Sunday, September 19, 2010

Double Rainbow Oh My God

PROPS and DROPS from the Buffs second half wakeup versus Hawaii and the Broncos ho-hum win over the Seahawks:

PROPS: Hey, is that the Broncos' #1 draft pick? You know the guy who was drafted ahead of one Tim Tebow? Damn straight and Demaryius Thomas proved that pick with a game high 8 catches and a great TD catch. Even more impressive was his "other" gear on the bubble screens they ran to him, going from slow to top speed in a nanosecond. Dare I say, that Thomas almost looke Brandon Marshall-esque out there?

PROPS: The 1990 throwback unis are pretty fresh, although as Mrs Commish suggested they would be more authentic if they were cut off mesh. The Big 8 logo would've been a nice "fuck off" to the Big 12 too.

DROPS: Broncos first game was the hottest ever in Jacksonville history and yesterday was the hottest in Denver history. Let's hope next week's schedule gets tweaked and they play the North Pole Santas.

PROPS: Deception! McD took a play out of the pee wee league and it actually worked. Plays in the NFL with passes backward, reverses, throwing a rabid cat in someone's face, they just usually never work because NFL players are quick and fast. McD and Kyle Orton sold the sweep to perfection. Ortons strike to Royal was spot on, who promptly almost fumbled it, which probably wasn't part of the play.

DROPS: Tyler Hansen's stats look good (a tipped TD pass helps) but he missed a few wide open WRs. He needs the clock in his head to tick a bit faster as he held the ball way too long on several plays. It is obvious the strength of this team are the WRs so Hansen needs to elevate his game to get those guys the ball quickly and effectively.

PROPS: The juvenile in me thinks that Golden Tate is a funny name.

PROPS: Two goal line stands in the first 10 minutes of the game saved the Buffs' bacon (can you get bacon from a Buffalo) in this game. Hawaii could've easily been up 24-0 heading into the locker room. Credit the Buff D for manning the outside receivers on the goal line and making the Warriors run smack into the heart of the defense, including LB BJ BEatty, who was flying all over the field. DT Wil Perciak was very solid on both stands as well.

DROPS: If you are a USC fan (and lord knows you'd be fidgeting with your Blackberry right now and not reading this garbage) it has got to tan your hide (but you probably already do that in your tanning bed) to see not just Pete Carroll on the Seattle sideline, but damn near the whole USC coaching staff. Do the Seahawks and Saints play this year? That could be awkward.

PROPS: CU WR coach Ron Prince was all fire on the sideline. He looked like a real coach on the Buff sideline- teaching, yelling, diagraming- something that looks absent many of Buff games.

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