Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Buzz the Bulls?

Don't have Cinemax because my cable's pirated
Bug out wit the rhyme, try to swat and I'll get fly wit it...

The NBA has a propensity to recycle coaches; Dick Motta, Lenny Wilkins, George Karl, Scott Skiles, even Doc Rivers and Flip Saunders are on their second tour of duties. However, it is strange to recycle a coach whose pro accomplishments are very limited and below average. And that is exactly what the Chicago Bulls are looking at in current Buffs' coach Jeff Bzdelik.

Coach Bz's name has surfaced with the Bulls' vacancy despite his being absent from the league for nearly four years; his stellar 73-119 career record in The League, a even-less than stellar 12-20 (3-13 in conference) in his one CU season, and a goofy haircut.

Someone channel the name of Phil Jackson! The glory is returning to Chicago!

Bzdelik struggled to connect with a fresh out of one-year of college Carmelo Anthony in his one playoff Denver season, something that should be no problem with the Bulls, I mean the top two picks Michael Beasley or Derrick Rose played how many years of college?

His most successful coaching stop, the Air Force Academy, featured extremely disciplined players who adhered to a rigid system. The NBA is chock full of those type of players; one has to look no further than Bulls' center Joakim Noah, the very epitome of a hard line player who has his act together.

At Colorado he managed to turn over nearly half of the roster in less than a year, showing the players he is control. That should translate well into the NBA, where players always defer to the coach.

Bulls GM John Paxson, MJ isn't around to bail you out if you hire Jeff, leave Coach Bz out here in Boulder, his system and style could get the Buffs into the upper tier of the Big 12, but the NBA's Eastern Conference is a bit daunting given his resume. Paxson should stick to the high grade recyclables: Avery Johnson, John Lucas, aluminum, phone books, and printer cartridges.

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NOTE: Peep the dis Pras sends the way of Jeru the Damaja at the tracks' end



Anonymous Spotwood said...

Not to mention they already had this type of a guy there, his name was Scott Skiles.

Discipline and work ethic type guys don't work in the NBA outside of Utah.

10:48 AM  
Anonymous russ in texas said...

Can any of the hip hoppers round here answer as to WHY Fugeess dissed Jeru to begin with? One of the stupidest squabbles Ive ever seen, especially Pras - the weakest MC out of three sending out that line.

3:06 PM  
Blogger Commish CH said...

^Spot- Exactly, and look who they hire, another retread.

^Russ- I think it was about Jeru portraying himself as the "Prophet" yet rapping about "The Bichez" on another track.

9:56 AM  
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