Saturday, August 15, 2009

Let's All Panic!

Bustin open the doors to the temple
Takin you to the dark side of your mental...

Random thoughts from the Donks'
first preseason game in San Francisco last night:

-Miscommunication with receivers, the sun was in his eyes, the ball was tipped, there was too much pressure, his transmitter was playing polka music, his beard was itchy- whatever, Kyle Orton still threw three INTs in just a half of football. That is hard to sugar coat, and to put it bluntly, Orton looked like dog shit out there. He can hit the mid range passes alright, but his longer throws look more like a wet noodle. And don't prop up Chris Simms as possibly jumping into the QB race, as he did all his damage versus Niner free agents and sushi concession workers. This could be the most dire Donk QB situation since the early 80s.

-The WRs looked alright given the circumstances with the dunces behind center. So it begs the question about Brandon "Not Gulity" Marshall- trade him? Could the team perhaps bring in a new QB for Marshall? Do any of the willing trade partners have a backup QB that might step in in Denver (Kellen Clemens?)

-The OL and running game look to be the strength of the team. Peyton Hillis ran well, as did Knowshon Moreno in his limited time. Is there anything that says they can't pound the rock 40 + times a game with the two of them?

-I know retro is cool, but the Niners need a complete makeover. Uniforms and stadium I'm talking. Joe Montana ain't walking through that door and into those brown pants. The last time I saw that color a SG Winner was puking it up. And take a wrecking ball to Candlestick and build some Jerry Jones mega-field in San Jose or something.

-Elvis Dummervil: A hunka hunka burning linebacker.

-We all know that Mike Singletary is crazy. But dude looks controlled crazy. Like that guy at your work who is creepy weird and you won't be surprised to hear one day that he quit to go search for the Lochness Monster.

-RELATED: Masta Ace - "Jeep Ass N****" - ("I wonder if I blasted a little Elvis Presley")



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