Monday, May 02, 2011

Miller Time

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ESPN wouldn't let Slushy Gutter into the NFL draft this year, so we had to watch from the comfort of our own war room. How it went down:

-Von Miller at #2 for your Donks was the safe pick, but is it a pick that can generate five to ten All-Pro years at the position? Is Miller the next Al Wilson (a steady player, but certainly not dominant) or the next Ray Lewis? With the #2 pick, one would hope that Miller is the latter without the ATL stabbing. Miller has the fresh glasses and nice guy outlook, but can he be the rock in the middle for the next decade?

-You hear of building from the "inside out" when talk of growing a defense and the Donks neglected the first part of the "inside": any defensive tackle. They were poised in the beginning of Day Two to take some beef for the middle (Oregon State's Stephen Paea would've been a nice addition) but went in a complete different direction stocking up on two safeties and two tight ends. Rumors have the team stocking the interior middle via the free agency route. Stop us if you've seen this before but there's not enough megabytes to list the Bronco busts at D Line that came in through free agency. And there's that little matter of the lockout, which prevents that route too.

-Colorado's Jimmy Smith was dogged by his off-the-field issues all month, and how does he show up on your TV for the draft? In a short sleeved scarface t-shirt, his tats blazing, with a deep scowl, hanging next to notorious d-bag Drew Rosenhaus. Image is everything Jimmy.

-Man, who would've ever ever ever thought that the New York Jets would take Buff WR Scotty McKnight? Good for him, but there could be some tension in the Jets locker room with Sanchez's best friend trying to make the squad.

-Rumors have DeAngelo Williams being pursued by the Donks when the lockout ever ends. A RB from the coach's former team coming with him to the new team? Stop us if you've seen that before.

-I like the additional LB selections of Mike Mohammed and Nate Irving. The corps should be stacked for a few years to come and special teams get a major youth and speed upgrade.

-My initial feeling was that this draft was a complete bust outside of Miller, however after a day of settling in, Donk fans have to eralize that this team isn't going to fixed via one draft. This will be a multi-draft and key free agent process. Ticket printers of metro Denver be aware: the Broncos will not be needing your services for playoff ducats until mid-decade.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

was there a plan? helter skelter draft this guy and this guy

11:11 AM  
Anonymous Spotwood said...

Dunno about it being helter skelter, they potentially picked up 4 or 5 guys that could start next year.

Whether they are all-pros or not that usually signals a pretty decent draft class.

Don't sleep on the tackle they took, he's a good player and Harris still hasn't shown he can play a full year at the RT.

Would have been nice to see them get Paea or Austin in the 2nd but the safeties on this team are like 85 years old.

Frankly I expect this team to suck enough that they are in play for Andrew Luck next year.

1:23 PM  
Anonymous rainbow union twan said...

did they draft gaybeez and his white wine pritzers heheheheheeeee?

11:20 AM  
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