50 Cent both release their 3rd albums today. (Why is an artist’s second release always called their “sophomore release” but their third never called their “junior release”? Just food for thought.)

Quite frankly, this blogger (and I hate that term) could really give a crap about either album or this accompanying hype/marketing. I won’t be rushing to the record section today to pick up either. I won’t be giving my blow by blow review of either album. I won’t celebrate by letting Kanye’s ego apply for statehood or by popping champagne with shiny rims ala Fiddy.

Don’t peg me as a “hater” either. I seem to be one of the few real Hip Hop heads who actually thought 50’s The Massacre was a damn good album. “Guns Come Out” is one of those beats and songs that has just stuck with me. I also thought West’s Late Registration was a superb album. “Drive Slow” and “Crack Music” are another couple of those jams that fit my above descript.

Without having the new albums, I know what each will contain. Both albums will offer annoying pop-ready radio singles. 50 gives us Justin Timberlake, Robin Thicke, and Nicole Scherzinger. Kanye offers T-Pain and Chris Martin. Yawn. 50 gives us his sensitive thug side and his near daily diatribe about his money and material items. Kanye will continue to “grow” and “progress” musically and lyrically and he has the requisite Lil Wayne appearance. Yipee. Both will garner reviews that will crown Kanye as the don of this shit, and say how 50 is dropping the same content as when he first came out. Hooray. Both have hot summer singles, "I Get Money" and "Can't Tell Me Nothing." Great, it's September.

I’ll cop both CDs eventually, and I’ll probably like both of them. Shit, one or even both will probably end up on my year-end best list. I’m just not jocking this mass marketing corporate BS that comes with the albums like a bonus track or a shiny sticker for your skateboard. Call me old school, call me an over-the-hill blogger who pines for the old days when an album was just dropped and word-of-mouth spread, or call me a straight up douchebag. As Redman said, "I be that." I’m also taking my $25 and buying a 6 pack, a worn copy of a Fu-Schnickens CD, a box of Newports and Puma sweats.



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