Friday, June 06, 2008

Suburban Silver Bullets

I judge wisely, as if nothin ever surprise me
Loungin, between two pillars of ivory...

If I was doing the ridiculous endeavor that was the Slushy Gutter Summer Mission, last week would have been mad trill. Using that word makes me feel like a big man too. The annual suburban garage sale came in full force last weekend and with it the massive numbers of smoooooooooooooth CLs that are popping by 10am. Selling my 1995 Silver Tab jeans and old CD racks added to my joy. Former two time Slushy Gutter winner Mummy and your man The Commish put a hurting on the Silver Bullets, crushing some canned leftovers and a 20 pack supplied by Pops, until finally we had to call in the big dog, current Slushy Gutter winner JL Smooth who came loaded to bear with a five case replenishment. The fallout was the annual post-garage sale hangover, which was quelched a bit with some light and crisp Lumpy Dogs at the nearby Rock Bottom brewery.

If it was last year, I’d be getting hugs from the honies, pounds from the ruffnecks from the week’s consumption. But being it 2008 and the SG Mission has been banished, it is just a stupid passing thought in the alcohol-hazed mind. (43)

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Blogger Travis said...

Trip to Salt Lake this weekend...28 for the weekend..IF we were doing it

8:15 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

That Artifacts song is the absolute shit! Havent heard that in years. anyone know if they are still around?

9:58 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

gaybiz wouldn't be able to do it this summer IF you were doing it becasue he likes spritzers and cosmos

4:06 PM  
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