Monday, August 20, 2007

Buff Babys

It's only natural, actual facts are thrown at you
The impact'll blow trees back and crack statues
Million dollar rap crews fold, check the sick shit
explicit, I crystalize the rhyme so you can sniff it...

I was one of the nearly 5000 Black and Gold faithful who made the trek to Boulder this past Saturday to catch CU’s final open scrimmage. With less than two weeks before opening with the Sheep at The House That Bowlen Built, the Buffs might want to add the color green to their unis. Green, as in young.

22 of the top 44 players are freshmen or sophomores, and it shows in places. The linebacking corps are my chief concern, where outside super-Big 12 vet Jordan Dizon and stout Brad Jones, the Buffs are woefully thin. Their backups looked lost on a few plays, allowing TEs to walk into the endzone untouched or RBs to gallop right past them. Suspensions have hurt LBs, as penciled starter Michael Sipili used a fellow students face as a punching bag. Behind the three starters are three green walk ons.

Behind the linebackers are a solid group of starters in the backfield, lead by speedy corner Terrence Wheatley. Opposite him is the surprising Ben Burney, who played man very well and shows great ball instinct; and roaming the middle are two fierce hitters in Ryan Walters and Daniel Dykes. Both are wood-bringing monsters who even during the scrimmage looked like they were intimidating the WRs. Again, all of their backups are youngins, freshmen and sophomores abound. Again, more mistakes among that group. Not on the scale of last year, but the youth shows in blown coverages during the scrimmage.

Parts of the OL are also peppered with the youngsters, as are the WRs. The young OL is strong, run wise, as they mowed the DL on a few plays. However, the young wideouts are head and shoulders above the vets athletically, so there will be no drop off there. Josh Smith, while looking like a young Milli or Vanilli, is the peach of the bunch. Speed with him and the other freshmen WRs, Kendrick Celestine and Markues Simas. Smith will most likely be the starter by mid-year. Even the QB, Cody Hawkins, will be taking his first NCAA snap, even though those games versus Kevin and Winnie in the backyard don’t count. Lil' Hawk looks sharp, think Joel Klatt style manager, with a bit more raw talent/strength.

The bottom line? I’m not ready to assign a win-loss total to the squad yet. But, the sheer number of especially young Buffs might lead one to believe that it could be heavy again in the right column.



Blogger Hallux Valgus said...

weak. Give me SOMETHING better than that. I've been reading Ringo's blog on the Daily Camera website, but I need some more objective info. How did Ryan Miller look? I don't like that he's 2nd string at right guard. I see the numbers, but seeing the offense teeing off on the defense produces a number of worse questions- does the offense look good? Better than last year? I need some local eyes.

8:07 PM  
Blogger Commish CH said...

-Miller looks good, although a bit sketchy in pass blocking. He's a huge guy, he'll see the field alot.
-The offense looks great, but theyre vs the 2nd team D most of the time- 1000% better than 06. The buzz is all about Josh Smith at WR. Hugh is running good.
-main point is Im tempering my expectations for the team due to youth, don't expect a bowl trip brah.

6:35 AM  
Anonymous boulder creek tailgater said...

Im more optimistic, they can win 7+ games if Hawk uses some creativity.
The team strength impressed me, the holes the OL made were big.

MoCantrell could be all BigXII at fullback. Taj Kaynor looked good at DE.

8:29 AM  
Anonymous Spotwood said...

Problem is, do you attribute the huge holes the O-Line made to their ability or to the inability of the D-Line? I tend to favor the latter. I think this team can surpise a few people but a 5 win season is going to be fairly successful this year.

3:50 PM  
Anonymous boulder creek tailgater said...

we're seeing the results of the new OL coach, better aths, and a huge increase in the strength dept. The DL is pretty good, they were in the top 30 or so in run d in 2006.

10:25 AM  
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