Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Got Purp?

So now you know, a poet's job is never done
But I'm never overworked, cuz I'm still number one...

Mother. Fucker.
World. Series.
No wait: World. Mother. Fucking. Series.
We could ramble on about all the years we've endured this team (15). I could wax about how many games we've attended all those years (200 plus). We could reminisce about all the freaking Coors Light they've gorged me on over that span (GNP of Belize). All the "bandwagon" fans who've jumped on (many; but who cares?). The remarkable, surreal, just-plain-stupid streak the team is on (21-1). I could give you my fear of tear gas in LoDo as I walked on 20th and Blake last night (high). We could break down how to get a ball past Troy Tulowitzki (fire it from a tank). How Brian Fuentes nearly made Rox Nation throw up (barf bag please). Or how if Matt Holliday doesn't win MVP, how likely we might firebomb some writers laptops (high probability).

But I really don't want to. We're just sitting back and enjoying this. Taking it all in, after 15 long years (yes, that sounds stupid). Again... World. Series. Un. Fucking. Believable.



Blogger Hallux Valgus said...

today I'm pretty sure the Ryan turner lithograph I got for being a season ticket holder in year one winked at me. I's a new day. A bizarro day.

I think David Nied should throw out the first pitch. And then Bruce Ruffin. And Greg Harris. And Curtis Leskanic. And every other shitty pitcher the Rox have ever had.

But not Bruce Hurst- he'd probably hurt himself.

7:55 PM  
Anonymous Spotwood said...

You know, I have a Ryan Turner autographed ball. And here I thought I as the only one who knew who the fuck that guy was.

Here's to being a hardcore fan and enduring years of crappy ownership only to overcome it all.

11:36 PM  
Anonymous skyler ulbrecht said...

damm, I felt all tingly all day yesterday. truly a surreal felling. i wonder if all those improtu stands selling shirts and stuff will pop up on the street corners like during Super Bowls.

Bruce Ruffin, that guys was money with the Phils. got here, not so good.

how about Armando Reynoso- best pickoff moves i ever seen

8:41 AM  
Blogger Hallux Valgus said...

oh man, Armando Reynoso- he needed Antonio Alfonseca as his catcher, because he had like 8 pitches (um, Alfonseca has 6 fingers and six toes, if you didn't get the joke).

Alright- Dale Murphy anyone? dude needed 2 HR's to get to 400 and couldn't get shit.

7:15 PM  
Anonymous Roberto Mejia said...


8:28 AM  
Anonymous Alex Cole said...

You guys are d-bags

9:58 AM  
Anonymous willie blair said...

fuck off you pricks

PS- Im not related to Blair from "Facts of Life"

1:27 PM  
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