Monday, September 27, 2010

Running To Nowhere

Once knew a girl by the name of Rhoda
I watch Star Wars just to see Yoda...

PROPS and DROPS from the Broncos loss to Peyton Manning and the Colts:

DROPS: Yes, Kyle Orton throwing for nearly 500 yards was great, but look at the reason he threw for so many: they couldn't run the football! Laurence Maroney was the latest back to get stiffled as the Donk OL couldn't move the Colts back nary a few yards to create holes. The Broncos have moved to the traditional "big" OL and away from the smaller "fast" OL of the glory years. The ultrafast Colt defense showed the difference in the two philosophies as they simply outran and outworked the Denver line to the ball carrier.

DROPS: Blair White, Blair Rasmussen, Blair from 'Facts of Life', Tony Blair, Blair Underwood, the Blair Witch Project. All of them couldn't be covered by the non-Champ Bailey corner back of the Broncos.

DROPS: I don't have a problem with McHoody going for it on 4th down (although the six points he could've got from Matt Prater f*cked my fantasy team, thanks for that Josh) but I do have a problem with the play preceding the 4th down try. For all of Orton's good play, his "jump ball" passes were awful yesterday. If Orton was tossing those things at an NBA tipoff, he'd get whistled for a technical foul. Don't rely on something like a jump ball, power it up the middle with Spencer LArsen leading or a play action to the tight end.

PROPS: The Bronco DL with their lack of pass rush was very stout filled Joseph Addai and Donald Brown's lanes. Justin Bannan and Jamal Williams are fillig the roll of designated fat guys to clog it up and allow others to get the ball carrier.

DROPS: I'm beginning to think McHoody has some wicked sleeve tats or a bad tat of a dolphin on his arm. 90 degrees Josh, mix in a short sleeve t-shirt.

DROPS: Anyone on the Colts staff figure that the sun might be on their sideline? Maybe get an umbrella or something? How would you like to be the guy drafted to hold a dry erase board over Prince Peyton all game? Steve, you man the water table, Brian, you got the tape and scissor cart. And Don and John, you hold this board above your head all game.

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