Monday, May 19, 2008

Brandon, I am your father!

Now that I'm older stress weighs on my shoulders,
Heavy as boulders but I told ya,
Till the day that I die I still will be a soldier and that's all I told ya,
and that's all I showed ya…

Three quick questions for the Donks going into another off-season “camp” today through Thursday:

1- Who will step up as a dependable WR? Slushy Gutter will call it first, Brandon Marshall’s injury is worse than the organization is letting on. He will be unavailable of limited in the first half of the season. Remember when Luke Skywalker got his hand chopped off by dear old Pops aka Darth Vader? Then he got that nifty fake hand with all the wires and currents running in it; that is what Brandon is looking at. Ligaments are funny like that, when they are sliced, they tend not to work too well.

That being said, the WR corps are one that the Chicago Rush might have one up on the local 11. Keary Colbert and Sammie Parker don’t exactly get the rush of fantasy owners looking at them in the first, second, third, or any round for that matter. Darrell Jackson is intriguing though, if he can recreate his Seattle self he could be a threat.

2-Who is the the 2nd string QB? Seriously, I write this lame blog, read the great Bronco blogs out there, read the RMN and Denver Post Bronco sections, listen to sports talk and it took me a good five minutes to remember the back up QB as other than “whatshisname.” And if Cutler is out, can “that one dude” step in and perform?

3- Will Clady get served? Ryan Clady has already been installed as the starter by the Emperor Shannahan, and will face the bum rush of protecting Cutler right off the bat. Will he be able to handle the AFC West lineman who will be lining up across from him all year? While his stats are impressive, he was knocking chuckleheads from the likes of San Jose State and Utah State around on his pretty blue field all year, not facing Shawne Merriman coming around the end or Jason “Dance!” Taylor tangoing his way to the QB.

Who can kick it like this? Garrett Hartley and Matt Prater. No, those aren’t the two dudes from your high school who got suspended Senior year for filling the assistant principal’s car with milk filled condoms. Those are the two kickers competing for Jason Elam’s vacant job. Red Zone woes may become Red Zone zero in 08.
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