Thursday, August 23, 2007

Visualization of Hawk

My point is that do not concentrate
on what I state, create, or debate
I might be great, and you might admire
But what I say is to take you much higher...

Dan Hawkins took his young Buffs team on a tour of Invesco Field yesterday, prompting the coach to ask the young charges to “visualize” them winning their Sept 1 contest in the stadium.

No word if the Dali Dan Llama was also seen burning incense and chanting “oooohhhhhm.” Did the O-line carry him in one of those platforms while he tossed poppy flowers to the crowd? I hardly don’t see the mile-a-minute Dan Hawkins being the Phil Jackson type being the Zen type; holing up in his office reading ancient tomes and listening to sitar music. “It’s the Buddhist principles! It’s the learning of self! This ain’t some self help book! Go study Dr Phil, brother!”

Message to Dan: “visualize” a freaking game plan for you and the team that will effectively defeat the Sheep. “Visualize” getting the ball to your playmakers (read: Bernard Jackson) and coming up with some creative ways to slow Sheep hoss Kyle Bell. “Visualize” your linebackers covering the tight end and the d-line getting pressure on the QB. See your self and your young QB getting receivers into behind the Sheep backs for long completions. Awaken your inner self to getting into the endzone now that your stud kicker is playing for the Packers. Visualize no missed assignments, crisp route running, no stupid penalties, no east-west running, and the right play calling.

Visualize that, brother.



Blogger Hallux Valgus said...

I swear to God, some of this shit is starting to reek of Neuheisel. If you see him walking around with an acoustic guitar, you'd better go Bluto Blutarski on that thing.

5:18 PM  
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