Friday, August 07, 2009

It's Alive! Broncomania Lives!

Won't see snakes on my feet
The race is on, but I won't compete
In this competition, because I have a greater mission
I hope that you listen...

For all the detractors, people who said they wouldn't renew their tickets, fans horrified by the events of the past six months, jackass QBs in the heartland, and those who have been throwing Orange dirt on Broncomania's grave- they sure as hell didn't want to see the sscene at Invesco last night.

Free to all was a simple practice under the Mile High lights and 13,000 people showed up.

I mean, what are we talking bout here? Practice?

The event wasn't really publicized other than a few mentions on the local airwaves- no ads, no print newspaper pieces, no drive time DJs blaring from the scene. And yet, the throngs showed up in the rain to see their beloved team.

Any doubt that the Donks are still top Equine in this state need to look to the stands last night and the scene of people tailgating, rocking Mecklenburg jersies, the kids with awed looks in their eyes. Take it from me, a diehard CU Buff fan, who year after year trudges to the free CU Spring Game that rarely, and I mean rarely, draws more than 10K. That's with advertising, giveaways, heck even Kordell Stewart givnig backrubs. Nuggets scrimmages would be hard pressed to draw over 1000, and the Rockies and Avs could have freebie nights and be outdrawn by a bikini softball game.

Haters will point that the attendees were those shut out from regular Bronco games, which translated means Larry and Edith from Thornton and not Ashley and Dane from Greenwood Village. Who cares? They cheer louder, they pound more suds, they can name the 3rd string tight end. Ashley is more concerned with texting her hairdresser.

Now, the flip side: boos, as in lots of them. No matter who was in teh stands didn't really like what was on the actual field. the play was sloppy, the QBs were average, and the team was out of sorts.

But hey, cut em a break, because this isn't the game. Not the game I die for. I mean, what are we talking about here? Practice?

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

I was there. The mood wasnt warm and fuzzy. A lot of pissed off mofos out there. McD better win and soon.

10:49 AM  
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