Monday, October 18, 2010

Fuzzy Math in Boulder

I write prescriptions, of words that fit in
The thought gets prescribed, as I kick it live

PROPS and DROPS from the Buffs loss to the Baylor Bears and the Broncos last minute loss to the Jets:

DROPS: Early in the game the Buffs put together an impressive drive down the field and score a TD. Hooray, right? You showed Baylor you are efficient, tough, and this is your field. Then inexplicitly, you decide to use the goofy “swinging gate” and go for two. In the first quarter. Conversion no good, 6-0 Buffs, home crowd booing, a bit of air out of the team and crowd. Now, you are “chasing points” the whole game. Next TD, you go for two again: no good. Later in the game, because of your missed conversions, Baylor goes for two and makes it. A net difference of three points. Go for the standard PATs and when the Buffs score their last TD late in the game a 2pt conversion ties the game! Dammit, now I need an abacus.

DROPS: Was it or wasn’t it a pass interference call on Reanldo Hill late in the Donks game that lead to the winning Jets TD? Replays proved it actually was, but replays can show a penalty on damn near every play. Did Hill prevent Santonio Holmes from catching that ball, which was underthrown? Probably not, and the official in front of the play agreed, as the official behind the two threw the flag. It is like basketball, you can’t call that flag at that point in time.

PROPS: After the Donks two interceptions the PA blared Tag Team’s “Whoomp! There It is” (rumors have always flown that those dudes are from Denver) and Montell Jordan’s “This Is How We Do It.” How 90’s poppy of them. Anyone know what Montell Jordan is doing, that dude was pretty big? He’d make a good tight end.

DROPS: Baylor’s Robert Griffin is the real deal. The good news is he won’t be playing the Buffs anymore and as a world class hurdler we can root for him in London in two years. U-S-A! U-S-A!

DROPS: It would be easy to fault Buff RB Will Jefferson for fumbling on his way to a touchdown. It would’ve put the Buffs up by two scores and then the Bears took the fumble and turned it into their own lead. However, look at why Jefferson was running the ball. He’s a wide receiver who was moved to RB this week. He’s playing a Big 12 game at RB after being a WR for two years with days of practice. One Buff backup left the team (here’s an idea, he’s a kid, go talk to him, nuture him, tell him come back to the team, you know coach him) recently and the rest of the RBs are freshmen or walk-ons. A huge recruiting gap by Dan and his merry band of coaches.

PROPS: Early in the second quarter the sun shined throughout the world, all war stopped, children sung in harmony, gas prices dropped by 75 cents, kegs ran freely at bars everywhere, that chick from accounting called you, everything was glorious: Tim Tebow scored an NFL touchdown.

DROPS: Another game goes by and the long pass downfield for the Buffs is non-existent. These WRs are damn good and damn fast, and run the gamut from the diminutive to the tall variety. Throw it up and let them go get it.

DROPS: On the surface the Donks special teams looked pretty good: a 59 yard FG (hey Dierdorf this isn’t Coors Field, a football isn’t a baseball, and Tom Dempsey didn’t make his long FG here, so quit acting like the air is a huge advantage to the kickers) and and on-side kick. But scratch deeper and see a missed 49 yarder and a botched hold, six points off the board.

PROPS: Jason Hunter, picked up off the street (not really the street, but Seattle) before the season started may have been the best defensive player yesterday. He was all over in the run game and more impressive with his drops covering LT and crew out of the backfield.

DROPS: Baylor didn’t punt at all in the game. However, when it is all said and done, they basically punted Dan Hawkins out of town.

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