Friday, October 19, 2007

I Want My SG TV

Monumentally smooth, I'll prove it sincerely
To barely when you're near me clearly never sound weary
Maintain the gravity, assault and battery
So sweet the repeat you're bound to catch a cavity...

I recently flipped on MTV and caught what they're playing in the way of Hip Hop videos lately, and of course, I wasn't impressed. The SG needs to be brought in to program that bitch. Let's look at the current rotation and what we'd get in there:

TI f/ Wyclef: You Know What It Is
-TI and Wyclef are running around Haiti in their million dollar yachts, their fancy gear, with pretty ladies in tow, flying in on their Gulfstream Jet, flashing their fancy bling. Being that Haiti is the poorest country in the Western Hemisphere, I’m sure the citizens appreciate their showing off.
Replace With:
Boot Camp Click: BK All Day

Cassidy: My Drink N My 2 Step
-Cass, what happened? I thought the Philly MC’s debut joint was pretty good, he showed he was a pretty good lyricist and had Swizz Beats providing some solid beats. Fiddy even jacked his “Im a Hustler” beat for “I Get Money.” Perhaps after a year and half of legal woes, the lawyer bills are stacking up and the need to sell more ringtones.
Replace with:
NYGz: Ya Dayz R #’d

Hurricane Chris: The Hand Clap
-A great title for this song; given that such other provocative titles like “Snap Your Fingers” were already taken. If your happy and you know it, clap your hands! That’s the sound of no hands clapping, Hurricane Chris. In fact the only hand clap I heard during this video was me slapping my remote.
Replace with:
Percee P: Put it on the Line

Soulja Boy: Crank That
-It might be official that I am old now. When the beginning of this track comes on, kids lose it. There’s even a dance for it, and this Soulja Boy dude says a bunch of words that don’t even rhyme. I hear it on ringtones and it makes me ill. Makes me want to go out and tell some punk aholes to ‘get the hell off my lawn!’
Replace with:
Lupe Fiasco: Dumb it Down

Gucci Mane: Freaky Gurl
-Hold up, a video with hot girls, cars, rims, iced out jewelry and a hook jacked from Rick James! Gotta love our man Gucci with three fly whips parked on his front yard too. The neighbors must be thrilled.
Replace with:
Termanology: So Amazing or Blu and Exile: Soul Amazing

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Blogger Hallux Valgus said...

NYG'z is the hotness. Did you see TI's arsenal? you might want to think twice before shootin off at the mouth:

10:39 PM  
Anonymous Fresh Marcus said...


Bust the October 9 post on re your question about Phife's health.

I feel you on trading out for the SG TV videos.

"Headz claimin’ they know origins of hip-hop;
The only Subway they been in is the sandwich shop."

- Fresh Marcus on "Abstract Flows"

7:12 AM  
Anonymous weezy said...

ayo fresh marcus
u need me on your remixxes

10:49 AM  
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