Monday, November 01, 2010

London Bawling

See you can try, if you try, if you don't, you don't
If you wanna battle, it's either that you will or you won't...

DROPS from the Buff loss to Oklahoma and the Donks Trans Atlantic debacle in London:

DROPS: What was used to color the endzones and logos on the Wembley turf? Food coloring? Players looked like some freaky psychadelic mish-mash of Krylon and Easter Egg coloring kits. Cookie and James in Boulder probably went into some weird fee trip after seeing that.

DROPS: Dead man walking is what Dan Hawkins is right now, so no need to waste the interwebs space on that topic. But how nice of him to turn his back on erratic kicker Aric Goodman's FG attempt. But, hey, the kid made it. Maybe Hawk should extend that tactic. When the team is in the red zone, hang out in the tunnel. When they are in the 2nd Half, maybe just stay in the locker room. When they play in Kansas, stay in Boulder. Problem solved.

DROPS: Don't blame Donks punter Dustin Colquitt for having a crappy day. Most of his shitty punts came after bounces went the wrong way. And that's because things bounce the other way on the other side of the Prime Meridian.

DROPS: What is with Mike Singletary and the shades in the middle of the night? Throw in Dolphin coach Tony Sporano into the coach shade mix. Do these guys watch too much World Series of Poker? Is the opposition going all Phillies on them and "reading" their eyes?

DROPS: Cody Hawkins actually threw some good deep balls in Norman, but the heralded CU receiving corps picked the game to play like dog crap. Toney Clemons enjoyed his worst day as a Buff, dropping a few passes. All the receivers had trouble getting that extra step on Okie defenders, as many Cody passes were just a yard over their heads.

DROPS: Is there a debate on when the Donks actually got to London and how that affected them? The Niners did start to pile up the points and yards in the 4th quarter. Were the Donks getting worn out from jet lag? No, they were getting worn out by a better team on the other line of scrimmage and a back in Frank Gore is is a pretty good player. They got worn out by a defense who refused to stack the box and make journeyman QB Troy Smith. (Yes, I know he's a fourth year player, but Troy Smith is a journeyman. Watch the next decade how he bounces around.)

DROPS: Dammit, I thought the Spice Girls would be there.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

I dont know what an "out" or "fail" is in Cricket. But Im sure McDaniels is doing it.

11:30 AM  
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