Monday, October 25, 2010

Stop Giving Juice to the Raiders

I got techniques drippin out my butt cheeks,
Sleep on my stomach so I don't fuck up my sheets...

DROPS from the Buffs loss to the Red Raiders and Bronco debacle versus the Raiders:

DROP: Enough. Dan Hawkins and his staff have had more than enough time to show us anything. The time has come to get the coaching search really amped up and bring in a leader and guy who actually knows Xs and Os to lead the Buffs into the Pac 12. As the seconds ticked off the clock at Folsom in the Buffs loss to Texas Tech, I went from my seat to the rail to give Hawk some trash talk as he strolled past. You know what though? I couldn't do it. Hawk walked from the 50 yard line all the way to the locker room alone. He had all the look of a completely broken man. And this is the leader of young men? This game was there for the taking, but then his coaching took over. A ten point lead evaporated as the defense showed no creativity and allowed Tech to move up and down the field. The offense went limp (1st and 5 on inside the Tech 20 and three straight passes?) and the special teams went the way Buff special teams have gone since Mason Crosby graduated. The starting QB is out with a ruptured spleen and OU awaits. The AD will have more empty seats for the remaining two home games than any Boy Scout troop can fill. Do it now, cut the cord, start anew. It's the Big 12, brutha, and you don't fit into it or the Pac 12.

DROP: All the misguided chest pumping after the loss the Jets last week went south as soon as Zach Miller ran completely untouched nearly 50 yards for the beginning of the Raiders onslaught at Invesco. Game over. The offense mailed it in shortly thereafter and the defense just didn't have the horses to compete against the Raiders (yes, the Raiders, whose offensive "stars" are a virtual "who?" and retreads and never-weres.) This might be the first crack in the great Orange wall (59 points might be a crack worthy of a ten concrete truck repair) and Coach McHoody's downfall. Kyle Orton looked like the Kyle Orton we all remembered. Knowshon Moreno looked like an idiot celebrating a TD down 38-7. The O-line looked like matadors. The defense had no punch, plain and simple quitting as Darren McFadden just scoerd again. The fans had every right to boo the hell out of the team, but most seemed more in complete shock. The real shock may be coming as the air turns colder and teams run more, something the Donks don't see apt to doing or stopping. That crack could be getting bigger by the week.

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Anonymous Centennial State Football said...

Combined scores this weekend of CU, Lambs, Zoomies, Broncos=

10:07 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I have to imagine that web traffic for is through the roof today.

10:25 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hawk is probably fueling the traffic at and

12:38 PM  
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