Friday, October 05, 2007

Hits to the Donks Bong

Well that's the funk elastic, the blunt I twist it
The slamafied, bonafied funk on your discus...

Is it safe to say that the Travis Henry era- four games long- in the Mile High City may be about over? Shanny went out on a whim and a limb and brought in the previously suspended back for a princely sum this off season. No one seemed to ask why Buffalo and Tennessee didn't bat a chicken wing or bottle of shine when he left their clubs. He already had served a four game supsnsion for "subsatnce abuse" and any further indiscretions would get him a seat with old Sticky Ricky Williams. Hello Toronto Agros!

Now Bong Hit Henry faces the possibility of a one year supension, for again burning the hippie lettuce. This after the revelation that he has fathered a starting baseball team with an almost equal number number of women (which was conveiniently glossed over by the Denver media.)
In the words of a disgruntled patron at Red Rocks: harsh tokes!

What the heck in the name of Dale Carter is going on in Valley? Shanny's gamble on a chronic (pun intended) bad cat has backfired. Donk fans should've wondered why the team, after a decade of taking low rated and even free agent backs and turning them into 1000 yard rushers (unless your mom has blue hair), why Shanny was making it rain on Travis Blunt.

If the supspension goes though, the organization will most likely go all Mike Vick and try to get their Brinks truck of money back. Then they will turn to...undrafted rookie Selvyn Young.

Throw your spliffs in the air, brahhhhhhhhh.



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