Thursday, July 10, 2008

The Free Points

I cut most meticulous with a similar interest
King of pen and sing to a metronome without an influence...


-FREE: Brandon Marshall might have some free time, as in a four game suspension if his legal woes continue. The Donk WR cannot stay out of his own way, with yet another brush with the law landing him back on the "other" gridiron known as the courtroom. This time he was ticketed for an illegal lane change in his Hummer. Yo, Brandon, mix in a Prius or something. While tickets for illegal traffic violations are common, what is not common is that Brandon did not have his driver's license or proof of insurance. This is a guy with more cases facing him than a Samonsite employee, and he isn't carrying the two basic essentials to driving. No word whether he had one of those vanilla car fresheners.

-FREE: Peep the free El-P WeAreAllGoingToBurnInHellMegaMix from the Def Jux camp. Free music you don't have to feel guilty about DLing. You can expect the standard El-P apocalypse meets Hip Hop rave with a side of Colt 45 and shell toes on this offering. Mainly instrumentals, but peep El Producto's stellar MC skills on "Krazy Kings 3."

-FREE: That is the way The Commish feels as the summer approaches the All-Star break and ther is no lame counting of beers involved. So free, like an old sofa with a Sharpie marked sign on the side of a college town street in May. There's no counting over the past two weeks of the Tommyknocker Glacier I knocked back in Georgetown, nor the numerous beers I pounded in charming Salida, CO at Benson's Beer Garden or the fresh micros at Amicas. Of course, Fourth of July brought mad numbers of beers the past two summers, as it did this year, but who's counting? Freedom never tasted so smoooooooooooooth.(195)

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Free is always the best! LOL

3:54 PM  
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