Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Big 12 Lone Star Light

But all along, my vision was never lost
I kept seeing all these rap groups fallin' off ...

The remnants of the old Big 12 have reformed, bowed down to their Longhorn overlords, and will continue to try operate as a legitimate conference. Good riddance.

News has come that UT, Oklahoma, and A&M will be given a higher percentage of revenue than the other seven schools. Seems fair, your conference opponent has a 30% head start before kickoff, tipoff, or the first whistle. Why not just make Iowa State play with 10 players and Kansas has to start their touchbacks at the 15 yeard line too?

If the big boys already have an advantage off the field, who is to say that they won't have a distinct on-field advantage? Think every referee on the field isn't aware that the team in burnt orange effectively runs the conference during a key play versus the little seven? Even that sliver of knowledge could provide a tiny advantage no matter what the conference puppets officials say.

This is big-time, old school, South West Conference, good ol boy, smells like the ranch they come from shady-ness. This proud CU fan is proud and smiling that our little outpost ski school took the surfboarder's cash and Anchor Steam beer and high tailed it for the left coast. Yee freaking haw.
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Anonymous Spotwood said...

My favorite part is where the smaller schools have to let Texas also take the lions share of the NU and CU exit penalties.

Awesome job of bending over and let Bevo have their way with you, fellas.

11:24 AM  
Anonymous mccounaghey sucks said...

later texas you fucks. Austin is overrated wannabee big city stuck in fuckville

7:23 AM  
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