Friday, June 25, 2010

Mini Mite Night

No batteries included, and no strings attached...

Quick hitters from last night's Rockies v Red Sox wild slug fest:

-Dustin Pedoria short jokes are played out, (was he taller than the "you must be this tall to enter" sign they have outside the diamond?) because dude is just a straight baller. All three of his HRs weren't just dingers, they were shots. Add in his intensity and drive, and it is no wonder he is an MVP candidate every year. Don't call him an "overachiever" or "gritty" either, he has mad talent.
-I never understood why players run the bases with their batting gloves in their hands. In a game of inches, carrying your gloves takes away a couple. Witness Jonathon Herrera being hosed at second two times.
-Big Papi looks like he lost a few pounds, yet he still isn't the swiftest player. Makes you wonder if he would've been slimmer and taken care of himself earlier in his career that he could still be in Minnesota.
-Huston Street is still progressing nicely, although the second innning of work might've been a bit much for him. With Manny Corpas self imploding (again) we could see Street closing games this weekend in Disneyland.
-I kept waiting to get my Blackberry update on the big trade the Nuggets swung during the draft to improve the team. Some second round size? Stil waiting...
-Even more tired than Red Sox fans and their accent: Rockies fans trying to imitate Red Sox fans' accents. Yeah, we get it they like "to pahhhk their cahhhhhhr."
-Best line I read all week on a message board: Dammit Clint Barmes couldn't hit his ass with a banjo. Great visual and very true.
-13-11 final. Yeah, my bad, I tripped over the cord for the humidor. I accidentially put a case of Coors Light in there thinking it was the cooler. They should put up a sign or something.
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Anonymous SKYLER ULBRECHT said...

Sawx fans were a little more tame last night. Theyre still aholes most of the time.

10:10 AM  
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