Friday, August 03, 2007

Friday Funk: Steppin To The A.M.

-Pete Nice's brother is the head basketball coach at St. Francis College in Brooklyn.
-Rumor has it that the song was originally intended for Rakim.
-In the late parts of he video there's a kid laying on the ground, apparently the victim of the beatdown. On the kid's head is a Beastie Boys record cover.
-Ironic, because the hook includes the sample of the Beastie's "Time To Get Ill"
-The Beasties struck back at Serch more than three years later on Check Your Head's "Professor Booty" with the line "I'm bad ass, move ya' fat ass, cuz your wack son, dancing around like you think you're Janet Jackson."
-No contest: 3rd Bass wins on this one.
-Songs sampled include "Shack Up" by Banbarra, "Mother Earth" by Kool & the Gang, and "Can't Find the Judge" by Gary Wright.
-The song was produced by the legendary Bomb Squad.
-Why does Serch require a mic, while Pete can just rap aloud from his old wooden chair? It must have a built in boom mic.
-The hook also includes a Schoolly D sample; and the into includes a Pink Floyd snippet.
-Although the Commish never carved anything in his dome ala Serch, he had plenty of friends who did. That included a young time Slushy Gutter Winner Juck, who suffered cuts on his head from wayward clippers.
-Yes, we know, The White Rapper Show...let's skip that.
-Pete Nice now runs a baseball museum in Cooperstown, NY. He is the author of a few baseball books.
-The song reached number 5 on the Billboard Hot Rap Singles on July 26, 1989.
-Judging by the use of flashlights, either Def Jam really scrimped on the budget, or Pete and Serch were big campfire story fans.
-Original name of 3rd Bass: 3 the Hard Way.
-The group KMD, which featured a young MC named Zev Luv X, appears in the video. Of course, he's now underground legend MF DOOM.
-The group's DJ, Richie Rich, now lives in Arizona and is a pharmaceutical rep.
-Polka dots, day glo socks, door knocker earrings: the late 80's backup dancer's requisites.

(Big ups to for some key info)

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Blogger Travis said...


I loved that song when it first showed up on Yo! I wanted to be Pete Nice when I grew up.

10:06 AM  
Anonymous poop de jour said...

Nice modeled his whole style after Rakim. He used to study him to no end. You can see it in his rhymes

12:33 PM  
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