Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Coors Complainer

I told ya before we come back wit more hits

The Rockies finally got over on their Bay Area tormentors (no, not Oaktown's 357) last night with a 7-4 come-from-behind win at Coors. Tulo was clutch, Cargo hit a bomb, and Hustin Street was nails in the ninth. Like it was 2009 all over again! One thing that wasn't any different was the little dude on the hill for the Giants, arguing pitches. Who was that guy anyway?

-The actor from the UPS Whiteboard commercials? (previously brought up)
-The dude you saw at Araphoe Basin's beach in a Subaru hatchback listening to Phish and smoking a roach.
-Opera Man
-Julie Foudy and Gheorge Muresan's love child.
-A character from Mark Harmon and Kirstie Allie's 1987 classic "Summer School"
-Some dude in the park with bright strings bracelets, sporting Simple sneakers, Umbro shorts, and a hemp necklace playing soccer with Steve Nash.
-I don't know but he never wore a backpack but instead used one of those over the shoulder briefaces.
-One of the guys from "Good Will Hunting" who hung out with the "how you like them apples" dounchebag.
-Cy Young Winner. Nah, can't be that guy.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

jealous. TL is better than any piece of crap to come thru that bandbox for 20 years.

11:12 AM  
Anonymous Rap Music said...

The photo of Adam Sandler is disturbing man. lol

12:36 AM  
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