Monday, October 01, 2007

Sooners Boomed

I grab the mic and make MC’s evaporate
The party people say, damn...that rapper’s great
The creator conductor of poetry
Et cetera, et cetera, it ain’t easy being me...
Monday morning props and drops from the Buffs huge upset of the Oklahoma Sooners and the Broncos loss to the World Champion Colts.

PROPS: The CU offensive line. Took over the trenches midway through the 3rd quarter, opening up some decent holes. There were no 20 plus yard runs, but Hugh Charles and Demetrius Sumler were able to knock out 5-10 yard bursts. Freshmen lineman Kai Maiva and Ryan Miller more than held their own, at times completely dominating their defender.

DROPS: The Donk linebacking corps were just abused by Dallas Clark. Time after time the tight end end found himself behind the Bronco coverage. It made for easy pickings for some guy named Manning to get big gains. That Manning dude may have a bright future in professional football.

PROPS: The CU defensive backs had a gold star day versus the Sooner wide outs and tight ends. Both safeties had picks that turned into Buff points. I haven’t been sold on safety Daniel Dykes, but he had a decent game backing up the defense. The corners completely shut down Sooner WRs Malcolm Kelly (no catches) and Juaquin Iglesias on the other side was held in check. Funny, Iglesias looks nothing like his dad Julio or brother Enrique. And I sure as hell didn’t see Anna Kornikouva anywhere.

DROPS: The Broncos continue to struggle to punch the ball into the end zone, making Jason Elam fantasy owners happy. Early in the game they reach the four yard line but fail to punch it in again. Makes it a bit easier for that Manning guy- who scores touchdowns- to pull ahead for good on the next drive.

PROPS: CU quarterback Cody Hawkins continues to manage the game and his own abilities well. He doesn’t try to do too much, and has developed a good knowledge of his teammates’ prowess. He has spread the ball around to the tight ends and backs as well.

DROPS: To the FSN color commentator who when pressed what NFL quarterback that Hawkins’ reminds him of most answers “John Kitna.” And to the students who stole Hawkins’ helmet during the post game revelry. Why do I see some dudes doing beer bongs while wearing that helmet Saturday night?

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