Monday, August 31, 2009

Passing Them By

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There's not enough space on blogspot to list all the ails the Donks after last night's game with Jay Culter and the Bears, so lets just randomly pick one problem area: the pass defense.
Quick name the Bears' starters at wideout? Tick tock. If you said Willie Gault or that drea lock guy, you are half correct. You have some dude named Earl Bennet and a converted defensive back in Devin Hester. Should be easy pickings for the defensive coaches, yet Cutler still picked up a stealth 144 yards, cutting up the Denver defense.
How Greg Olsen can make the catches he did is beyond even a Coors Light laden mind like myself. Everyone knows that Olsen and Cutler are the new Romo-Witten of the NFL yet they still made the connections. Knock Olsen on his ass and double him if you have to with a safety.
The scary thing is Cutler made his passes look easy and avoided a frenzied pass rush early in the game. What is horrifying is that we face better and more mobile QBs throughout the year. Week one sees Carson Palmer; two matchups with Phillip Rivers; Tom Brady; both Manning brothers; Donovan McNabb.
Champ Bailey still has it and can lock up a WR, but by the end of the gauntlet he may be looknig slower. Who doesn't love Brian Dawkins' fire, but there's probably a reason Philly let him go. Any injury back there and thing's could get even murkier in what is shaping up to be an already ugly season.
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i loved it when Collinsworth said Cutler, Olsen and Olsen's wife were a "threesome"

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