Monday, October 11, 2010

Not Very Raven

PROPS and DROPS from the Buffs' shellacking at the hands of Mizzou and the Broncos loss in Baltimore...

DROPS: When it comes to the Donks and a ground game, you best be talking about the bus they take to the airport. Five games into the season and it is pretty evident that the Donk running game is non-existant. 259 yards is what they have thus far. That's for the entire season. What does this tell us? One, the three injured guys on the line aren't even close to being 100% and that even at their injured status they are better than the dudes behind them at full speed. Two, the running backs would rather dance/Dougie behind the hurt line rather than go north and south. Three, the staff is trying to get creative to get some space (reverses, counters) but it just isn't happenning because you still need some blocking.

DROPS: CU special teams Coach Kent Riddle had a tough week after his "mentor" was fired from the Miami Dolphins. The same Miami special teams coach who had the worst NFL special teams performance this past MNF versus the Patriots. Apparently, the apple doesn't fall far from the tree. Riddle and his unit had a blocked punt, long returns, two missed FGs, penalties, and a huge fake punt for a Mizzou first down that all but took the life out of a gassed CU defense (and the MU punter looked like he was running the speed of an old Intellivision football player.) Riddle is one of the higher paid coaches, yet Coach Hawk's blind loyalty to him is comical despite the unit being piss poor the past two years.

DROPS: Is that Ed Reed on the sideline or Lysol from 'The Mad Real World'?

DROPS: Benching Tyler Hansen for Cody Hawkins in the third quarter (I got a text from my buddy D2 when it happened that simply read "shoot me now") made absolutely no sense. Hawkins the Elder explained it by saying he was hoping to get a "spark." A spark would be if you brought in a running QB or a wildcat type option. Not a drop back Qb who happens to be divisive to Buff Nation. Leave Hansen in if he is your starter, let him work against the Mizzou second team, develop with his WRs (one of whom, Travon Patterson is still only two months into his CU career) and keep the enigmatic Hawkins on the bench.
DROPS: Joe Flacco seems like a decent QB, but sfter watching the Ravens, he really doesn't need to do much. The Ravens line up and punish with a fullback and dare you stop them on the ground. The Broncos couldn't stop it, so Flacco didn't need to drop back too much. When he did, he missed several wide open receivers. Back to Ray Rice (dude was standing on the sideline looking like someone's little brother) and Willis MacGahee in steady doses.

PROPS: Brandon Lloyd is having a tremendous year thus far. That sound of computers clicking? Every fantasy owner trying to pick him up. Kind of "third receiver" guy throughout his career, we now see a guy with OK speed who runs precise routes and has his QB's trust. Think Ed McCaffery type.

DROPS: Mizzou QB Blaine Gabbert was Vicked in the ribs early in the game, yet CU made no attempt to rattle him and his fragile mid section the rest of the game. Might sound a bit dirty, but get their best player on the sideline.

DROPS: Yo, Dan Fouts, mix in "A Touch of Men" or a magic marker. Keith Hernandez approved.

PROPS: No more trips to Columbia for the Black And Gold, and no more fifth down talk ever again. Those damn Tiger fans are like a scorned girlfriend who never forgets the way you totally dicked her over your junior year when it comes to fifth down. Move on, Tigers, find yourselves a new dude to be mad at.

DROPS: Penalties on the Donks are one thing, but stupid penalties are indicative of mental and coaching mistakes. Delay of game and too many men on the field are the latter. Throw in having to take timeouts because you have 10 men on the field and it should be another flag for not knowing the rules of football.

RELATED: Audio Two - "I Don't Care" - ("You look puzzled, it isn't a riddle")

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Tyree, you stabbed my dad! And you had sex with Katie!

Nah, Lysol had sex with Katie.

9:55 AM  
Anonymous Dr Drunkenfunk said...

Missouri fans are the worst commbo of southern rednecks and midwest trash. they have no identity. later Tiger dick licks!

11:25 AM  
Anonymous Spotwood said...

Oh, they have an identity all right: 100% pole smoking douchebags.

3:36 PM  
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