Monday, September 13, 2010

Low Cal

PROPS and DROPS from the Buffs' dismantling at the hands of Cal and the Broncos weathered loss in Jacksonsville:
DROPS: It's tough to pin this loss on Kyle Orton, as he played decent most of the game. The last pass he was about to be pile drived by Aaron Kampman and didn't have enough time (A young O Line will welcome back Ryan Harris as there was a push into Orton's face all game on passing downs.) A split second more and he might've seen Jabar Gafney wide ass open on the right sideline and a Donks' win.
DROPS: There was a big buzz about the Buffs having anywhere from 7,000 to 12,000 fans at the game. AD Mike Bohn spent the whole week up ad down the West Coast (did Bohn grab the mic at all the rubber chicken lunches and scream "weeeeeesssssside!"?) and the fervor of the Buffs' move to the 12-Pack was in the air. And CU promptly shits itself on the Cal field. Way to impress those Left Coast alums. Back to the waves and organic foods, brah.
DROPS: Josh McDaniels. 100 degrees. Hot. Humid. Long sleeve shirt under a t-shirt like he's in a 90's grunge video.

DROPS: Nine penalties hurt everytime, and especially after 10 in the opener. The Buffs yellow flags were just stupid, mental, played out. (wasn't that Bell Biv Devoe's tagline?) Please Hawk spare us we "just need to clean it up a bit." This is not a fluke, it is not a trend, it is a part of the foundation of this football program as silly as that sounds. Penalties like the Buffs have should not be tolerated, yet the coaches let them happen and happen and happen. At this point there is really nothing that can be done outside of tearing the damn thing down.
PROPS: The Jaguars have this heat thing figured out. Misting fans, plugging your pads into a cooling system, drinking all sorts of scientifically formulated drinks, or taking special pills might beat the heat. Nothing works quite as well as dipping a bucket hat into ice water and wearing it.
PROPS: Cal's leading rusher was a dude named Vareen, which of course prompted the SG Crew to reminisce about Ben Vereen, who after a few beers was suddenly the lead character in 'Benson'. And that crazy plot line of how a butler can become the governor of California. How crazy...signed, Arnold.
DROPS: Was "Wink" Martindale wearing a early 90's hyper colors shirt? How lame were those things? Look my hand print is on my shirt! Worse were the d-bags who wore them but by summer's end and after washing them they were just stupid drab shirts.

DROPS: The Bears proudly wore the new Pac 10 logo on their uniforms, while the Buffs showed no conference affiliation on theirs. Then the news comes that CU's chances of joining the Pac 10 are next year "worse then 50-50." The giddyness of joining the Hacky Sack 12 suddenly seems like it could be clusterfuck and CU will be in conference purgatory in 2011. (Plus, another trip to Lubbock, yippee!)
DROPS: The Tim Tebow Wildcat, Wildhorse, Wildgilamonster, whatever it is called needs to be shelved or tweaked. Who would you rather have bursting up the middle- Tebow or Knowshon Moreno. The latter gives a chance to get more than a yard. Tebow spilt wide may provide some positive results if he used as a tight end/WR hybrid. Especially since the TE disappeared after Dan Graham's 20 yard catch on the first play (hey, why would we use that play again?)

DROPS: A couple elephants in the room were really exposed in the Buff game. One, the CU O-Line isn't the power mashing unit that a few people touted. Watch Mr All American Nate Solder just get bulldozed by some linebacker? With the Big 12 slate on the horizon, this is a problem. Two, Tyler Hansen is only a slight upgrade over Cody Hawkins. Hansen hasn't thrown a good deep ball in two games, and CU's strength is on the perimeter.
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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hansen made an impassioned apology after the game. On Twiiter. Im sure it'll be up on the wall of Dal Ward after the B12 Championship win.

10:33 AM  
Anonymous Spotwood said...

Or I'll use it to wipe my ass after we lose to Hawaii by 34.

2:42 PM  
Anonymous I told popeye id do this said...

what ever happenned to Casual? luvd that cd

6:24 AM  
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