Thursday, May 15, 2008

Diesel Tough

With no vaseline, just a match and a little bit of gasoline...

Seems that BJ and The Bear had a bit of trouble here in CO and spilled the golden goodness that is Keystone Light all over the interstate. Keystone Light, while not the most pleasant tasting beer for those of us who haven't taken a Social Studies class in a decade, is still a fine product of the Coors Brewery and even better when littered all over the pavement.

Seems a few youngsters thought the same thing a reaped the hoppy booty that was discounted to the low price of 'buy none get as many as you can carry free.' Scenes of gangly, mop headed, hoodie wearing teenagers and a few former Slushy Gutter Winners collecting the treasures were shown on the local news,

Then came a warning from Smokey that the not-so-Silver Bullets may be contaminated with some nasty diesel fuel. Leave it to The Man to spoil the fun, and leave it to The Commish to offer up his advice about diesel-fuel contaminated beer.

Some may argue that the diesel fuel may actually improve the taste of Keystone, and if that helps you choke down your free brews, then that is solution one. Solution two, drink it down anyway, diesel fuel and all. Maybe chuck some Red Hot in that shit, remember it adds tang not just heat. If it makes you sick, piss or ralph in your gas tank. Anything helps in these day so high gas prices.

Solution three, gather all that KL and jaunt down to your local grocery store, load all of your tractor trailer freebies into a shopping cart, and then run like hell. Push that basket to the car wash and spray those cans like your cleaning your parents' car that some 16 year old tramp yakked in the passenger seat. Those soon to be cleansed and pouring down your gullet cans will not only be shiny and clean but be Armor all fresh. Enjoy!

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