Monday, October 08, 2007

Walkover in Waco

It's a shame how these MC's are wannabees
front on these and get hung up like dungarees...

PROPS and DROPS from this weekend's Buffs' 20 point win over Baylor and the Broncos' worst home loss in 41 years:

PROPS: Cody Hawkins is running the CU offense like he’s a fifth year senior. He could be confused with ex-CU QB Joel Klatt back there, standing in the pocket, checking off his receivers, and finding the open man. Yes, he throws some INTs, but many are on tipped passes. Versus the Bears, he took what the defense gave him. Early that meant a steady diet of mid-range passes to Dusty Sprague and later letting his freshman speedsters stretch the field for big games.

DROPS: The entire Broncos team gets no love this session. The offense, defense, the special teams, and the coaches. Shit, even the cheerleaders sucked. Jay Cutler looked like a younger version of Joey Harrington out there. The Oline played uninspired, and the receivers looked like their routes were better served for a junior high social. On the defense, if anyone can stop the run, raise their hand. The Dline made LT and Michael Turner into instant Pro Bowls selections. And did everyone see the Chargers WRs manhandle the Donk DBs on Turner’s TD run? Even on Phillip Rivers’ TD run (could’ve been timed on a sundial) there was no pursuit.

PROPS: Buff LB Jordon Dizon continues to set himself for an all-Big 12 and perhaps an All-American campaign. The Senior player manned the middle all night for the Buffs, many times “on an island” dues to the Bears’ spread offense that required extra DBs. He effectively stuffed the Bears’ shuffle passes and quick draws and deflected a few passes over the middle on Baylor’s quick slants.

DROPS: Broncos’ WR Brandon Marshall has had a nice season, but won’t endear himself to the Orange faithful by calling out the fans for leaving Invesco in the 3rd quarter. Hey Brandon, your fumble helped precipitate the mass exodus. Bronco fans aren’t dummies, they might’ve figured this team out by the fifth game this year. Mix in a cold rain perhaps some diverted sports attention, you’ll get an empty stadium. Brandon, if you and your cronies don’t right this season, you’re stadium will look like an MLS game by the end of the year.

PROPS: That’s Kevin Eberhart, kicker of the Buffs, Broomfield Represent! The Big 12 player of the week kept the Buffs well beyond an arm’s reach of the Bears by booting 5 field goals. One was a 54 yarder at the half’s end after the Baylor coaches went brain dead on their final possession. Somewhere (well, Green Bay actually) Mason Crosby is saying “that’s my boy” like a proud big brother.

DROPS: Waco, Texas isn’t the most picturesque Big 12 town, or the most conducive to a Slushy Gutter Alumnus’ drinking pursuits. The Baylor stadium is set away from campus, and I think I saw the dad from “Footloose” trying to regulate dancing. Also, one CU fan took a particular hate to the Baylor Bear mascot. Upon seeing him in the 2nd half he uttered, “shit, here comes that fucking bear, I hate that fucker.”

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Blogger Hallux Valgus said...

it doesn't get any better this week @ KState. I've been to every Big XII city, and KState and Baylor are far and away the worst. Even worse than Iowa State, which is saying a lot. I've read that one reason CU is constantly being linked to the Pac 10 is because fans might actually want to go to those places. Boulder, Lawrence, and Austin are the only places in the XII that are even remotely appealing.

5:16 PM  
Anonymous Boulder Creek Tailgater said...

Boulder and CU also fit in way better with the p10 schools, in terms of academics and culture (read: left leaning). Plus, large alumni bases in Calif, Az, and Wash. Drinking beer in a field in Manhatten, KS or sipping a crafted micro in Santa Monica?

8:27 AM  
Blogger Hallux Valgus said...

speaking as a representative of said alumni base in CA, I'm all for it.

12:57 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

was that chick that Kevin Bacon was trying to dick down there? she was a fine piece of 80s ass. K-Bac shouldve 6 degreed her on the tractor, in the VW, in the gymnastics barn, in the school, at the dance, and in lithgow's office.

1:56 PM  
Blogger Hallux Valgus said...

Lori Singer? I doubt it. She and her brother Marc were probably off somewhere feathering each other's hair. "Oh man, Marc, you were soooo amazing in the Beastmaster." "Thanks sis, I thought you were great in The Man With One Red Shoe." "what happened to our careers?!?" and then just quiet weeping.

1:51 PM  

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