Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Hawk's End Game

I sip the Dom P, watchin Gandhi til I'm charged
Then writin in my book of rhymes, all the words pass the margin...

Thanks to the never-ending, relentless, and unerving pressure of the SG, Dan Hawkins is no longer employed by Dear Ol' CU. That and the bookend career losses (to Division 1-AA Montana State- a CU first; and a 28 point letdown to KU, also a CU first) and the 56 games in between.

I do feel pretty qualified to speak on the Hawk tenure. Over the last five years I saw every CU football game either live or on TV except one (last year's Iowa State contest.) Outside of CU parents and some diehards, there are few who have watched that many. There are things I've seen or heard from real insiders that I would never throw on here the last five years (ironically, this SG rubbish has spanned the entire Hawk tenure) but perhaps now a few are worthy to take a look at.

As Biggie once said, "throw salt in the wound" and we take a look at Dan's tenure because as it says on Norlin Library "he who knows only his own generation remains only a child."

A whole slew of Dan's wins were sketchy at best. His signature win over OU in 2007 was helped by some very questionable calls. He needed a late INT for a TD to beat a Division 1-AA Eastern Washington in 2008. Bill Stewart butchered the clock so bad and a clutch kicker missed a chippy in an OT win over West Virginia in 2008. Future NFLers Terrence Wheatley and Jordan Dizon paced the team in a five point win over Texas Tech in 07. Iowa State nearly punched in a final second option TD in 2008. Two wins last year over Texas A&M and KU were aided by extremely close official calls. MORAL: It could've been ALOT worse.

Dan always talked about having "good kids." I know people in Boulder law enforcement. The kids on the team were not choir boys. They weren't Tim Tebows. They weren't spending Satruday nights volunteering. MORAL: Don't lie to us, these are testerone filled college males.

Hawk brought a whole bunch of credentials after his stint at Boise State to CU. He was a "genius" on offense and an outside the box coach who would fit into Boulder and CU. Really? There were kids on the team who didn't need to know the entire playbook. Offensive players who didn't need to know a certain formation because of insane "groupings" which they were matched with other players to run certian plays. Oh, but the o-coordinator calls plays. Yep, but Hawk has veto power. MORAL: Chris Peterson at Boise was and is the brains of that operation.

Hawk always came across as being a "good guy" if not a good coach. That was always a fallback. Although in meetings with media and boosters, he would always be quick to point out how dire CU was when he arrived. He wouldn't take his assistants' advice and personnel directives in game planning. An SG alum went to an Athletic Department mixer where the coach of one sport was supposed to introduce another coach. It went well until it got to Hawk, where he was supposed to introduce our new Volleyball coach. He did no such thing, but rather rambled on incoherently and took shots at fans then abruptly left the podium and directly to the back of the room. AD Mike Bohn had to grab the mic and do the introduction. More than one player has been denied the chance to walk out of the tunnel on Senior Day for some petty BS. This is with their parents, grandparents and family in town. MORAL: He was arrogant and could be an asshole.

Coach Phil Jackson came across as a "Zen" guy. The fact is that he really is that guy. Read his book Sacred Hoops. This dude is really an introspective guy who incorporates all sorts of eccentricities into a winning team. Hawk would be quick to quote all these "out there" things and seem to have a take-life-as-it-comes philosophies. Hold on though, did anyone ever see Hawk living his life that way? The thing that I always remember is early in his tenure he said he'd run a marathon. 26.2 miles. Big undertaking. I consider myself somewhat a runner and I could barely find the time to train for a half marathon the past two summers. And I'm some shithead blogger with a regular job and a wife and kid, not an NCAA football coach. MORAL: Big talkers don't are usually just that- talkers.
It is easy to feel sorry for Hawk after his press conference and thanking of everyone. But remember he's walking with alot of our money. He got himself an extension to get that money by winning eight football games in two years. Deep down, I think Hawk starting feeding into his own delusion. Good luck to Hawk, remember, it's the Big 12, and you didn't cut it.
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Anonymous Spotwood said...

Can he take Aric Goodman with him?

9:26 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

For some reason he had Mike Leach's number. No pirate in Boulder.

11:05 AM  
Anonymous calvin natty light said...

Got your father hidin in a room; fucked him with the broom
Slit him down the back and threw salt in the wound
Who you think you're dealin with?
Anybody step into my path is fuckin feelin it!


12:02 PM  
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