Thursday, June 03, 2010

Trash Man

Check out the oil my Cadillac spills...
If you're like me (and hopefully you are not, because you'll probably be in therapy, have a shrivelled liver, and talk like a cross between a mush mouthed mid-90s rapper and Cris Collinsworth) and read the sports section 10-20 a day, you probably spend the last few readings on the tiny agate print on the back pages. You know the college baseball scores, solunar table, misc stats, and of course, the "Tranactions" section (love to read how the College of Dickandsnot hired Mary Whoeverthefuck as their volleyball coach!)
Yesterday I read that the Donks had picked up linebacker Bruce Davis, who was recently cut from the Patriots. Of course he was. I'm beginning to think that McHoody may have a thing for players who had anything to do with the Patriots. If Bill Belichick picked up former Denver Nugget Greg "Cadillac" Anderson (who, as my friend D2 pointed out once, had about the lowest hairline in the history of the NBA. Seriously, the space between his eyebrow and hair was the size of the side of a nickel) and then cut him just to fuck with McHoody, the Donks would probably still pick him up.
Remember the scene in Coming to America where Mr McDougals swears up and down that his restaurant is a McDonald's ripoff, but then Akeem catches him reading the McDonald's operation manual? I half expect Tim Tebow to bust in on Josh and catch him with the Patriots playbook. Belichick proably wakes up and sees McHoody scammering away from his trash each trash day. One man's trash, is apparently the Donks' treasure.
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Anonymous calvin natty light said...

How that dude was nicknamed Cadillac I will nver understand. Unless you mean "Cadillac" by overpriced gas hog.

3:07 PM  
Anonymous Spotwood said...

Probably by the same guy that gave 'Hotrod' Williams his nickname.

4:07 PM  
Anonymous gaybizisevillikejimjoyce said...

Probably the same guy who named Jaybiz the "Goat Husband"

4:43 PM  
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